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Made for Mission

I know that Made for Mission  is helping all of us to unlock the amazing truth that every child of God was Made for Mission.  It's no secret, people long for a life of meaning, a life that matters for something more than their own personal comfort and temporary success. That meaning comes to us when we finally realize that God Made us for Mission.

Rev. Michael is on mission!
God has a mission for your life, but you need to decide what you want to do about it. You can ignore it (kick your mission to the curb). You can flirt with it (occasionally put one foot on it) and sometimes temporarily join God in what he's made you to be. Or you could  LIVE ON MISSION  and live your life in connection with how God made you and how God is already working through you.

This Sunday while I am with the youth at Craig Springs and Frances Stanley will bring the message and answer the question, "Whose Mission is It Anyway? 
The final two Sundays of Made for Mission are coming up in early June. Then we can all look forward to Youth Sunday on June 16th and the Roar Bible School Sunday on June 23rd. 

As we observe Memorial Day this weekend, let us all be thankful to those individuals and families who served and, in some cases, gave their lives to keep our nation free. God bless them and all of you.

En Agape',

Board Meeting

Splinters from the Board
Reggie Martin, Moderator

Next Board Meeting 
July 21, 4:00 p.m. 

Next Cabinet Meeting:
No June Meeting
August 18, 4:00 p.m. 

General Assembly

The Board approved our delegates for the assembly at our last meeting. Michelle Weeks, Ruthie Weeks, and Mark Highfield will be delegates as well as clergy from our church: Rebecca Highfield, Frances Stanley and Michael Weeks. You can take part in all aspects of the convention including our worship through this summer. 

Reaching Up

June Serving Schedule
 Elders Meeting: June 11; 7:00 p.m.
Elder of the Month: Patsy Fowler
Communion Prep: Alan Goodman

Date Genesis Elder/Greeter Elders Diaconate Acolytes
2 Ed Hellermann Patsy Fowler Kelly Benson * Ava Verrier-Naas
  Cathy Tillman (G) Gen Bohannon Elana Gant John Weeks
      Jessica Colbert  
      Chris Benson (J)  
9 Carolyn Putnam Mark Highfield Jean Smith * Emmet Pierce
  Ed Baugher (G) Don Richardson Jared Pierce Corinne Colbert
      Anna Oliva  
      Chad Baugher  
16 ONE Worship 11 am     Tristan Goodman
  Youth Sunday     Elena Highfield
23 ONE Worship 11 am     Cassidy Penley
  VBS Sunday     Adam Pike
30 ONE Worship 11 am Harold Manahan Chad Baugher * Ava Verrier-Naas
    Gen Bohannon Olivia Gant Owen Highfield
      Norma Miller  
      Anna Oliva  

(G) Greeter; (J) Junior Diaconate
*If you are unable to serve please find a replacement or contact  Becky Baugher  

2019 Vacation Bible School

June 17- June 21 
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

At Roar, kids explore God's goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith 
that powers them through this wild life. 

Contact Kristen Wilton or  Katie Pegram to volunteer.

VBS Sunday, June 23rd, ONE Worship at 11 am 
followed by a Potluck Picnic in the Pavilion.

Vacation Bible School participants will lead worship, sharing the Bible stories they learned, singing the songs they sang, and the community they shared at VBS.
Roar VBS Intro | Group's 2019 Easy VBS
Roar VBS Intro 


Daytime Fast Track Bible Study group plans 
Tour Dates: Sep 04 - Sep 07, 2019 

Email Barbara Davis from Slash Church who is going.

What will you do on the Encounter Trip?
1 WEST VIRGINIA / KENTUCKY / CREATION MUSEUM: Today we travel through West Virginia on our way to Kentucky to visit the  Creation Museum. This evening you will start your visit at the Creation Museum with a self-guided tour. We will spend the next three nights in  FlorenceKentucky.
2 CREATION MUSEUM: This morning we will spend the day enjoying all the exhibits and attractions the  Creation Museum has to offer. Along with your self-guided tour of the museum you can also enjoy the  Stargazers Planetarium, Petting Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and  Zipline Tours. This day is sure to be filled with educational fun.
3 ARK ENCOUNTER: Prepare to be blown away as you explore the life-sized reconstruction of  Noah's Ark. Built according to the dimensions given in the Bible,  Ark Encounter is a jaw-dropping structure you'll want to see. The encounter presents a number of  Historical Events centered on Noah's Ark as recorded in the  Bible. As the largest timber-frame structure in the world, the 510 foot-long, over 7 stories tall, full-size Ark is designed to be historically authentic.
4 HOMEWARD BOUND: We make our way home today traveling through West Virginia remembering all our fun and adventure at the  Creation Museum and  Ark Encounter.

