Happy Fourth of July to all!

I am so excited and at the same time, humbled, to be appointed as your pastor. It is an honor to serve an historic church that has such grand potential! The Bardin family is doing a lot of unpacking, both at the parsonage and my office at the church. Like you, we are living through changes and transitions. In my experience, most people say they like change, but what they really mean is that they like change as long as it doesn’t affect them or it was their idea. But I believe that the fact that things change is actually a sign that God is at work among us. 

In the book of Isaiah, God says in chapter 43 that God is making all things new. This means that things change. Nothing is static, especially faith. It is a moving and dynamic thing to follow God. God is doing a new thing at Trinity because things are changing! When I go through changes and transitions, I try to spend as much time as possible in prayer and then step back and watch for God at work. One of the most fun things for me in ministry is to slow down and look for God to show up. And when God does become obvious, join God in that work. God is already at work among us because something new is happening. This should be an exciting and hopeful time for us all! 

As I settle into my new role as your pastor, I am excited and full of hope at what God has in store for us. Please know that I am praying for you and I know you are praying for me and my family. I look forward to exciting days and years ahead. And best of all, God is with us!

Still in One Peace;

On Sunday, July 7th, the Rev. Dr. J. Todd Bardin, will be received as the new pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church. Todd will preach at both the 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. services. An Order for the Celebration of an Appointment will be incorporated into both services. Please make plans to join us for this special occasion!

Conya Hartman, Music Director & Worship Leader
July 7 " From Strangers to Friends" - Galatians 3:23-29
God loves us no matter what and we are all connected by faith . Let us gather together, as the body of Christ, to welcome our new pastor and transition from being strangers to becoming friends. What an exciting time for our church!

"The Exciting Church"
July 14-September 8th 

Pastor Todd will begin a 9-week sermon series on "The Exciting Church". Each message will focus on a different passage that unveils God’s heart for the church. We have the best story ever told! If anyone should be joyful and excited about faith, it should be us. Come and learn - together - how God is making all things new in us and through us to create a more vital and exciting Trinity UMC!

July 14 "The Exciting Church: Where People Live in Heaven Now" - John 15: 12-17

July 21 "The Exciting Church: Where People Love Unconditionally"
1 John 4:7-21

July 28 Music Makers Sunday - "God of this City"
Be sure to arrive early to get a good seat to enjoy a great performance by our Music Makers Summer Music and Drama Campers. Always a big event!
Dear Church Family,

Please join us for a reception to welcome our new pastor, Rev. Dr. Todd Bardin, and his family to Trinity on Sunday, July 7th. We will gather in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 9:30 a.m. following the early service.

Karen Robbins, SPRC Chair

5 Grace Bishop
5 Susan Moor
5 Maurica Sisk
7 Joyce Bennett
7 Troy Panda
10 Samantha Ross
11 Jan Mogk
12 Shirley Hall
13 Debbie Bennett
13 Ashley Dunne
14 Bob Thew
15 Lauren Robbins
16 Lori Hansard
18 Sandra King
19 Linda O'Quinn
24 Jan Shipman
29 Barbara Bradley
29 Sion King
29 David Shipman
31 Carol Dale Wert

If your contact information (name, mailing address, telephone number, email address) has changed, please notify the church. You can call the office at (386) 734-4425 or email Mary Anne, office manager, at officemgr@trinitydeland.org .

3 Dale & Maurica Sisk
  • 61 yrs
21 John & Carol Dill
  • 29 yrs
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All of our worship services are being recorded then uploaded to our Facebook page (late service) and our YouTube channel (early service). NOTE: If you are not a YouTube subscriber, you must first subscribe to that service, then search for our channel and click on the "Subscribe" button. We would love to have you join us! Already subscribe to YouTube? Click on this LINK to go straight there.

Trinity's Building Committee is making final changes to our new facility drawings/plans. The most recent version to the plan was on display for members to view last month. The Administrative Council also reviewed the plans at their June meeting.

The Committee will make a few "tweaks" to the plans over the coming weeks then they will be made available for members to review in July-August. Once finalized, the plans will be presented to the council before moving forward. Then, according to the Book of Discipline, we must submit the building and financial plans to the District Board of Church Location and Building for approval. Once that approval has been secured a special church conference is required so the congregation can vote on the final approval of the plans and financing package.

