2019 Schedule

Basic Schools

Denver, CO
April 1-4
July 15-18

New Orleans, LA
November 18-21
(The New Orleans Basic School is held concurrently with POWER-GEN International 2019)

Advanced Schools

Charleston, SC
March 11-14

Denver, CO
June 10-13

EGSA offers a rigorous, two-tiered education program that outlines the technical aspects of power generation. Select your education experience and get the most out of your professional development dollar by attending one of our 5 schools in 2019.
New for 2019!
We have expanded our Basic School to three and a half days this year. This expanded time-frame enables instructors to cover two very important and informative modules, one on Load Bank Fundamentals; the other on the subject of Codes and Standards.
Basic School
Perfect for staff new to the power generation industry or someone who needs an introduction to the basic concepts and technologies, this school is appropriate for students seeking a foundation in generator technology. Whether you are in project management, sales, marketing, facility management or administration, you will find great value in this course! The Basic School is a general, yet technical, overview of On-Site Power. 
Technicians preparing for the Apprentice Level Certification test will find the Basic School most helpful. 
Advanced School
Compared to our Basic School, expect our instructors to go into depth on subjects like paralleling, speed and load control, generator protection, voltage regulation and more. The Advanced curriculum is recommended for technical personnel. If you have more than 3 years in the industry and need to sharpen your system equipment technical skills, then our Advanced School is right for you!
The Advanced School will be most helpful for Technicians preparing for the Journeyman Level Certification test. 

(Attending the Basic School prior to attending the Advanced School is encouraged, but not required.)
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