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Congratulations to the 2019 Legislator of Distinction award recipients. 
Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) is pleased to announce the list of the 2019 Legislator of Distinction recipients.   
The MSBA Government Relations team broadened and designed the award to recognize legislators for their efforts on behalf of school boards throughout Minnesota.
Legislators who received the award have met at least one of the following criteria:  
1.    A legislator who is a chief author of a bill supporting a MSBA platform initiative and whose bill was heard in committee.
2.    A legislator who understands and demonstrates the importance of local control.
Recipients of the recognition received a letter of appreciation and a certificate. Additionally, a copy of the Legislator of Distinction acknowledgement letter was sent to the school board chair of the legislator's resident district. School board chairs are encouraged to share these letters with their school boards, residents, and local media.
MSBA congratulates Rep. Julie Sandstede for her bill to increase the general education formula by 3% and 3%.   
MSBA congratulates Sen. Carla Nelson, Sen . Ch uck Wiger, Rep. Mary Murphy and Rep. Dan Wolgamott for their bills to increase the special education funding formula.     
MSBA congratulates Sen. Julie Rosen, Sen. Carla Nelson, Sen. Greg Clausen, Sen. Paul An derson and Rep. Laurie Pryor for bills to increase mental health funding in our schools. And, MS BA   congratulates 
Sen. Carla Nelson, Sen. Chuck Wiger, Sen. Greg Clausen and Rep. Jim Davnie for bills to increase school safety.    
MSBA congratulates Rep. John Huot, Rep. Ray Dehn and Rep. Mike Nelson for their bills to support school boards replacing a school board member by appointment in case of vacancy.  
MSBA congratulates Sen. Eric Pratt, Sen. Greg Clausen, Sen. Gary Dahms, Sen. Paul Anderson, Sen. Paul Utke, Rep. Cheryl Youakim, Rep. Laurie Pryor, Rep. Peggy Bennett, Rep. Kaohly Her, Rep. Kelly Moller, Rep. Paul Torkelson and Rep. Michael Howard for authoring bills to reduce mandated special education paperwork.    
MSBA congratulates Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein for her work on teacher shortage.   
MSBA congratulates Sen. Carla Nelson and Rep. Shelly
 Christensen for their efforts with the Snow Days bill. 
Congratulations to Sen. Ann Rest and Rep. Mike Freiberg for their bills allowing school boards to renew and expiring referendum. And to Sen. Carla Nelson, Sen. Bill Weber and Rep. Jim Davnie for their support of local control.    
MSBA also congratulates Rep. Paul Marquart for his bill to increase the school building bond agriculture credit. 
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