This is arguably our top Spanish producer and one hundred percent our most sought after Spanish wine. Normally all the wines are sold as pre-orders. However, we have been keeping a select number of cases aside for our email offers...mainly just to show off some of our top wines and, of course, to give some of you out there the chance to try these elusive bottles! Only 10 percent of the production is exported.
This winery holds all the cards needed to create great wine. The vineyard is in an area that receives very little rainfall. The climate is extremely harsh and dry. The soil offers very little nutrients and is composed mainly of chalk, sand, and limestone. All of this results in grapes that hold extremely concentrated flavors.
In addition to a perfect vineyard, they have created some unique fermenters that allow for more skin contact during fermentation. This results in more fruit extraction and a "beefier" bottle of juice. 

Color: dark cherry, Aroma: toasty, spicy, fine cocoa, ripe fruit, new oak, Mouth: tasty, toasty, fine bitterness
Guia Penin 93 Points

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