Newsletter from River Cities Office May 2019
Do you know what the functions of Central Office?
Sometimes it is not always clear what the functions are for Central Office/intergroup, why because they might not be clearly explained or understood or there might be a disregard of the principles in A.A's Twelve Traditions. So the following suggestion have been made to outline the basic functions:

  1. A.A. inquiries-By providing an Alcoholics Anonymous listing in the local telephone directory, the office may receive inquiries from those seeking help. They will refer the caller to a nearby A.A. group, where sponsorship may be arranged, or have a twelfth stepper contact them or refer them to the Web site.(
  2. Office Facilities-The central office can maintain a conveniently located office in which paid worker and/or volunteers coordinate local A.A. services.
  3. Meeting Lists and Other Literature-Central Office publish and distributes up-to-date lists of meetings and other information about local A.A. services. The intergroup/central office sells A.A. Conference-approved literature for the convenience of the local groups.
  4. Information Exchange- the service office may function as a clearinghouse for the circulation and exchange of information amount all the A.A. groups in the community. In this same connection, a logical function of the central office to provide "program exchange" meetings, where group program chairpersons meet regularly to exchange meetings with other groups.
  5. Local Committees on Public Information (P.I.) and Cooperation With the Professional Community (C.P.C.) in cooperation with district and are P.I. and C.P.C. committees. This position is open in our area--Volunteer is needed
  6. A.A. in Correctional and Treatment Facilities-can maintain a contact with local groups in correctional facilities and treatment facilities, offering literature and prerelease A.A. contacts for speakers and visitors to meetings.
  7. Local A.A. Events--the central office manage the detail of an annual dinner, picnic or convention if the groups in the area wish it.
  8. A.A. Bulletin or Newsletter--The preparation of a publication of periodic distribution to A.A. groups is often a function of the Central Office.
  9. Special Needs Services--Central office will carry information on groups that are wheelchair accessible, or signed for deaf members.

Reminder: Tri-State 35th Annual Round-Up May16-19, 2019

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