Alex Ford, chair

Last month, members of both the Administrative Council and Finance Team recommended that members be asked to consider making a special "second mile gift" (above their pledged giving) to show their appreciation for the three retired clergy that faithfully served Trinity since April. These dedicated pastors all agreed that such gifts would be used to bolster our annual budget and receipts, for they knew that would enable Pastor Todd to begin his ministry with a blessing of administrative strength and security.

So far, over $1000 has been raised. Please consider contributing to the “Interim Pastor Appreciation Fund” by check or online payment. All gifts earmarked as such will be recorded toward this special purpose.

Christian nurture, the edification of believers, helps people understand, know and love God more. Teaching, guiding ministries must be a priority to help fulfill our church's purpose.

If you are interested in serving on one or more of our nurturing ministries, email Donna Beaty.
Music Makers Summer Music and Drama Camp is quickly approaching. We are looking for those rising 2nd – 5th graders to come be a part of a fun week with music, choreography, crafts, snacks, recreation and a performance of “GOD OF THIS CITY”.

Please help us spread the word for this fun opportunity for children in our community. The camp runs July 22-28. We are running an ad at the DeLand movie theatre. Hopefully, we will attract some new families with this ad. If you want to see it, arrive about 15 minutes early.

You won’t want to miss Pastor Todd Bardin’s first Sunday on July 7th! Help us extend a warm welcome through worship, as we celebrate his appointment, share communion together, and get to know Todd and his family a little better.

Christmas in July??? Yes, Christmas happens in December and in July with Conya! Musical selections are being made for the Christmas Candlelight Concerts and Music Makers. We would love to have you participate with us! Watch for future details and dates, since Christmas is only……177 days away!
On behalf of the Music Ministry, we would like to thank Bob Brooks for his wonderful ministry as drummer with the Joyful Noise Praise Team for these past years. Bob has been more than a drummer to us. He has been an artist, providing artwork for our Christmas and Easter bulletins and musicals; a singer with the Praise Team for special productions; a dedicated volunteer; and a wonderful friend. Bob’s many talents as composer, instrumentalist, singer, husband, father and friend have greatly enriched our lives. AND, he’s married to Camy, who has been a part of the Christmas Candlelight Concerts and music library volunteer.

We are very sorry to lose Bob from our team, but he and Camy will always be a part of our church family. Thank you.

Conya Hartman, Music Director & Worship Leader
"Church Camp" at Warren Willis - was a wonderful experience for the eight youth who attended. Our kids came back from camp with lots of questions and suggestions, which are going to be incorporated into summer Sunday school. Tori Ball has moved out of state, so I will teach the middle school group until a replacement teacher can be found. (If interested, please see me at church.)

Our Vacation Bible School (VBS) had an enrollment of 40 students. The students enjoyed learning about when life is unfair, God is good. Using the "ROAR" curriculum, students performed and sang songs, worked with clay bricks, ate snacks, learned about children from Africa, and talked about the cross. 25 adult volunteers assisted and we are so very grateful for all that they did to make our VBS the best!

The church bus is being repaired and plans are in full swing as we prepare for our Summer Mission Trip. Again, our youth will be joining with youth from Community United Methodist Church in DeBary to go to Clarkesville, GA from July 14-20th. We have planned several fun, joint activities before we go, so both groups will have the chance to bond before taking off.

We need "goodie bags" for all individuals going on the trip: 8 kids and 3 adults. If you are interested in sponsoring a child or adult by putting a goodie bag together, let me know ASAP. Plan on bringing your bag to the church kitchen on or before Saturday the 13th. For ideas on what to put in your goodie bag, call the office or send me an email at diryouth@trinitydeland.org. Thank you!

Lori Hansard, Children & Family Ministry Director

Susanna Circle members will be enjoying another "dinner out with the girls" on Monday, July 8th at Perkins Restaurant. We will gather at 6:30 p.m. All women of the church are invited to join us for some good food, fun and fellowship.

Please email Becky Hurlbert or call her at 795-9526 to let her know if you will be joining us. (And it will still be light outside, so no driving after dark!)

Lana Saxon, Leader

Picture Identification Sunday

The 125th Anniversary Team held a picture identification event on Sunday, June 30th. It was a great success with a number of people assisting in identifying people and events from our past.Thank you to all who participated. It was most helpful and lots of fun!

Our History Themes

For the last four months, we have focused on Remembering Our Past. As we enter July, we will change our focus to one of Rejoicing. In what ways do you rejoice in how Trinity United Methodist Church has impacted your life? How has the past shaped you?

Let's explore together as we REJOICE in who we are today!

