In nearly every house I've lived in, a mirror has hung somewhere near the front door. Over the years, I've been reminded to brush my hair, add (or remove) lipstick, realized that clothing I thought worked together didn't, and other useful checkpoints. In short, it provides an easy way to double-check whether I'm ready for public view before leaving the house or opening the door to a guest. 

The upcoming Vision Checkup on June 9 serves some of the same functions. It will allow us to take a look at ourselves as a congregation, as we are now. Getting a better understanding of the close-up realities will prepare us to begin the discernment process for the longer term future.  

So what will be involved? Beginning with a light "working" lunch, we will then look at four different pieces of information: the Congregational Snapshot, which gives a 10+ year view of church data, the most recent Treasurer's Report, which offers a view of our current financials, the Building Committee Report, which is the recent update to our building plans, as well as financing options, and a synopsis from those who attended the Florida Annual Conference, which will offer information and perspective on our larger denominational challenges.

There will be updates on action taken since the leadership retreat last November. There will be time for Q&A, as well as some table-talk in small groups. While this is not a decision-making event, there likely will be some observations that can inform the Church Council as it leads the ongoing work of our life together.

This event is open to any and all who are interested in the health and vitality of Trinity. Please RSVP to the church office by calling 734-4425 or emailing Mary Anne at officemgr@trinitydeland.org, if you plan to attend, so we can ensure an adequate count for lunch and handouts.

Rev. Beth Fogle-Miller, Coordinating Pastor
Members of the Clergy Transition Team will continue to bring the message to our congregations during the month of June.

June 2 - Rev. John Campbell will present a message titled "Jesus Prayed for YOU!" and the Scripture reference is from Johnn 17:20-26.

June 9 - Rev. Dan Casselberry will present the message titled "The Promise, the Power and the Presence". His sermon for Pentecost Day is about the Holy Spirit and how He was promised to give power and be a presence not only for the early disciples but for us today! Selected passages from Acts 2:14-18, 22-24, 36-39, will be read. (Don't forget to wear red!)

Beginning June 16, Rev. Beth Fogle-Miller will lead a three-week series from the Book of Acts which will explore the ways the early church spread, both geographically and in the kinds of people it welcomed. These stories will reconnect us with the role of visions, hospitality, challenging the status-quo, and trusting God in the consequences of following where the Spirit leads.  

June 16 - Acts 11:1-18 - "Them too?!"

June 23 - Acts 16:9-15 - "A New Direction for the Gospel"

June 30 - Acts 16:16-34 - "A Disruptive Gospel"
Dear Church Family,

Please make our new pastor and his family feel welcomed to Trinity by sending cards and notes of encouragement and well wishes to them at the following address:
Rev. Dr. Todd Bardin
954 Brunswick Lane
Rockledge, FL 32955

Thank you!

Karen Robbins, SPRC Chair
Friday, June 28th at 1:00 p.m.

In preparation for our new pastor coming on board and the need to declutter church rooms, closets and commons areas, a new team was created by the Administrative Council to help make decisions regarding furnishings and items that will need to be cleaned, saved, stored and/or disposed of, since they are no longer useful. The Physical Assets Team (PAT), headed by Rob Miller, has already gone through the church taking note of all large "big ticket" items that will need to be kept, repaired or pitched, but your help is needed to determine the need and usefulness of small items.

Each class, small group, ministry team or committee is encouraged to sort through their own spaces before June 28th , so that on that afternoon we can readily load and haul away two kinds of items: things which can be resold by the Heart and Home resale shop that benefits the Florida United Methodist Children's Home, and things that can be thrown out.

What do we need that day? People to help carry items downstairs to the trucks, and trucks/trailers that can go to the landfill.

Contact Rob Miller by email at mercywatch2@googlemail.com, if you have a truck or trailer you can make available to us that day.

