Perfect for Costume, Brew and Pot Luck Awards
Witches Brew (Adult Beverage)
6 oz lime jello
1 1/2 cup pineapple juice chilled
1 cup vodka chilled
16 oz lemon-lime soda chilled
Fully prepare lime jello per package instructions. Use a fork to break jello apart into small pieces (small enough to fit through a straw) then add crushed jello to a large pitcher of your choice (should be at least 1 liter or larger).
Add pineapple juice and vodka to pitcher, then stir.
When ready to serve, add Sprite until the pitcher is full. For best results, pour lemon-lime soda from a higher distance than you normally would so that there's extra fizz on top of the drink. Serve immediately.

**Courtesy of Homemade Hooplah**


Frames are available in vertical or horizontal styles for the following picture sizes:

4" x 6",  5" x 7", and  8" x 10"
Quick and Easy Mini Warlocks Brew -
For the Kiddos

1 Qt Lime Sherbert
1 (2 Litre) lemon-lime carbonated drink of your choice

Place sherbet in a microwave-safe bowl; heat in microwave until slightly melted, about 10 seconds.
Stir lemon-lime beverage, about 1/2 cup at a time, into sherbet until punch is the texture of a milkshake. Pour punch into a large punch bowl. 

Slowly stir the remaining lemon-lime beverage into a punch bowl....or a WITCHES CAULDRON!!!!

**Courtesy of Allrecipes**

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