Winter Test Proving Grounds
West Yellowstone, Montana
One of the world's premier locations for cold climate vehicle and tire testing and training
Greetings from NATC's Winter Test Division! We hope you had a great holiday season.

Winter testing at NATC's facility in West Yellowstone, Montana is in full swing and bookings are well underway for the 2019 winter test season.

We have already successfully completed full vehicle evaluations with traction aids installed, including braking, acceleration, and tractive effort, as well as accumulated durability mileage on some tracked vehicle systems.

The runway, taxiway, and ramp are open and groomed to a medium- to hard-packed snow base, and a 12' x 650' ice lane has been prepared for operation. Please contact the winter test team for availability. Montana is clas sified as a "subarctic climate" and averages 201 inches of snow per year, which typically falls between late December and mid-March. During the winter, the average high temperature is 24 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 1 degree Fahrenheit.
Course layout
Performance Events

Acceleration and Maximum Speed
  • Determine time to speed and maximum sustained speed capability on medium-packed snow and ice with each selected traction aid installed 
  • Evaluate controllability while accelerating on medium- packed snow and ice with each selected traction aid installed 

Tire Testing
  • ASTM/SAE single wheel or full vehicle tire testing on 13-24.5 inch rims
Performance Events

Tractive Effort
  • Verify the vehicle's ability to traverse and operate over medium-packed snow and ice surfaces while climbing a grade and/or pulling a load with each selected traction aid installed 

Braking and Cornering
  • Measure minimum stopping distance with each selected traction aid installed 
  • Evaluate controllability while braking on medium-packed snow and ice with each selected traction aid installed 
Did you know that NATC offers a wide range of comprehensive winter testing solutions, along with complete facility and security support, to meet individual customer needs? NATC Winter Test offerings include:

  • Vehicle preparation and maintenance area
  • Tire mounting and changing area
  • On-site instrumentation technicians and equipment for test support
  • On-site vehicles to support dynamic longitudinal and lateral traction testing 
  • Complete on-board data acquisition equipment 
  • Testing to ASTM, SAE, ISO, GM, Ford, and USTMA "snowflake" standards
  • UTV, snowmobile, snow blower, and snow removal equipment testing

NATC also offers customizable terrain and tests for customers such as mission profile mobility and off-road mobility such as side slopes, grades, broken terrain and fallen timber, just to name a few.
NATC extends access to the West Yellowstone airport for both commercial and military entities seeking testing or support in a winter environment. Tests include:  

  • Dynamic Driving and Lateral Traction 
  • Dynamic Peak and Slide Braking 
  • Subjective and Objective Handling and Stability 
  • Mobility 
  • Durability
  • Terminal Apron (2,200’ x 250’)
  • Taxiway (8,400’ x 75’)
  • Runway (8,400’ x 150’)

Ice Lane with J-turn
Handling & Road Course
Constant Radius Circle

  • Virgin/Fresh Snow
  • Soft Pack (CTI 50-70)
  • Moderate Pack (CTI 70-80)
  • Hard Pack (CTI 80-90)
  • Ice: Frozen or Melting

Driver Training and Education
NATC offers training to suit a variety of vehicle operating scenarios appropriate for an assortment of drivers, including corporate, government, and diplomatic chauffeurs.

Contact us today to customize a program for your team!
Our winter test facility offers optimal winter test conditions with approximately two million square feet of groomed test surfaces. The winter test facility buildings, 2,500 square feet total, include four garage bays and several office and storage areas. A security fence around the entire perimeter protects our exclusive use of the facility and any customers desiring absolute security and privacy.

In addition to its testing capabilities, the NATC Winter Test Facility is an excellent choice for group events. It is a popular recreation destination year-round so early reservations are advised. This area hosts a large variety of recreational winter activities including ready access to Big Sky Resort, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Our facility is conveniently accessible from nearby Bozeman, Montana, which is located approximately 90 minutes north of the testing facility. If your team is considering testing with us during the 2019 season, please contact us soon. We are already experiencing a high level of interest for our test facilities this season!

For bookings, please contact the NATC Winter Test Division:

Phone (775) 629-2000 | Cell (775) 684-9775 | Email 
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