2019 Mission Trip
to the Dominican Republic
Christ Episcopal Church
Valdosta, Georgia
A Christmas Greeting from
Bishop Moisés and Missioner Jeannette
On December 26th, our fellow missioner, Mary Jeannette Pringle de Quezada, and her husband, the Rt. Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota, sent this Christmas greeting to all missioners who work in the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic:

To all of our companion dioceses, to all the missionaries who always support us and visit us every year, to those who contribute to the missionary development of our diocese, to the hundreds of brothers and sisters in faith who trust in us, we wish you a happy Christmas and a new year of many blessings. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.

To see this message in its original format as a Christmas card transmitted as an attachment in an email message from the diocesan office in Santo Domingo, click here .

Fourteen missioners, including Jeannette, have committed to join the 2019 team, and their names are on the trip planning page (link below). A fifteenth missioner is close to deciding to join the team, and if that happens only three slots will remain available. The deadline to join the team remains January 31, 2019, or whenever the 18 slots fill up -- whichever comes first. For detailed information on how to join the team, click here .

Feliz Navidad,
Julia and Julius

* * * * * * * * * *

The planning webpage for the 2019 mission trip is online here. All information about the trip will be added to this page just as soon as it is available.

For information about Christ Church's mission work in the Dominican Republic, including a summary report and photographs from the 2018 trip, click here .