2019 race artwork, designed by local artist, Baylie Peplow of Red Umbrella Design

Hi Orcas Island 100 mile runners, volunteers, and crews!
We hope you are getting excited for the upcoming race! This is your official pre-race email and should answer any questions you have about the upcoming race weekend! Please read all the way to the bottom as some info may have changed from previous races.

Here's what you will find in this email:
  1. Check-in/Timeline
  2. Driving Directions/Parking
  3. Ferry
  4. Volunteer check-in
  5. Course
  6. Aid Stations
  7. Cut-offs
  8. Drop Bags
  9. Medical
  10. Lodging
  11. Bathrooms
  12. Coffee
  13. Finish line festivities
  14. Awards Ceremony
  15. Goodies
  16. Rules
  17. Weather


Thursday Feb 7th
  • 4:00-7:00 pm: Bib pick up/bunkhouse check-in- please bring photo ID
  • 5:45 pm: MANDATORY pre-race briefing at Camp Moran
  • 6:30 pm: Optional pasta dinner at Camp Moran, catered by The Kitchen, tickets were pre-sold during registration, we will have a limited number of day-of tickets for sale for $20/person
  • 9:00 pm: Drop bags due for Mountain Lake, the rest can be dropped off in the morning
Friday Feb 8th
  • 7:00-8:00 am: Check-in (runners need to show their bib to the volunteers on race morning, so we know you did not bail at some point during the night)
  • 8:00 am: 100 Mile starts

Saturday Feb 9th
  • 11:00 am: cut off at Camp Moran, mile 75.6
  • 12:40 pm: cut off at Mountain Lake, mile 80.3
  • 4:00 pm: cut off at Cascade, mile 89.7
  • 6:10 pm: cut off at Mt Constitution, mile 95.5
Sunday February 10th
  • 8:00 am: Overnight guests need to be checked out of the bunkhouse
  • 8:00-10:00: Camp Moran clean up
  • 10:00: Theater opens for awards
  • 10:30 am-12:30 pm: Awards ceremony, Seaview Theater in Eastsound, there will be complimentary coffee and light snacks as well as beer/wine for sale

Trail Work
Do not forget to submit your trail work forms by February 4th. Click here to view the updated document for those who have submitted trail work. If you are not able to complete your trail work, you can make a donation to a local organization or non profit that focuses on building and maintaining trails. If you do not have an organization that you prefer, you can make a donation on our store page that will go directly to Moran State Park (the location of the race).

Driving/Parking Directions

The start/finish area as well as the check-in/pre race briefing takes place at the Environmental Learning Center in Moran State Park. As you enter the park on Olga Road from the west (coming from the ferry/Eastsound), you will drive by Cascade Lake and shortly after there will be EVENT parking signs on your right. We will have volunteers in the morning to assist you. Parking is very limited so we highly encourage carpooling if possible!

There is no race parking immediately next to the ELC building, that area is reserved for staff, vendors, and volunteers. The main overflow parking is at the South End Campground and is marked with event parking signs. It is less than 1/4 mile walk to the start and finish area.

Everyone needs a Discover Pass to park in Moran State Park, with the exception of overnight guests staying in the bunkhouse. The fee for parking is included in what you paid for the bunkhouse.


To get to Orcas Island, you will need to take the ferry from Anacortes.  Though it's not required, we highly recommend making reservations as the sailings around race weekend tend to fill up quickly.  You only pay traveling to Orcas, but you can make reservations for your trip home as well.  

Click here to make a ferry reservation.  
Volunteer Check In

All volunteers will check in with Elizabeth at the volunteer table at Camp Moran.  Volunteers should have already received a separate email with specific instructions related to your shift, but if you did not, send an email to volunteer@rainshadowrunning.com.  Volunteer discount codes will be sent out via email after the race.

We still need a few more volunteers during the weekend, if you or someone you know is able to volunteer, please email volunteer@rainshadowrunning.com. All volunteers get to eat and drink for free, are eligible for a discount on a future race, and get to bypass the Orcas lottery the following year (plus it is super fun, we promise)!

Our races would not happen without our amazing crew of volunteers, so remember to thank anyone you see out there helping during the day! :)


We will have maps posted at the start/finish area, but there will not be extra copies, so if you would like to run with one, please print a copy and bring it with you.