1 Alyssa Rose Panda
4 Lucy Halavin
4 Ed O'Quinn
5 Frank Krizon
5 Mark Thompson
7 Josephine Bland
7 Dean Kellogg
8 Dawn Godwin
8 Ruth Ann Miller
8 Elena Vergara
9 Tori Ball
9 June Shearin
12 Marge Crist
13 Mandy Austin
14 Freida McCray
15 Warren Saxon
19 Martha Anne
21 Patricia DeBellis
22 Keith Yocum
23 Judy Birnie
26 Lori Jones
27 Alma Barker
27 John Dill
27 Jason Kellogg
29 Gaynelle Johnston

If your contact information (name, mailing address, telephone number, email address) has changed, please notify the church. You can call the office at (386) 734-4425 or email Mary Anne, office manager, at officemgr@trinitydeland.org.
Want to receive our PhoneVites? It's a weekly phone call to let you know what is happening at Trinity. To sign up, call the church office.

2 David & Jan Shipman
  • 40 yrs
3 Hermie & Norma Clemente
  • 52 yrs
3 Dilbert & Gwen Clifton
  • 61 yrs
9 Robert & Denise Miller
  • 46 yrs
15 Jim & Angie Hyde
  • 28 yrs
15 Mark & Susan Moor
  • 17 yrs
18 David & Judy Wall
  • 46 yrs
21 Warren & Lana Saxon
  • 55 yrs
30 Gary & Mary Anne Rogers
  • 40 yrs
The church Calendar of Events is always available for viewing and can be accessed anytime - 24/7. Visit http://www.trinitydeland.org/calendar to view and print. To submit corrections, changes or new entries, send the information in writing via email to Mary Anne in the church office. Her email address is officemgr@trinitydeland.org.
Trinity Today, our monthly newsletter, is distributed by email. Current and older issues can be viewed on the church website http://www.trinitydeland.org/newsletter. Printed copies are available for pickup in the Narthex. If you need to have a newsletter mailed to you, contact the church office.
To call, write or send a member a card or email, contact the church office to request an updated "People Directory."
All of our worship services are being recorded then uploaded to our Facebook page (late service) and our YouTube channel (early service). NOTE: If you are not a YouTube subscriber, you must first subscribe to that service, then search for our channel and click on the "Subscribe" button. We would love to have you join us! Already subscribe to YouTube? Click on this LINK! to go straight there.

All church members are
encouraged to attend!

Sunday, June 9th at 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.

Luncheon and "working" meeting to follow late service.
RSVP to Mary Anne in the church office no later than noon on Friday, June 7th by calling 386-734-4425 or emailing her at officemgr@trinitydeland.org.
Interim Pastor Appreciation Gift

Dear Friends,

In this interim season in the life of our church – as we wait for a new pastor to arrive, get to know us, and prepare to lead us - how does Trinity continue to strive toward its mission “to connect and equip members of our congregation, enabling them to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?” Lay leaders, of course, and the ministry teams that serve faithfully each week and each month. You are important in the life of our church and our calling. Thank you.

We are also richly blessed to have retired clergy, Rev. John Campbell, Rev. Dan Casselberry, and Rev. Beth Fogle-Miller, bridge a months-long gap of pastoral care and administration. We owe much gratitude to this trio of pastors who stepped in voluntarily, with no cost to the church, to lead us wisely and proactively as we continue our Kingdom work.

Our Administrative Council team considered a passionate recommendation that we encourage a traditional “love offering” to these three beloved pastors to show our appreciation. However, each of them strongly desired that our Trinity congregation show its appreciation by contributing a second mile (above pledged giving) gift to bolster our annual budget and receipts. They recognize that enabling our new pastor, Dr. Rev. Todd Bardin, to enter his leadership phase with the blessing of administrative strength and security in operational needs is a gift that will serve our Trinity future well.

Please consider contributing to this “Interim Pastor Appreciation Fund” by check or online payment between now and June 25th.  All gifts earmarked as such will be recorded toward this special purpose. 

If you would like to know more about how your second-tier appreciation gift, or any of your gifts, will be/are used to accomplish Trinity’s vision and purpose in our annual budget, I would be happy to share time with you. My cell is 386-747-8988 and my personal email is markmoor@aol.com. Thank you for your faith in God’s work through our hands.