Scholarship Sunday
Scholarship Sunday 
June 2, 2019,  11 am worship

The scholarship committee annually presents awards to members of Slash in college and graduate school as well as Adults returning to school. Awards for next year will be given out at the 11 am worship on June 2nd.

Erin Payne

Erin Payne graduated from Virginia Tech this month with a degree in musical performance and has accepted an invitation to continue her studies at San Francisco State University where she will pursue a Masters in Music.

Madison Payne also graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Marketing. She will make her home in Northern Virginia and begin work as a recruiter for ALKU Government Solutions.

Proud parents of both Erin and Madison are Troy and Carol Payne.

Kerby Dalton finished her Masters in Counseling at Longwood University. 

She is planning to live in Richmond and work as an Elementary School Counselor in a local school system. 

Proud parents are Angie and Keith Dalton.

2019 Summer Worship Schedule Starts in July

We are blessed at Slash Church with more people every Sunday in worship than we can fit into our sanctuary comfortably at one service. We are also blessed with many wonderful worship leaders and musicians who allow us to offer a variety of music and worship experiences on Sunday morning at our 8:45 a.m. Genesis Worship and 11 o'clock services.

The summer is a busy time for families in our community of faith. We have many youth and several adults who will be gone this summer for church camp at Craig Springs (see the article below). Some of them for more than one week. Family vacations are scheduled and there are some among us who are gone to the river, lake or beach in the Summer. Therefore, on Sundays in July and August we can all come together at one 10 a.m. worship service. 
Right now our Education Committee is working on plans for Sunday School in JUly and August. We know that the Fellowship Adult Sunday School Class will meet this summer at 9 am in the Loving Building and they invite all members of the church to join them. However, plans are being worked on right now for a 9 am Sunday School hour for the kids. We will have more details on this when it is finalized.
July and August 2019 Schedule
9:00 am Fellowship Class and possible Kids/Youth Class
10:00 am ONE Worship (with Nursery and Children Worship & Wonder during the service for kids 4 years old through 4th graders) 
Regular Sunday Schedule resumes September 1, 2019
8:45 am Genesis Worship
9:30 am Fellowship Cafe' 
9:45 am Church School

11:00 am Worship

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Outreach Opportunities

Thank you for your generous gifts to the Easter Offering totaling $ 957.01

ACES Food Drive 
Our next food drive will be at the beginning of June. We want to see if we can collect items to donate to ACES such as food (check the list on the bag) or clean hygiene items. So, collect your ACES bags on June 2 to fill the first Sunday in June and return on June 9. Ashland Christian Emergency Services has helped those less fortunate for many years in our local community. Let's help them continue their mission! Pick up your bag, shop for food and hygiene items, pack the bags, and return to church. Let's see what we as Christians can do to help our community in hard times.

The Pentecost Special Offering will be received on June 2  & 9
Help Church Planting Take Root ... and grow more Disciples every day is the theme for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 2019 Pentecost Offering, which will be celebrated Sunday, June 2 and June 9.  "Our church planters remain committed to answering God's call ... to serve their neighbors, spread the gospel, and make more Disciples. But they need the nurturing and generous support of people like you through the 2019 Pentecost Offering.   Please help our new church movement continue to take root, bear fruit ... and grow more Disciples every day!" We hope that you will give to help in the building of churches and leadership growth so that we can continue to focus on what God has called us to do.

Slash Youth News 

May 26, 4-5 pm return from Craig Springs Work Weekend
June 1, Moments of Hope Breakfast Service Project 7-11 am Saturday morning.
        We will provide food, cook breakfast, serve the food, and meet people.
June 2, 5-6:30 pm: Youth Sunday prep
June 9, 5:6:30 pm: Youth Sunday prep
June 16, 11 am: ONE Worship Youth Sunday
June 17-21, 9-Noon: Sign up now to help with Vacation Bible School
June 23, 11 am ONE Worship. Youth help VBS kids and serve communion

End of the Year Celebration Swim Party
We will select a date in July for cookout and swimming

Theme: Peace Works: Empowering the next generation of peacemakers

Campers love to receive mail! Postal service in Craig County is slow. Mail your letters early!  Even "overnight" packages mailed in-state can take more than three days to arrive. Please allow plenty of time for mail to travel to camp. Campers Name (session of camp), Craig Springs Camp, 30 Craig Springs Circle, New Castle, VA 24127

2019 Summer Camp
Nature Camp - June 23-28
Amy Jones, Kerby Dalton
Kendall Dalton, Ruthie Weeks

AMPDD Camp - July 8-13
Elena Highfield, Ava Verrier-Naas

Triple 1 - July 14-19
Ann Bremner,  Kerby Dalton
Kendall Dalton, John Weeks, Ruthie Weeks

Triple 2 - July 28-August 2
Lois Haines
Elena Highfield, Owen Highfield, Ava Verrier-Nass

New Covenant Camp - August 4-9
Janet Williams, Ruthie Weeks
Tristan Goodman

Family Camp - August 9-12
Lois Haines

Virginia Christian
Virginia Christian
Church Building
Slash Celebrates our 
290th Anniversary
Homecoming Sunday, 
September 15, 2019

9:00 a.m. Sunday School 

Did you ever wonder what the first Sunday School class was like? Sunday school started in the 1880's. Come join us on Sunday morning outside in the Pavilion.