The course will be marked with pink and yellow ribbons and yellow arrow signs.  You should not go more than one mile without seeing a ribbon or sign.  If you do go more than a mile, turn around and go back to the last place you saw one.  Ultimately it is up to the runner to know the course, so we encourage you to study the map.

We would like to give a shout out to Sean Harrasser, of Wonderland Mapping, for creating all of our course maps!

Please remember that these are public trails and we are sharing them with other hikers who may not be involved or aware of the race. Please slow down, alert people of your presence, and give them time to move to the side of the trail.
Aid Stations/Crew Access

You will have five aid stations on each 25 mile loop of the course:

Mile Cut Off Drop Bags Crew Access
Mountain Lake 4.7, 29.9, 55.1, 80.3 12:40 pm- Saturday Yes Yes, except first lap
Mt Pickett 10, 35.2, 60.4, 85.6 N/A

No No
Cascade 14.1, 39.3, 64.5, 89.7 4:00 pm-Saturday Yes Yes
Mt Constitution 19.9, 45.1, 70.3, 95.5 6:10 pm-Saturday Yes Yes, except first lap
Camp Moran 25.2, 50.4, 75.6 11:00 am-Saturday Yes Yes

We strive to be a cup-free race,  please bring your own reusable cup or flask to drink water/GU/soda at the aid stations. We will have  UltrAspire cups   for sale during check in if you need to buy one. Please bring a cup to drink beer or water out of for the finish line as well. Help us GO GREEN!

The aid stations will be stocked with PB & J, fresh fruit, gels, potato chips, pickles, candy, water, Nuun electrolyte drink, and soda. Each aid station will also have hot soup, instant coffee/tea and a variety of other "real food" choices courtesy of the aid station volunteers (pancakes, bacon, quesadillas, etc). We also have first aid supplies, hand warmers, and feminine hygiene products for issues that arise on the course.  Just ask one of the volunteers for any of those items.

Please check in and check out with the volunteers at each aid station. We will have live tracking at Mt Constitution, Mt Pickett and Camp Moran and those updates will can be found on Ultra Signup. No live tracking at Mountain Lake or Cascade.
If you need to drop from the race, you must do so at an aid station! Please find the volunteer who is tracking numbers and make sure they record your bib number. If you are dropping outside of an aid station, you need to come to the timing table at the finish line and let our volunteers know you are no longer in the race. If you have an emergency please dial 911 immediately.  If you are unable to make a phone call, our sweeps can help get you to safety where we will have medics stationed at the finish line. Once you are back at the finish line, please come to the timing table and let our volunteers know you are dropping from the race. If we do not know you have dropped, we will continue to look for you after the race and that stresses us out!  
On that note, please take a minute to make sure your emergency contact information is up to date on UltraSignup.  Please do not use your own name or phone number as your emergency contact in case we need to contact someone on your behalf.  You should be able to edit this information on your UtraSignup profile.

Snow Route
We do not anticipate there being much snow this year, however if there is significant snow on the course, we will not be able to drive to the top of Constitution for the aid station, in which case the aid station will be at Cold Springs, which is about 1.3 miles past Constitution on the course. If the aid station is here, the final cut off time would be at 6:40 pm on Saturday. We should have a good idea of the road conditions the week of the race and we will be sure to keep everyone informed of whether or not we have to move the location.

Crew Access
Mountain Lake
There is crew access at Mountain Lake, but parking is very limited so crews are not allowed at this spot on their runners first loop (it would be way too congested). Crews are welcome there during the rest of the race. To get to Mountain Lake, take a right onto Olga Road from the start/finish area, and then take an immediate left onto Mt Constitution Road. Go about a mile and there will be signs for Mountain Lake on your right.
Mt Pickett
No crew access at Mt Pickett.

There is crew access for the Cascade aid station. You can park at the Cascade Lake day use area and the aid station will be located in the big shelter. From the start area, turn left onto Olga Road (back the way you came) and the Cascade Lake day use parking will be in about 1/4 mile on your left.

