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About the CEU Webinars:

Courses are one (1) hour in duration and credits are available for nurses, CCM, CDMS and CRC (nationwide); and claim adjusters in California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma & Texas .

Courses are offered on site as well or individual office webinars to schedule a CEU for your office contact us at ceu@ezcompcare.com or call 1-855-9EZ-COMP.
Prescription Medication
Affects on Mental and Oral Health
presented by Dr. Jacob Berger
This course is designed to inform Workers’ Comp claims handlers about commonly prescribed medications and how it affects the injured worker’s oral and mental health. This course also includes contributing factors specifically to chronic pain, common treatments, and solutions.
Dental Trauma & Facial Injuries
presented by Dr. Jacob Berger
This course has been created to increase the awareness of the latest advances in treatment of facial wounds and dental trauma. The instructor will cover the background, history and incidence of facial injuries and dental trauma in healthcare, workers’ compensation, and industry. Participants of this course will receive information on existing resources to help them manage their cases.
Dental Implants
What you Need to Know
by Dr. Jacob Berger
Teeth replacements have evolved in the past 15 years providing options that last longer then earlier restoration options. Through this course claims handlers will learn the criteria utilized to determine candidates for certain restorations such as implants, bridges, dentures, etc.
A Dental Injury
What is Pre-existing versus Related
presented by Dr. Jacob Berger
Often times claim handlers receive dental treatment plans and question if and why certain procedures that seem unrelated are necessary to treat the injured area. This course takes claim handlers through a dental claim from a dentist prospective and describes scenarios where unlikely treatment is requested that does not seem related to the injury. 
Oral Anatomy
What You Need to Know
by Dr. Berger
This course was designed to aid claim handlers to understand dental claim documentation, treatment plans and understanding the areas where a dental injury occurred as well as areas where treatment is necessary. It will outline the oral cavity including soft tissue, hard tissue, blood supply and nerve supply. The goal of this course it to make the oral cavity less complicated and involved; and to simply outline areas that are often affected from a dental injury.
Understanding Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ & TMD)
by Dr. Jacob Berger
This course will provide work comp claim handlers with an in-depth understanding of temporomandibular anatomy, biomechanics, and temporomandibular dysfunctions and how they create pain. Learn how healthcare providers determine work relatedness, diagnose and treat TMJ.

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