2019 Program Coordinator's Introductory Trip to the Field  
At the beginning of April, our Founder & President, Rev. Rob Bollinger; Staff Secretary, Ms. Patricia Bollinger; and (Program Partner) Nazarene Compassionate Organization's (NCO) Field Officer, Rev. Samuel Oketch, traveled to each of our three program centers to introduce Ms. Rebecca Reed as Nehemiah's Restoration, Program Coordinator for our Kenya Operations. It was an eventful trip with the intention of giving Becca a clear picture as to what happens on the ground and introducing her to the many wonderful people we work with on a day to day basis. Below is a blog post that Becca wrote about the week we spent in Siaya and Kisumu Counties.  
"Wow! What a jam-packed week! We met so many people and saw so many projects that we are active in as Nehemiah's Restoration. It was an overwhelming (in the best possible way) experience to see the lives that have been touched over the last ten years of NR's existence. Additionally, I am so grateful God has opened the doors to allow me to be a small part of NR's future! This week we met project coordinators in Siaya, Bondo, and Kisumu, and saw a TINY glimpse of what they do and the people they work with on the ground. It was a humbling week that made it extremely apparent how important the work we are doing is and what a big job I have ahead of me! I am excited to be a part of NR's growth!" 
Young Legend 
At the beginning of the week, we got to visit Sharon at the Kenya Medical Training College in Kakamega where she will be studying Environmental Health Sciences and so that NR could officially present her with a Young Legend award.
It was so encouraging to see the excitement and determination on Sharon's face as she was presented with this opportunity. As the eldest of six, whose mother abandoned her and her siblings, the fact that Sharon is able to attend this school at all is a huge deal and the Young Legend program will make a huge impact on her life by sponsoring her tuition. This initiative was created to empower young, orphaned adults who show great potential to be leaders in their communities. Sharon is just one of the Young Legends that we visited throughout the week, but she is a wonderful example of what this program hopes to acheive. We are excited to see the ways she will be able to support her family and her community once she completes this degree!

Build A Home
I also had the privilege to take part in a Build A Home project. Thanks to a generous gift from Denver based U.S. Engineering, we were able to fund the building of a home and an outdoor latrine for a family of four. Jane's husband passed away because of HIV/AIDS, and Jane couldn't afford the upkeep of her deteriorating home on top of all her other living expenses. We spent two days with Jane's family and the excitement, pride, and gratitude she felt could not have been more apparent. It was a beautiful day with the community, the recipient family, and NR/NCO staff literally working alongside each other with the common goal of giving this family a better place to live. The next day, we came together as members of the local church, community, Jane's family, and NR/NCO to celebrate the successful building of the home. It was a wonderful celebration of the gift given this family through U.S. Engineering, and the ways they would be able to use it to support the community as well.  These homes not only support the recipient family, but bolster the local economy by hiring local labors to build the wood structure of the home and placement of the tin roof, to dig the pit for the latrine and carpenters to made the wood doors and window enclosures.  Thanks again to U.S. Engineering for making a difference around the globe! 
It was something that was made very apparent to me throughout this trip, how the Build A Homes are not just an asset to the family who will be living there, they also become an asset to the whole community as usually the families we work with end up using their homes to host women's and community groups, Bible studies, etc. We visited 5 previous Build A Home recipients and with each home NR helped to build, a challenge was given to the family to make sure they pay the gift forward by being Godly stewards of their gift, and it was so encouraging to see how that actually takes place. 
In the picture above, Jaclyn (second from left), a previous Build A Home recipient, stands in front of her home with a few members of her women's group who meet monthly at her house. 
Orphan & Vulnerable Children (OVC)
Income Generating Activities

We also got to see the many ways that OVC's and their caregivers are being supported through various income generating activities being done at our centers. Through farming, selling water, tailoring, and table banking groups, caregivers are being equipped financially to support their families for themselves and take care of the children under their care. 

The picture to the right is of a Table Banking group in Kisumu, who through their own efforts have been able to start a catering company. They have bought the basic equipment necessary with their savings in order to cater events, but also rent out their equipment for a profit. The profits from the company are split between the members of the group as well as set aside for the group's savings. We spent a wonderful afternoon learning from the women about how their group works and the ingenious ways that they plan to continue to grow moving forward! 
"The week was a wonderful, eye opening experience as to what all Nehemiah's Restoration is doing in Kenya. So many lives have been touched, so many families empowered, and so many communities changed through the partnership we have with churches and local communities on the ground. 

I feel like Celine (left, in the pink shirt), who was so excited to show off what she has done with the Build A Home she received. I can't wait to continue to show off the amazing things Nehemiah's Restoration are doing and help it continue to grow as we work with the people in Kenya!" 
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Nehemiah's Restoration has been a faith-based non-profit 501c3 for over ten years working in the counties of Kisumu, Siaya in the country of Kenya. Over those ten years Nehemiah's Restoration has assisted over 2500 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) who have lost one or both of their parents/caregivers due to the complications of HIV and AIDS.

Our mission is to assist these orphaned children, by placing them in extended family homes were they can live normal childhood lives and provide them with the basics of healthcare, food, shelter, educational support, legal aid and counseling; in order to give them a chance at becoming productive adults, that they would not otherwise have in life. Without our assistance many orphaned children are forced into a cycle of poverty that will last for generations.
Our success rate is high among those in our program. Many of the OVC in our program have moved on as adults to become teachers, medical clinicians, carpenters, tailors, agriculturalist, tradesmen/women and legal aids. Of those with professions, many volunteer their time to assist other OVC.
Nehemiah's Restoration is proud to have Nazarene Compassionate Organization (NCO) of Kenya as our partners in the Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program. 
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