"30th Annual River Roundup "

Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort
January 9-12, 2020 River Roundup
Early Registration Ends December 9. Events tickets will increase December 10.
Bowling Friday night
Golf Tournament Saturday
Speakers AA and Al-Anon
T-shirts and hats for sale

The River Roundup is the main support for Central Office in Bullhead City. Our office helps Bullhead City, Fort Mohave,Lake Havasu City, Parker, Needles, Laughlin. 30 years of helping A.A. and Al-Anon members.

Please come and listen to the speakers, have great food, bowling and golfing! Registration on line now before December 30, 2019.

An Article in Box 4-5-9 (Winter 2019)
  Why Should We Pay To Go to A.A. Events?  

Why, some members have asked, do A.A.s have to pay a fee to attend an A.A. conference, convention or other special event? As one Californian wrote to the General Service Office, “Some of us have difficulty when it comes to having the A.A. name attached to any gathering that requires payment to participate. What’s more, some of the prices at many of these functions are not cheap.” And, he adds, “What about the payment of travel expenses and lodgings for certain ‘select’ speakers?” It’s true that A.A. membership is free, and meetings and most A.A. events are self-supporting through voluntary contributions in the spirit of the Seventh Tradition. But what about A.A. get-togethers beyond the group-meeting level, ranging from special one- or two-hour meetings to banquets and weekend events — area, statewide, regional and international?

These events require months of planning, preparation and money presented upfront to the hotel and other business facilities involved. Arrangements may also need to be made for A.A.s with accessibility concerns: providing wheelchair access, sign-language interpreters or, perhaps, programs in Braille. Additional expenses include the printing of flyers, schedules, postage and supplies, not to mention renting meeting space, insurance coverage, and travel and accommodations for the invited speakers, many of whom live thousands of miles from the convention site. A.A. members are not paid to share their experience, but as invited guests of a convention or conference, their expenses are generally reimbursed. How are the costs of a convention covered, and what can be done to ensure that the venture won’t go deep in the red? Registration fees cover costs for special events, and those who wish to participate in the convention pay their own way in the spirit of the Seventh Tradition. According to the A.A. Guidelines on Conferences, Conventions and Roundups, available from G.S.O., “there’s no substitute for common sense here; the committee must take a business-like approach to finances and keep expenditures somewhere within a conservative estimate of anticipated revenues.... Since the registration fees can be established at a level sufficient to cover the total costs, this should result in no actual out-of-pocket costs to groups.”
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A.A. and Technology

What you’ve imag - ined, of course, is Alcoholics Anonymous, which has been represented by a hodgepodge of different websites for groups, districts, areas and intergroup/central offices. While this has worked, more or less, for a while — “and in a certain sense, is in accordance with A.A. and our Tradition of group autonomy,” Lew says — there have been ongoing problems in terms of people showing up at the wrong places and the wrong times for meetings in new places, or finding reliable contacts when they needed another alcoholic to speak to. Lois L., an administrator on the TIAA online forum and a professional digital strategist and user experience (UX) consultant who advises G.S.O., echoes this: “Someone can create a website and then go out and drink, or just disappear, and there’s no way to fix or update it because of credentials and password issues. Sometimes these are sites containing important archive collections that go dark and what’s on them is lost.”

It’s long been apparent to a number of A.A. members, both with and without tech backgrounds, that there has to be a way to share technology within Alcoholics Anonymous so that every new webmaster doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel and, even more importantly, so that fresh ideas on how to use tech to spread the message to suffering alcoholics can come bubbling to the surface.

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Using AA Slogans to Deal with Holiday Stress

Easy Does it- --Go easy on yourself during the holidays. Show yourself the compassion you would give to your own best friend. If you are feeling stressed or noticing negative self-talk, give yourself permission to slow down.

First Things First ---Remember to take care of yourself and your recovery during the holidays. Make a list of things you can do for self-care during the holidays, when you feel anixiety, exxpectation, perfectionism, guilt or any other stressful emtion coming on, use the list as a reminder to put "First Things First."

L ive and Let Live ---"Live and Let Live" is a great reminder that we do not all have to do things in life the same fashion. The way your mother or other family members like to celebrate the holidays might be very different than the way you want to do the holidays.

Keep It Simple, Stupid ---One way to combat holiday stress is to avoid trying to do too much. Recongnize that it is exhausting and counterproductive to try to "do it all" especially this time of year.

This Too Shall Pas s---A lot of people feel depressed during the holidays. Acknowledge that this is a difficult time of the year and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. So whatever you are feeling know that this too shall pass.

To Thine Own Self Be True ---It can be difficult to put your recovery ahead of others at a time of year when the expectation is to give . Remember that there are many ways to give-giving during the holidays which does not involve giving gifts.

Keep Coming Back ---If there is ever a time to go to more meeting than you normally would, it is during time of stress. Going to extra meetings during the holidays can make a difference.
Traditions Checklist from the AA Grapevine

These question were originally published in the AA Grapevine in conjunction with a series on the Twelve Traditions. There will be a series of the traditions in the next 12 issues of the Newsletter.

Tradition Six : An AA group out never endorse, finance, or lend the AA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, least problems of money, property, and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.

  1. Should my fellow group members, and I go out and raise money to endow several AA beds in our local hospital?
  2. It is good for a group to lease a small building?
  3. Are all the officers and members of our local club or AAs familiar with "Guidelines on Clubs" (which is available free from GSO)?
  4. Should the secretary of our group serve on the mayor's advisory committee on alcoholism?
  5. Some alcoholics will stay around AA only if we have a TV and a card room> If this is what is required to carry the message to them, should we have these facilities?

Tradition Seven : Every AA group outght to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

  1. Honestly now, do I do all I can to help AA (my group, my central office, my GSO) remain self-supporting? Could I put a little more into the basket on the behalf of the new gut who can't afford it yet? How generous was I when tanked in a barroom?
  2. Should the Grapevine sell advertising space to book publishers and drup companies, so it could make a big profit and becoe a bigger magazine, in full color, at a cheaper price per copy?
  3. If GSO runs short of funds some year, wouldn't it be okay to let the goverment subsidize AA groups in hospitals and prisons?
  4. Is it more important to bet a big AA collection from a few people, or a smaller collection in which more members participate?

International Convention
July 2-5,2020 Detroit, Michigan

The 2020 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous will be held July 2-5,2020 in Detroit, Michigan, Registration is open on-line! "Love and Tolerance is our Code." This celebrate A.A.'s 85th year at this event . Click Here

Central Office
The Central Office sending to all A.A. members in our area the warmest affection during this holiday time. Most of us would agree that we of A.A. are just about the most fortunate people on the globe. By God's Grace we have received an unexampled opportunity to live, to serve, and to love. During this season and the New Year to come, may joys overflow and our gratitude be boundless.


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