Very sincerely,

Mark L. Moor
Treasurer and Finance Chair

Each year, the Florida Conference establishes the amount each church contributes toward apportionments. The factors considered are compensation and operating expenses and supplies used for programs. From year to year, there is little fluctuation with Trinity’s share coming in around $45,000.

From helping children attend summer camp to pastor training, the apportionments are collected and divided among 12 ministry areas/funds approved at annual conference. Last month, we looked at the first six. This month, we’ll look at the remaining six funds:

1. Interdenominational Cooperation Fund - We, United Methodists, are a small part of the worldwide Christian church – the living body of Jesus Christ. Our unity with other Christian communities is affirmed in the historic creeds as we confess one holy, universal and apostolic church; support ecumenical efforts around the world; foster a renewal of Christian unity and understanding; give witness to a common Christian faith; meet human suffering when and where we can; and advocate for peace and justice all over the world.
2. Ministerial Education Fund - Our thirteen United Methodist seminaries lead the way in proclaiming God’s Word in a world that needs that message desperately. These seminaries are crucial to the future of the United Methodist Church as they partner with the local church to help men and women respond to God’s call to full time, vocational ministry. Supporting MEF helps provide churches with pastoral leaders who work to meet the daily needs of the churched and unchurched in their community.
3. Black College Fund - The Black College Fund supports the operational expense and capital improvement needs of our eleven predominantly black, United Methodist-related colleges and a medical school. Nurtured by the Black College Fund, the eleven historically Black United Methodist-related institutions play a unique role in United States higher education. They attract students from diverse social, economic and educational backgrounds – students who receive inestimable affirmation and support in vibrant,
academically challenging spiritual environments.
4. Africa University Fund - This fund supports the only United Methodist degree-granting university on the continent of Africa -- serving young men and women from all over Africa. Its mission is "to provide a higher education of excellent quality, to nurture students in Christian values, and to help the nations of Africa develop the leaders of the future.
5. General Administration - This apportionment finances the administrative function of the denomination’s general activities, including the cost of General Conference, legal and financial administration, and history and statistics.
6. Jurisdictional Fund - This apportionment underwrites the cost of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference along with various programs of the Church in the Southeast.

Each of these funds is an integral piece to sharing the Word of God with everyone in our communities and beyond. More detail can be found on the Florida Conference website located at http://www.flumc.org. The wording of this article is taken directly from a conference’s document titled A Guide to Apportionments which can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF document by using this link

Trinity is proud to have always paid 100% of its apportionments.

Mark Moor, Finance Team Chair

Christian nurture, the edification of believers, helps people understand, know and love God more. Teaching, guiding ministries must be a priority to help fulfill our church's purpose.

If you are interested in serving on one or more of our nurturing ministries, contact Donna Beaty.

Olivia Panda was one of our graduates recognized last month during a special worship service. But did you know that Panda, who graduated from Florida Southern College, was one of three 2019 students at the school to receive a Fulbright Award?

Through this prestigious program, Olivia will travel to Spain this summer where she will teach English in the province of Asturias. No novice to international travel, she taught English, math and science in Costa Rica last summer and is looking forward to her teaching experience this summer. Please offer her congratulations, pray for her, and let her know that her Trinity family wishes her the best on her newest adventure!
Also in the news is another one of our recent graduates, Joseph "Jo Jo" Hennessy, who graduated from Florida State University. Jo Jo received degrees in both music and international affairs and was inducted into the university's prestigious Garnet & Gold Scholar Society. You will remember that Jo Jo was a singer in FSU's a capella performing sensation ALL NIGHT YAHTZEE. He also served as an officer and communications/tour coordinator for the group. Please offer congratulations to this fine young man, and pray for Jo Jo as he enters graduate school and continues to pursue his love of music and life!
Save the dates for Music Makers' Summer Day Camp (open to rising second grade through fifth grade students) to be held Monday, July 22nd through Friday, July 26th. The children will be learning the musical "God of This City" to be performed on Sunday, July 28 at both services. Through this musical, the children will be challenged, inspired and encouraged by the decisions made by the characters Meg, Tim, Lily, Matt and Zach, as they attempt to save a homeless shelter slated to be shut down by the city. With God's help, and through their desperate quest to keep the shelter open, these children realize they can make a difference - right where they live. Check out our Music Makers webpage for camp registration information! Or, if you prefer to download the registration form, click HERE.