To view the photographs that are still unidentified or to join our HAL Team, please email me at history@trinitydeland.org.

Steve Jones, Historian
by Lana Saxon

I remember two women of God, two of five sisters raised at the UM Children's Home in Enterprise. Their mother died when they were all small and their father could not raise them and work, so he took them to the Children's Home when it was in its infancy.

Zona McAlexander and Euretta Faber were at Trinity when I arrived in 1978. Both lived only blocks away from here. Zona had been the church secretary at Trinity before I arrived--for 12 years, I believe. Even after her retirement, she continued to keep a Rolodex of all the members here, when they joined, their births, their deaths. When she was in her late 70s, she would tell you that she drove all the “old ladies” around to their appointments. She was always helping someone. She was a good cook also, especially her chicken pie and caramel cake. She loved her church. Jim Harnish knew her well and came back to participate in her funeral.

Euretta never married. She taught school for a while, then quit to take care of her father. She taught the 3 year olds in Sunday School for over 30 years. I met her when she offered to help me when I was chairing the Missions Committee. We collected food from October to December for the Neighborhood Center and everyone, for some reason, brought their cans of food in paper sacks. Every Monday morning, Euretta could be found in the Closet underneath front stairs to the sanctuary taking the food out of the sacks and stacking it on the shelves. I can still see her peeking out from inside the Closet. Euretta lived in a sparsely furnished apartment, walked all over town, used her sewing skills for the Needlework Guild, and was dedicated to her church. She had very little, but gave generously from her heart.

One of the funniest things both sisters did was hang up the phone before saying Goodbye. Whether you called or they called, they stated their business, got the answer, then hung up. The first time it happened, I just held the phone, stunned. After that, I got used to it. There was never any chit-chat, just what they called for, then...click.

Both these sisters loved Trinity and I am thankful I got to know them and learn from them. We honored Euretta by naming the Closet after her and Zona by dedicating a pew in her name.
by Rev. John Campbell (retired)

The hurricanes of 2004 played havoc with Trinity’s facilities. Water entered the building through the roof and the brick exterior. Plaster came off the walls in the sanctuary. Repairs were made by the Trustees, under the guidance of Chairman Jerry Frierson. When all was said and done, however, we still had an old building with lots of problems, limited accessibility and very little parking. More and more members were beginning to comment that we needed to relocate and quit pouring money into the building.

On September 1, 2007, I became the Interim Pastor, and in June 2008 I was asked to continue serving for another year; however, I had scheduled surgery for July 01, so it was agreed I would take a month off and then return. In a sermon on August 10th, I attempted to lay the groundwork to begin the search for property suitable for relocation. As a result, the Administrative Council asked the Trustees to put together a Task Force to search for property that would enable Trinity to minister well into the 21st Century. The Task Force was established and the search was begun.

The idea was to stay in the general vicinity of our current location. The effort was bathed in prayer. A variety of properties were considered but some did not meet the Annual Conference’s requirement of at least ten acres, and others presented problems associated with previous use and contaminates. Property on Plymouth Avenue was found and would meet our requirements but the owner was asking $1.2 million --- obviously out of our price range! Several months later, Donna Beaty called to say there was a “Reduced” sign on the same property with a price of $250,000. I quickly drove over to see for myself, and there it was! I called Roger Baumgartner, Chair of the Task Force, told him what I had seen --- and he did the same thing.

The owner of the property had retired and was experiencing some health problems. He decided he needed to move out of state to be closer to family and selling the property would enable him to do so. Roger felt we could negotiate the price. After negotiation, the seller agreed to a price of $240,000. The property included a sixty-year-old house of 1,000 sq. ft. and an outbuilding. The Trustees recommended that the property be purchased.
The property sat in the middle of significant multi-residential developments including Hunter’s Creek and Lexington Club apartments, and large tracts of single-family homes in subdivisions such as Heritage Place, Cross Creek, Forest Trace and Magnolia. A new elementary school, Citrus Grove, was (at that time) under construction and just 0.8 miles from the site.

A Church Conference was held on October 04, 2009, presided over by District Superintendent Wayne Wiatt. Following the Trustees’ presentation and time for questions, those present voted unanimously to purchase the property. You could feel the excitement and see the enthusiasm on the faces of those present!