Mt Constitution
If the road to Constitution is open, there will be crew access, with the exception of the first lap. This is also to help ease congestion as parking is limited. From the start area, turn right onto Olga Road and then an immediate left onto Mt Constitution road. Follow this for about 4 miles and the road will dead end at the top of Mt Constitution.

If road conditions are bad or there is snow/ice on race day, crews will not have access to this aid station. The rangers will be the ones making the call on whether or not to open the road to crews. We will know the morning of the race whether crews can drive up to the top or not and will announce it during the race briefing.

Camp Moran
There is crew access at Camp Moran during the entirety of the race. This is also the location of the start/finish area.

Please remember runners can receive encouragement outside of the aid stations, but not supplies.

Drop Bags

Runners are allowed drop bags at Mountain Lake, Cascade, Mt Constitution, and Camp Moran. No drop bags allowed at Pickett.

Drop bags for Mountain Lake are due Thursday night by 9:00 pm as the aid station volunteers will transport them in the morning before the race starts. All other drop bags can be left the morning of the race. You are welcome to leave all of your bags on Thursday if that is easier for you.

We will have tarps set up at check in for you to leave your bags.  Please label your bag with your name, bib #, and aid station name. Runners are allowed one bag at each aid station, except Mt Pickett. Please keep your drop bags to a reasonable size as our volunteers are carting them around for you (no backpacks, coolers, duffel bags, etc).

We will do our best to keep the bags covered, but this is the pacific northwest and the rain has a way of seeping into everything.  If you do not have a waterproof bag, we recommend putting items in ziploc bags to ensure your things stay dry.

Recommendations for your drop bag: extra socks, extra base layer, fuel of choice (certain foods, specific brand of gel, etc), coat or fleece for staying warm in the aid station, extra batteries for your headlamp, hand/foot warmers.

Recommendations for your pack: water (at least 20 ounces) and electrolyte, extra food, headlamp with extra batteries, waterproof jacket, gloves, hat, emergency blanket, GPS watch or course map.

We have medics stationed at the finish line (with supplies and an AED) as well as a first aid supplies at every aid station.   We have scheduled safety sweepers to be out on the course at all times throughout the race who will be available to help.  The local fire department is on call for the duration of the race if there is a medical emergency. 

Hypothermia is the biggest concern at this race.  The race is usually cold and wet and if you do not take the proper precautions for being out in the elements for a long stretch, you can get yourself into trouble.  Please read this "how to stay warm at the Orcas 100" to ensure you are adequately prepared. Each aid station will have a heat source, but it is a good idea to pack a warm layer (synthetic puffy jacket or warm fleece layer) in your drop bag to wear in the aid station while you are fueling up. 

If you do not have lodging yet, there are still spots left in the bunkhouses at Camp Moran.  They are right at the start/finish with bathroom and showers available.  The cabins are heated and each bed has a mattress.  Anyone staying in the bunk will need to provide their own bedding (sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, etc). 

The rental is $38.94 and is good for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. We love dogs, but unfortunately they are not allowed in the bunkhouses or main lodge at Camp Moran.  Leashed, well behaved dogs are welcome outside at the finish area and on the trails.

Please email (info@rainshadowrunning.com) us if you would like an additional bunkhouse. 

Click here for bunkhouse assignments.  Take a moment to make sure we got your roommate preference right.  If you would like to request changes, please email info@rainshadowrunning.com.  

Click here for a PDF map of the bunks at Camp Moran.  Both the maps and the bunkhouse assignments will also be posted at Moran when you check in. 

There is very limited camping during the winter months in Moran, but there are a few spots open on the water at Cascade Lake and in the midway campground in Moran. All camping is first come/first served and payment needs to go through the registration booth in the park.

There is a bathroom at the Cascade Day use area as well as the top of Mt Constitution. There is a pit toilet at Mountain Lake, on the course, about a quarter mile after you leave the aid station (the entrance to the bathroom is on the back side of the building). Bathrooms are available in the main lodge at Camp Moran.

There are also showers available at Camp Moran for those wishing to clean up after the race. Please bring your own towel and soap/shampoo/etc.

If nature calls outside of an aid station, please remember to step off the trail and follow the leave no trace policy. If you are near the back of the pack and need to step off the trail, leave your pack/water bottle/etc in the middle of the trail so the sweeps know to wait for you.