Conya Hartman, Music Director & Worship Leader
Vacation Bible School (VBS) will be held at the church, Monday through Friday, June 24-28th from 9 a.m. to noon daily. The curriculum to be used is titled "ROAR!" by Group Publishing. VBS is for elementary school-age children and they do not have to be members of Trinity to attend.

Volunteer helpers are still needed! To sign up your child, grandchild or neighbor child, simply visit our online registration program by clicking on this VBS LINK. Or, stop by the church office to pick up a form.

"Church Camp" at Warren Willis - always a hit with our youth - will run from June 17th-22nd. The cost is $420 per child and scholarships are available. Any rising 4th grader to high school senior who is interested in attending needs to contact me as soon as possible.

And, finally, our youth will be combining with youth from Community United Methodist Church in DeBary to go on a Summer Mission Trip to Clarkesville, GA from July 14-20th. We will hold a variety of fundraising activities from now until then. Contributions are welcomed (and greatly needed!). Simply write "Warren Willis" or "Youth Mission Trip" in the memo line of your check and place it in the offering plate. Thank you!


Susanna Circle members will be enjoying not one, not two, but three casual dinner gatherings (with no business conducted!) at local restaurants this summer.

We will meet on the second Monday of June, July and August at 6:30 p.m. All women of the church are invited to join us for some good food, fun and fellowship.

The restaurant location is not known at this time. Please email Lana or check with the church office.

Anita Campbell, member

125th Anniversary Team has sceduled Sunday, June 30th as "Picture Identification Sunday". During the Fellowship Hour between services, we hope you will visit our table to look at all the pictures we have found and help us identify folks from both the past and the present.

Come join us as we reminisce and remember!

Steve Jones, Historian

Did you know that in 1895, Trinity was originally named First Methodist Episcopal Church, South? The name was changed to Grace Methodist around 1905. In the early 1920s, the name was changed back to First Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Another name change, to Trinity Methodist, occurred in 1937 in anticipation of the impending unification of the three Methodist churches in the US. The Methodist Church merged with the United Evangelical Bretheran in 1968 and Trinity Methodist became Trinity United Methodist!

Steve Jones, Historian

To spread the love of Christ and connect our congregation with opportunities to serve our community, both locally and globally.

If you are interested in serving on one of our outreach ministry teams, contact me. We are engaging in some fantastic community and mission-led activities and would love to get you involved.


Breakfast at Trinity will be meeting the third Fridays of the months of June and July due to church events. The dates are June 21 and July 19. We will resume the fourth Fridays in August. Forget the dates? Go online to check the church e-calendar which will have the dates and times.

Lana Saxon, Breakfast Coordinator

The Witness Team coordinates, plans, carries out, and evaluates the congregation’s witness ministries, helping all to know and respond to the love of God in Christ. This includes planning for evangelistic outreach and setting goals for congregational growth, visitation, and hospitality.

If you are interested in being a part of this new team, contact Rob Miller at church, by email, or by leaving him a note in the church's Witness Team mail box outside the pastor's office.

Let’s talk about something almost everyone believes in but is reluctant to make time for … intercessory prayer. Quite simply, it is the act of pleading with God on behalf of others. The great news is that it works! Many times Trinity’s Prayer Team has prayed for folks who tell me they felt our prayers and it sustained them through difficult situations.

Florida's Bishop, Ken Carter, wrote a book entitled, Pray for Me: The Power in Praying for Others. During his years of pastoring local congregations, he found receiving requests for intercessory prayer a constant. He would respond that he would pray but with so many other duties, it was often spoken in haste or written down to share with others later. He came to realize that those requesting prayer for themselves or others needed spiritual help and attention, and how could they be better served than through intercessory prayer?

He visualized two buckets, one empty, one full. The full bucket is being carried by the person burdened with grief, fear, disappointment, financial losses, etc. The intercessor always has enough room in his/her bucket to take on the concerns of others. When the intercessor lifts up concerns in prayer, the weight of the one bucket is lightened while the other bucket’s contents are emptied on the altar before God -- leaving room for more prayer requests.

