Stu & Trigger's News !
These two clients, Big Fred and little Fred! hired me for days and and nights road trip and camp-out. They had a blast and so did Trigger who slept with each of them night after night!! If I ever have them back I will have to charge them double as they forced me to do work I would not normally do, Like take them to the pie shop!.They also lost around 300+ flies even though there were no trees!! :)
Below are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the Fish!
I hope your all having a fun day!.
Things have been pretty busy this Feb and March with guiding and teaching. Its been the best dry fly season for years and now it should get better with most of my local rivers here in Southland having mayfly hatches just starting.

I recently had a large NZ fly company steal one my fly designs and also an Australian/NZ fly shop!, which I will give you all more of an update on soon.Thank you all, that informed me.

This has been my most relaxed guiding year ever and its been great fun work with amazing clients.

There is only a month or so before the season here pretty much shuts down and your luck is in if you need some guiding or tuition.
I have quite a few days available for April, which is my favorite time here for mayfly hatches.

Booking have also been coming in for next season so that looks good with dates filling up.

This year the trout have been in the best condition I have seen for a long time.

Big Fred my client managed to catch a Brook trout from a river that its very rare to catch one in.

2019 year of the CICADA
Just recently I bought this book on cicadas and if you are a geek like me its well worth the money. Though even if you are not a geek like me, you still should buy it and support Olly Hills (my new hero)as he's only just turned 11 this year.

Do you wish to learn to fly fish?
If you do or even if you have lots of experience you will always learn something from Stu. Read the Testimonials.

Paddy walks into the site office carrying a flask. Murphy asks "what you got in there then ?" "Tis a new flask." "whats in it then?""It keeps hot tings hot and cold tings cold." "So what you got in it then?" "two cups of coffee and an ice cream."
Before any mayfly hatches start the trout seem to get all frisky in the shallow riffles as the mayfly nymphs start to get ready for there next stage of life and become a brown fluffy thing.

Once the Mayflies are in the surface film or sitting on top of it, It's time to match the hatch, what size and silhouette are very important as well as the presentation these are the three main keys to success, plus being out there!.

This year there was quite a few new members to the grub club. That's the club where all you need to do is catch a trout with Stu's floating willow grub fly - THE BANANA. The most original and unique willow grub fly that has revolutionized fly fishing for grubbing trout.

You just never know where Stu's Superior trout decals may turn up. This one was spotted on an Aussie fire truck.
Its good to see Firemen liking good trout decals and escaping the stress fly fishing.