The Trustees arranged a loan from the Florida United Methodist Foundation, Inc. of up to $100,000 at 4.5% (adjustable) and took $140,000 from a capital reserve fund to complete the transaction. Funds contributed by the congregation would be used to help offset the loan. The children and youth collected loose change (plus paper money) during every Sunday service. In August 2010 the loan was paid off, and on April 21, 2013, a Building Committee was established to begin working on plans for a new facility to house the ministries and family of Trinity United Methodist Church.

God was at work in Trinity and leading us on an exciting new adventure!

To spread the love of Christ and connect our congregation with opportunities to serve our community, both locally and globally.

If you are interested in serving on one of our outreach ministry teams, contact me. We are engaging in some fantastic community and mission-led activities and would love to get you involved.

Dee Miller, Coordinator

Breakfast at Trinity will be held on Friday, July 19 and, thereafter, on the 4th Friday of each month from 9:30 - 11:15 a.m. If you have some time, please come and join us.

Our guests need toiletry items (toilet paper, laundry soap, body soap, lotion, shampoo, and feminine products.) Rain gear is also appreciated, as well as shoes and socks. During the summer, we hand out cold bottled water when they leave, so some of you might want to donate bottles. Your items may be left in a bin located outside of Euretta's Closet (under the stairs leading up to the sanctuary.)

We had 77 attend the June breakfast, so many volunteers are needed to show God's love to all our guests. If interested, please email me using this link .
Thank you!

Lana Saxon, Breakfast Coordinator

To help Pastor Todd and his family feel truly welcomed to Trinity, members of the Hospitality Team will be wearing their name tags every Sunday and at church events during the summer. Do you still have yours? If so, please wear it to church so that the Bardin family will get to know your name (and face!) faster. Want to know why?

Here are Ten Good Reasons for Wearing a Name Tag at Church:

  1. A name tag is cheaper than a tattoo.
  2. Wearing a name tag makes for a friendlier church.
  3. You will be more approachable if you wear a name tag.
  4. Even if you forget a name, you can still read it!
  5. A name tag makes it easier to introduce you to someone.
  6. A name tag makes visitors feel comfortable.
  7. You can make a friend in less than 30 seconds if you wear a name tag.
  8. You are immediately identified as an ambassador of our church.
  9. Name tags are not about you. They're about everyone in the world except you.
  10. Everyone likes to hear their name!

If you have misplaced your name tag or haven't received one, please call the church office at 386-734-4425 and we will get you one. Thanks, everyone!

Susan Largen, Judy Ross, Ann Jenkins - Team Leaders

P.S. We need additional volunteers to step up and assist us with greeting members and visitors, handing out bulletins, handing out information, visitor gifts and answering their questions. We are expecting new folks (and former members) to visit Trinity over the coming months and we want to be ready. Will you be willing to serve as a greeter for a specific Sunday service during the summer? If so, please see one of us at church or call the office to let Mary Anne know of your interest. Thanks!

The Witness Team coordinates, plans, carries out, and evaluates the congregation’s witness ministries, helping all to know and respond to the love of God in Christ. This includes intercessory prayers, planning and implementing our evangelistic efforts outside the walls of the church, including visitation and hospitality.

If you are interested in being a part of this new team, contact me by email using this link Rob Miller or by leaving me a note in the church's Witness Team mailbox outside the pastor's office.

Rob Miller, Coordinator

When I read this prayer on the Daily Prayers website, it really spoke to me. If you are a layperson, perhaps it will speak to your heart, too. I pray that God will continue to bless our laity, our missionaries, and those of you who are bold and speak out, with conviction, about how Christ can be a game changer in a person’s life. Keep at it! For the rest of us, read on...

Heavenly Father, Christ left with us his instructions to spread the gospel into every nook and cranny of the world, to let others know about him and find him, to save their souls and bring them into true peace and your ultimate purpose for us. But I am so stupid and ignorant, I do not know what to say. I am so filled with a desire not to offend others that I am afraid to speak up. It is so much easier for me just to sit back and leave everything up to you, or up to professional preachers. I retreat into thinking that this is somebody else’s job.

Help me, dear Lord, to do your work. I promise to try, but I cannot do this without your help. Fill me with the fire of your Holy Spirit and give me the words and the strength, if only to witness how much you have meant to me in my own life. Give me strength to plunge straight through feelings of awkwardness or potential hostility, and to offer to you just the simplest witness before others. For I know that if I help only one person to find you, it is worth ten thousand rejections. Bless me to remember that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

In Christ’s name, I pray, Amen

This month, join me in praying for the following family and friends
found in our church directory.