The intercessor actually worships God by bringing requested burdens to Him for “His power is made perfect in our weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9). See how it works? Won’t you join our Prayer Team and become a part of this vital ministry at Trinity? If you have room in your bucket to lighten the contents of someone else's bucket, e-mail me at charner@mindspring.com and you’ll begin receiving prayer requests and updates throughout the week.

Join me in praying for these church family members in our Directory:

Becky Hurlbert, Jim & Angie Hyde, David & Sue Jackson,
Mark & Helen Jackson.

Also, pray daily for Pastor Todd, his family and our church staff.

Carolyn Harner, Coordinator
  • Like to take messages and talk with folks? Want to help in the Church Office? Contact Mary Anne Rogers.
  • Willing to be an usher or greeter on Sundays? Contact Dave Shipman or Jennifer Griffis.
  • Love cooking and want to serve on our Kitchen Team? Contact Betty Kobler.
  • Want to serve the least of these through our monthly Breakfast at Trinity ministry? Contact Lana Saxon. Or Interfaith Kitchen? Contact Melissa Fuller.
  • Excited about going to Cuba or taking other mission trips? Contact Dee Miller or Dan Vergara.
  • Willing to call, write or visit homebound members? Contact Debra Wood or John Campbell.
  • Want to help our TLC (Trinity Loving Care) team with funeral services, receptions and bereavement calls? Contact Debbie Bennett.
  • Love kids and want to serve as a volunteer or mentor in local schools? Contact Leslie LaRue or Anita Campbell.
  • Interested in serving on the Altar Guild? Contact Cherrie Cassleberry or Becky Kellogg.
  • Want to help showcase our historical artifacts and write our history in preparation for our 125th Anniversary celebration? Contact Steve Jones.
  • Willing to learn how to operate our sound board and video camera? Contact Conya Hartman.
  • Interested in reading scripture and/or participating in worship services? Contact Rev. Beth Fogle-Miller or Conya Hartman.
  • Find it easy to talk with people about your faith? Join the new Witness Team to study, pray and plan for ways to strengthen our ability to witness to others. If interested, see or contact Rob Miller.
  • Are you an outgoing extrovert and love people? Willing to serve as an "ambassador" for Trinity at church and area events? Consider joining the Hospitality Team. See Judy Ross or Ann Jenkins.

If you do not personally know some or all of these ministry team leaders but want to contact them about volunteering, call the Church Office (386) 734-4425 to request an updated "People Directory."

The Bishop’s Offering for Annual Conference 2019 will be divided evenly between a restart of the FAMU Wesley Foundation in Tallahassee and planting a new church in Lowell Women’s Prison in Reddick.

Impact at Florida A&M University Wesley Foundation

Part of our vision for IMPACT@FAMU Wesley Foundation is to create a “home away from home” for our students, an office/pastoral care area for the director, and a place to worship, gather, learn, play, and pray for the FAMU campus at large. We call this space the IMPACT House, a spiritual Living & Learning Experience for our IMPACT FAMUly. The money collected via this offering will help to make this vision a reality. For more information, visit famuwesley.com.

Lowell Correctional Institution

The Florida Conference is joining a trend in the US by placing a United Methodist church inside a state prison. A pastor will be assigned to serve at Lowell Correctional Institution for Women in Reddick, Florida. The idea to partner with Prison Congregations of America, a consulting group that helps denominations establish worshiping congregations in prisons, came after Bishop Carter heard about a church based in a prison in Tennessee. Currently there are 34 prison-based churches in the United States, including two UMC
prison churches in Tennessee and Iowa. Conference officials chose Lowell because it houses the most women (3,054) in a correctional institution in the United States, including three on death row.

"On Mission Together"

June 5-8
Florida Southern College
111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive
Lakeland, FL

How much do you know about the Bible?
Find out with this week's Bible Quiz and Crossword Puzzle .

306 W. Wisconsin Avenue
DeLand, Florida 32720