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I T ' S

My family has enjoyed this easy combination for years to create that wintery, holiday aroma!
Throw it in a pot, simmer it on the stove, and have your whole home smelling warm and cozy! 

-3 (4") cinnamon sticks
-2 bay leaves
-1/4 cup whole cloves
-1/2 lemon, halves
-1/2 orange, halved
-4 cups water

-Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to boil.

-Reduce heat and simmer as long as needed, adding water to keep mixture from drying. 

-Can be stored in refrigerator for several days - tightly covered. 


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L E T ' S
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TIS' THE SEASON TO BE FREEZIN''s cold! It seems that fall has quickly come and gone and 30 degree nights are the forecast for our future! 

We had an amazing time at Highpoint Market and came back with lots of new inspiration! On top of all of the new product eye candy, we get to pass by or possibly have lunch or a drink next to some of the world leaders in design.  We also always enjoy a few industry lectures to keep us growing and thinking.  Some things we learned: Merlot's, purples, and greens... they're back! These deep, jewel tones have made their way back into the interior design world and we are excited about it. We saw lots of color but more focus was on the tailoring and details in furniture, making them their own pieces of art.  The craftsmanship that included mixed metals, two-toned woods, natural woven materials like rattan and caning and additions of marble and stone where included in most of the furniture showrooms making these pieces totally desirable. 
 Cool design driven hardware is everywhere! Something that used to be overlooked is now grabbing more and more attention on kitchen cabinets and furniture. Don't skimp on this! After all, it is the jewelry of so many pieces throughout the home. These small details matter! Strong art was everywhere!...and is the perfect finishing and unique touch on any room. It is one of the best ways to add character and provide that "personalized statement piece".

I hope everyone has their fireplace on and cozy blankets throughout. Check out the "It's Personal" section of this newsletter for a recipe to make your home smelling festive all season long!

Stay warm! 

Forever Grateful,
Kat Nelson

W H A T ' S  H O T ?

J E W E L  T O N E S

Merlot's, greens, deep blues, purples...these jewel tones are perfect to add richness and depth to any room. If you are working with an already dark room, go ahead and embrace it with these deep, jewel colors to create a fun and moody space. 

W H A T ' S  N O T ?

L E S S  S P A R K L E S


I think we can all agree that too much sparkle is a big no no! Although adding some "glam" can be a nice touch... don't overdo it with too many gaudy pieces. 

F E A T U R E D  P R O J E C T

We had worked with this Sandy Springs client on some other areas of their home, but this was a great collaboration with the homeowner.  They are a young family that desires to entertain family and friends often and needed a more functional kitchen space. 
The original kitchen layout was small, however they had a large butler's pantry which consumed a lot of potential usable space for the kitchen. We brought in our architect to redesign the space which provided a new large custom stained center island, tons of cabinet storage, and a larger mudroom and lots of large windows for this active family. 
Kat Nelson Designs got busy creating this beautiful neutral pallet of drapes, breakfast room furniture, cabinet hardware, barstools and lighting! ...and can you stand that pretty faucet and range?  They are pure show stoppers! Please watch our website and social media for additional photos of this yummy project!

To view more of this project  click here!