Here We Grow Again!
Doug Fischer joins the CFI team!
With over 30 years of industry experience, Doug's focus will be advising clients on health insurance, employee benefits and Medicare products. 
He brings a wealth of knowledge and will be a valuable asset to our company and our clients.  

Doug has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Capital University.  He has been happily married for 28 years and has two sons.  He  enjoys traveling, yard work and hanging out with his dog.

We are excited to have him on board!
Why MEWA? 
Did you know that chamber of commerce members have access to group health plans with special pricing? 

Whether you are already a small business chamber member, or need to join, Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA)  plans are available to you.

This self-funded benefit option for small employers can be written for groups of 1-50 employees.  The benefits are on PPO networks and cover preventive care with a variety of plan designs to choose from. 

If you are tired of high renewal cost, or don't have a group medical plan already in place, this is definitely worth exploring.  

Call your Advisor today to find a MEWA that works for you. 740-363-5433

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Legislative Update
As members of NAHU, we value the importance of keeping you informed on the various legislative issues in healthcare that may affect you. 

Congress has recently held their first ever hearing on Medicare-For-All legislation. 

This  helpful chart reviews the various plans that have been presented.  

So far we have not seen any recent changes that impact our clients. We will continue to keep you informed. 

Questions or feedback?  
We love to hear from you! 

Spotlight: Group Life 
Compared with other popular benefits, a basic life insurance benefit is relatively inexpensive to provide. 

Some employers provide a modest lump sum benefit (e.g., $10,000 or $20,000), while others offer employees a multiple of their income (e.g., one or two times their annual salary). 

For those employees who only carry group insurance, the mean coverage is roughly $100,000. Because many employees have needs greater than that, you should consider giving employees the option to purchase additional coverage through your group plan. It doesn't cost more to offer this option, and it will give your employees the opportunity to get the right amount of coverage for their specific needs.

Contact your Advisor to learn more


Reminder: Send Updates
For the sake of compliance, we require all employers to send us a list of new hires and terminations as they happen. 

The continued accuracy of your company census is important, as it allows for timely enrollments and terminations and helps you avoid complex payroll changes and billing issues. 

Along with sending you the emailed or faxed monthly update request, we have created a new, simple form that you can fill out and send to us as changes happen, rather than waiting for us to request them. 

To view and save the form please 

*Be sure to save the link as a favorite so that you can update us any time you have changes. 

Questions? Call us at 740-363-5433
What Does Your Broker Do For You? 
As we continue to grow, we want to thank you for your continued support and referrals.  Our business relies on referrals from clients who have learned the value of having us on their side.  

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Jim Roesch, 
CEO and Chief Visionary Director