2019 San Francisco Peacemaker Awards
Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth
2019 Community Boards Leadership Peacemaker Award
HOMEY is a grassroots, non-profit deeply rooted in San Francisco. Founded by former gang members 20 years ago, HOMEY has unapologetically identified issues adversely affecting the youth and young adults throughout the Mission District.

They’re an inspirational community-empowerment organization combating youth violence and mass incarceration.

HOMEY does this through delivering hope, empowerment, leadership, culture, and most importantly, with love. They developed an innovative model that provides neutral spaces where rival gang members labor together to forge truly transformative peace accords.

They also work directly with youth and young adults in schools, on the street, and in jails to deliver their own brand of workshops, services, and empowerment activities.

The HOMEY team, concurrently, continues to build and expand their community partnerships through meetings, programming, and community building.

As they declare on their website: “We’re doing something about it by empowering rather than enabling participants in our program.”
San Francisco Conflict Resolution Center
Founded in 1976, Community Boards operates the oldest nonprofit conflict resolution center in the US. As a restorative justice organization, they offer a wide array of conflict resolution services: mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation, plus a range of trainings. Community Boards maintains a pool of +450 highly skilled volunteer Community Mediators. Mediations are provided in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. They strive to keep their services accessible: sliding scale and waived fees, negotiated contract discounts, and training scholarships.