We will have brewed Tony's Coffee available on race morning for runners and volunteers. There will be coffee brewing all day and night at Moran and instant coffee/hot water will be available at the various aid stations.
Awards Ceremony

We highly encourage everyone to join us at the Seaview Theater in Eastsound, on Sunday from 10:30 am-12:30 pm for our awards celebration.  We will hand out buckles and finisher sweatshirts and recognize  each and every individual (including volunteers) on this amazing accomplishment.  

The theater will open at 10:00 am and we will have coffee available. The concession stand will be open during the ceremony, serving popcorn, snacks, and beer/wine for sale. We will start the awards at 10:30 am. 

We usually put together a slide show showcasing pictures throughout the weekend.  Please use the hashtag #orcas100 on social media or tag us in the photos on Facebook and we will add them to the slide show!
Finish Line Festivities

It would not be a Rainshadow race without the post-race party! Pizza Rocks will be cooking homemade pizza all day, we will have our standard spread of post-race goodies (fruits, veggies, chips and dips, cookies, pies and other goodies), craft beer from Island Hoppin' Brewery, and live bluegrass music courtesy of Kirk Reese.
We are happy to have the ever-so-talented Glenn Tachiyama taking pictures out on the course.  The photos will be available to purchase the week after the race.

If you have not found lodging yet, Doe Bay is offering 20% off your stay if you use the code RAINSHADOW when you book your cabin or yurt.

They would also like to offer free entry into the soaking tubs for any runner who presents their bib at the spa desk along with a discount on a 60 or 90 minute massage.  Appointments for massage can be made online or over the phone at 360-376-2291: 

$15 off any 60 minute massage
$30 off any 90 minute massage

The owners of Doe Bay Wine Company would like to extend a warm Orcas Island welcome to all participants (and friend and families) traveling here for the race. While you are here, they would like to invite you to their bottleshop and tasting room in Eastsound to enjoy a flight of wine and cheese board and to pick up some beer, wine and cider. Just mention the Rainshadow Discount to receive 25% off wine flights and 10% off retail purchases. 

They are only open 11:00 am-6:00 pm on Saturdays, but it would be the perfect place for a tired crew to go enjoy a glass of wine! 

Seven Hills Running Shop is offering a $50 coupon to all Orcas 100 runners. They accept in person or phone orders! 


  • Be nice: please be courteous of other trail users as well as fellow runners and volunteers.  If you come upon hikers or other day users, please alert them of your presence and give them a chance to move over before you pass  
  • Passing : please pass on the left and move to the right when you are being passed.
  • One ear bud only: if you wish to wear headphones while running, they may only be in one ear and the volume must be low enough that you can hear others around you (we had an injury at one of our races due to someone not being able to hear while wearing both earbuds; so we take this rule seriously)
  • No continuing on past cut off: for liability and safety reasons we cannot let any runner continue on their own past cut off time.  We take this rule seriously.  Please treat our aid station and sweep volunteers with respect.  If you have an issue, find a race staff after the race and we are more than happy to have a conversation with you
  • No cheating/course cutting/bandits/anything deemed unsportsmanlike : this could result in a ban from Rainshadow races and we just do not want to do that
  • Dogs: well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome on the course and at the finish line, but are not allowed in the bunks or the main lodge at Camp Moran (park rules)
  • No drugs or other banned substances
  • Be on time: our sweeps go out shortly after the runners start and we cannot let any runners go out behind the sweepers
To find all of Rainshadow Running's rules and policies, please click here  


The current 10 day forecast is showing a high of 46 and a low of 36 with a 40% chance of rain both days and light winds at 8 mph.  The top of Mt Constitution is usually about 5-10 degrees colder, so make sure you are prepared with plenty of layers, including a hat and gloves and a truly waterproof jacket. 

There is rain in the forecast during the week leading up to the race, so you can expect the trails to be wet and muddy.  Shoes with good traction are highly recommended and if the temperature drops below freezing on the higher parts of the course, there may be slick or icy spots. 

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

James, Elizabeth, William, Steph, Rob & Kesia
Rainshadow Running 
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