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Do you know that Central Office meetings should have a represented person from every group?

Local groups representatives reflect the groups conscience in the service center operations.

In most communities, a central office committee or steering to handle administrative activities of the service office. It is extremely important to keep a two-way flow of information going between the central office and groups.

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Reminder: Central Office/Intergroup Meeting June 10th, 6:30PM
On This Day: June 10, 1935
Alcoholics Anonymous Founded

by Cara McDonough (une10,2011)
On June 10, 1935, Bill Wilson and his friend Dr. Robert Smith set out to find the best way to reform alcoholics, and Alcoholics Anonymous was born.
Bill Wilson, a stockbroker from New York, had success battling his alcoholism with the help of the Oxford Group, a national organization founded by Lutheran minister Dr. Frank Buchman that promoted waiting for divine guidance in every aspect of life. He attempted to help other alcoholics, but none of them were able to become sober.
In June 1935, during a business trip in Akron, Ohio, Wilson felt the temptation to drink. Using a church directory, he was able to reach a local Oxford Group member, Henrietta Buckler Seiberling, who put Wilson in contact with Dr. Bob Smith, an alcoholic who had recently joined the Oxford Group.
Wilson explained how he was able to become sober, which had a profound impression on Smith. They developed an approach to remaining sober through the personal support of other alcoholics. Seiberling insisted on emphasizing religion, even if it made certain alcoholics less likely to join.
“Well, we’re not out to please the alcoholics,” she reasoned. “They have been pleasing themselves all these years. We are out to please God. … God is your only source of Power.”
On June 10, outside an Akron hospital, Smith drank a beer to steady his hands for surgery; it would be the last drink he ever had.
Both men began devoting their free time to reforming other alcoholics at Akron’s City Hospital, and were able to help one man achieve sobriety. “Though the name Alcoholics Anonymous had not yet been coined, these three men actually made up the nucleus of the first A.A. group,” according to the Alcoholics Anonymous Web site.
In 1935, a second group of alcoholics formed in New York followed by a third group in Cleveland in 1939. Through the group, Wilson “emphasized that alcoholism was a malady of mind, emotions and body,” according to A.A.
In 1939, the group published its textbook, “ Alcoholics Anonymous.” Written by Wilson, the book explained the group’s philosophy, including the now well-known 12 steps of recovery.
Alcoholics Anonymous continued to grow, spreading across the United States and Canada. According to the A.A. Web site, by 1950, there were 100,000 recovered alcoholics worldwide. Also in 1950, A.A. held its first international convention in Cleveland.
History of Founders’ Day
Founders’ Day has been an important part of the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our current celebration has its roots from our humble beginnings. Here are a few events which have helped shape our annual Founders’ Day.

·          1941 Bill W. and Dr. Bob were the featured speakers.
·         1942 Dr. Bob traced the early history of our movement, introduced early members, followed by a buffet supper served by wives of Akron Group #1.
·         1945 Dr. Bob and Bill W. spoke at a dinner at the Mayflower Ballroom.
·         1945 A modest celebration was held at the M. O’Neil Auditorium with the co-founders present.
·         1947 Dr. Bob and A.A. #3 Bill D. were the speakers.
·         1948 The Akron Armory was used and talks were given by Dr. Walter Tunks, Bill W. and Dr. Bob.
·         1951 Dr. Bob had died, an open house was held at 855 Ardmore. (Dr. Bob’s Home} Bill spoke at the Goodyear Theater.
·         1953 Bill W. attended an open house at St. Thomas Hospital.
·         1957 The first “Play” was introduced and a Sunday morning breakfast was held at The University of Akron’s Memorial Hall.
·         1958 Bill W. his wife Lois W. and Ethel M. were speakers at The University of Akron’s Memorial Hall.
·         1961 This was the start of the memorial for Dr. Bob at 9:00 am.
·         1965 The “Modern” Era of Founders’ Day begins with the first Friday-Sunday Weekend. Founders’Day an integral piece the legacy our co-founders have left for us. Founders’ Day has grown to where 10,000 visitors from around the world come each year.

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The 2020 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous will be held July 2–5, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan with the theme
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