George and Ann Jenkins, Gaynelle Johnston, Chris Jones (in MD), Rick and Lori Jones, Dean and Heidi Kellogg & girls, Jason Kellogg. 

Carolyn Harner, Coordinator
Dear fellow members and friends of Trinity,

As you may or may not know, we have a ministry called the Trinity Angels. We are a small group of four caring individuals who meet every week, usually on Thursday mornings. We get together to write cards and words of encouragement, sympathy, get well, and just thinking of you to those on the Prayer Team's list that might need to be lifted up, not only in prayer but also with a written word of encouragement and concern.

In addition to our card ministry, we also visit those who are homebound or live alone and just like to have visitors. We provide transportation to church, doctor's appointments, help at home, or wherever we can and whatever the need, if possible. A few of you have offered to help with transportation when the need arises, and we thank you so very much.

If anyone is interested in joining us for a couple of hours on Thursday mornings, or if you are available to assist someone in need or know someone who might be in need, please contact me at 386-747-8804.

We know many of you are busy with other ministries and not able to take on one more, but you can still help the Angels with donations of cards, stamps, and prayers for this ministry's continued success.

I will be unavailable from June 26th-Sept. 20th. All donations or inquiries can be directed to Becky Hurlbert at 386-795-9526.

God Bless,

Debra Wood, Coordinator
  • Like to take messages and talk with folks? Want to help in the Church Office? Contact Mary Anne Rogers.
  • Willing to be a greeter or ambassador on Sundays? Contact Dave Shipman, Susan Largen or Jennifer Griffis.
  • Love cooking and want to serve on our Kitchen Team? Contact Betty Kobler.
  • Want to serve the least of these through our monthly Breakfast at Trinity ministry? Contact Lana Saxon. Or Interfaith Kitchen? Contact Melissa Fuller.
  • Excited about going to Cuba or taking other mission trips? Contact Dee Miller or Dan Vergara.
  • Willing to call, write or visit homebound members? Contact Debra Wood or John Campbell.
  • Want to help our TLC (Trinity Loving Care) team with funeral services, receptions and bereavement calls? Contact Debbie Bennett.
  • Love kids and want to serve as a volunteer or mentor in local schools? Contact Anita Campbell.
  • Interested in serving on the Altar Guild? Contact Cherrie Cassleberry or Becky Kellogg.
  • Want to help showcase our historical artifacts and write our history in preparation for our 125th Anniversary celebration? Contact Steve Jones.
  • Willing to learn how to operate our sound board and video camera? Contact Conya Hartman.
  • Interested in reading scripture and/or participating in worship services? Contact Rev. Todd Bardin or Conya Hartman.
  • Find it easy to talk with people about your faith? Join the new Witness Team to study, pray and plan for ways to strengthen our ability to witness to others. If interested, see or contact Rob Miller.
  • Are you an outgoing extrovert and love people? Willing to serve as an "ambassador" for Trinity at church and area events? Consider joining the Hospitality Team. Contact Judy Ross, Ann Jenkins or Susan Largen.

If you do not personally know some or all of these ministry team leaders but want to contact them about volunteering, call the Church Office (386) 734-4425 to request an updated "People Directory."
Dear Church Family,

Thank you for sending me, as your member representative, to the FLUMC Annual Conference in Lakeland last month. Lori Hansard (Trinity's alternate) and I had great fun and learned so very much! Of special note would be the results of the 2019 Special Session and what it means for the 2020 General Conference and the future of our denomination.

Here are the highlights of the conference:

We hope you will find this information helpful. If you cannot open the link and want to see a hard copy, simply call Mary Anne in the church office at (386) 734-4425. She will be able to email/mail you a copy. Thank you, again!

Anita Campbell, Lay Member to 2019 Annual Conference
'Pounding a Pastor': Great ideas for welcoming a new pastor to your church! (reprinted from an article on UMC.org)

There’s a joyous scene in Frank Capra’s film “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George and Mary Bailey stand on a front porch to welcome the Martini family to their new home. They give the family gifts of bread (“that this house may never know hunger”), salt (“that life may always have flavor”), and wine (“that joy and prosperity may reign forever”).

This scene is similar to scenes playing out at United Methodist churches around the U.S., and in other countries as well, as church members welcome new pastors with events, gifts and supplies.

When we posted the article “We’re getting a new pastor! What can I do?” on Facebook, a number of United Methodists around the world offered their comments. [Click HERE to continue reading the article online.]

How much do you know about the Bible? Find out with this week's Bible Quiz and Crossword Puzzle .

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