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Monday, December 10, 2018

 Equitable, Predictable and Sustainable Funding and Policies
The MSBA Government Relations team will be focused on issues surrounding increased funding, school safety, mandate relief and local control this session at the state Capitol.  
Eight core issues will be discussed with lawmakers starting now through the end of the 2019 legislative session.  
MSBA's highest priority is a 3 percent increase to the per pupil formula ($588 million) on each year of the biennium and indexed to inflation.
Local control has long been a pillar of MSBA's core values. Two agenda items seek to return decision-making to school boards. MSBA proposes allowing school boards to replace a school board member by appointment and the vacant seat be filled during the next general election cycle. MSBA will also ask the Legislature to honor and trust the work of local officials by allowing school boards to renew an existing operating referendum, by reducing the current number of mandates (including the special education mandate reductions) and provide flexibility to meet the unique needs of local schools and communities.       
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We look forward to advocating on your behalf and encourage you to participate. Please join us at the Capitol. We hope that you will save the date for our annual Day at the Capitol event on Monday, March 25.

Minnesota Management and Budget released the  November 2018 forecast Thursday showing a $1.544 billion state budget surplus. A complete guide is available.
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