Meet one of the first Rectors of Slash Church 

Rev. Patrick Henry will greet you and introduce our special guests.

10:00 a.m. ONE Worship Celebrating the Anniversary 

Building is 290 years old. 177th Anniversary of Disciples meeting here. 

Rev. Dr. William Blake will preach on Sunday, a former VCU history professor and retired Disciple minister.


11:30 a.m. Potluck Picnic to celebrate in the Pavilion.



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On behalf of the board of trustees I want to thank you for your recent generous donation of $110.00 to the Cane Ridge Shrine, Inc. We're seeing bulbs and buds around the grounds and the sun is brilliant today, letting us now that spring has truly arrived. Your gift help keep our grounds and buildings in good shape and we appreciate all of your support. 
James H. Trader, II
On behalf of the Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care, we thank you for the contribution of $350.00 to the Ashland Center. The support of your congregation for the Counseling Aid Fund ensures that clients seeking pastoral counseling will receive services regardless of their ability to pay. In 2018 we served more than 800 clients through more than 5,593 counseling sessions with 35% of sessions underwritten by the Fund. In total, VIPCare provided $182,574 in financial support to clients in 2018.
Best regards,
Douglas M. Thorpe, Ph.D
Executive Director

Flower Ministry

sanctuary flowers
The 2019 flower chart is posted by the office.  If you would like to purchas e flowers  in me mory of or in honor of a loved one please sign up on the flower chart, fill in an order form and return it to the office. You may email or call the office (798-4520) to order sanctuary flowers.   The sanctuary flower price is $27.00 with checks made payable to Slash Christian Church. Orders do not have to be prepaid. July 7 is the next available date.

Current Needs: 

Women's athletic shoes (all sizes)
Women's plus size underwear,  Women's bras (all sizes)
Men's plus size underwear,  Men's plus size undershirts,  Men's small to XL boxers
Pantry:   Boxed potatoes (potato flakes),  Canned meat/fish (chicken, ham, tuna, salmon, etc.),  Applesauce and canned fruit,  Pasta sauce,  Cold cereal
Toiletries:  Bath soap,  Shampoo,  Toilet paper

ACES will be closed on Memorial Day

Church Family
Frank Burkett, Julie Peterman, Betty Pierce,  Dianne Jones

Beverly Vaughan, Doris Talley 
Buck Hale, H.T. Loving (Hanover Manor)
For Healing
Judy Patterson (Catherine Young's son in law's mom),  Barbara Webster (friend of the Weeks'),  Bob and Mary Cook (brother and sister-in-law of Julie Moore),  Brenna Canning (granddaughter of Frank Burkett), Bob Henderson,  Rebecca Loving (granddaughter of Brooken and Sandra Loving),  Steve Bunce (brother of Gail Hellermann),  Gabe Fuson (friend of Joel West),  Jenny Holtz (friend of Leslie West),  John Verrick and Kelly Graham (nephew of Jessica Colbert and his mother),  Maria Goodman (former coworker of Judy Pierce),  William Yauger (Barbara Stanley's brother-in-law), Li nda Peters (mother of Elmer Peters),  Jody (friend of Hellermanns),  Kathy Whiteside (friend of the Moore's), Rhonda Dole (friend of the Hellermanns),  Beth Bareford and family (neighbor of Becky Baugher), Jessica Thompson (niece of Jessica Colbert), Robert Munn (friend of Tori Goodman), Mark Scott and family (cousin of Gail Hellermann), Pam Brown (friend of Gail Hellermann), Joyce McDowell (aunt of Harold Manahan), Keith Boyer (husband of Nancy Boyer; former members), Sydni Meadows (friend of Amy Jones), John Cox (mentor of Buddy Fowler), Shelby Slaughter (friend of Elana Gant), Nick Harrison (father of Steve Harrison), Charlie League (friend of Patsy Fowler),  Iris Epps (friend of Gail Hellermann), All military personnel, first responders and their families, Unspoken prayer concerns

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Office Hours: Monday through Friday; 9 a.m to 2 p.m.