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General Electric has a history of success with Venture Up's mini-car race in Greenville, SC. New GE teams took on a similar challenge when they met in Columbia, SC recently, below:
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September / October 2019
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General Electric
Columbia, SC
Columbia SC TeamBuilding event
South Carolina Team Event
General Electric teams left their jobs at a nuclear power facility to take on two locomotive projects: The Mini-car 500, above, and the human-sized car race, right, where a favorite teammate (crash dummy)  is volunteered to race the untested set of wheels and cardboard -- and expected to win.   
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
When 150 Genomics employees teamed up to create the greatest salsa ever, did anyone think to share their secret recipe with their host, the brandy New Hard Rock Hotel in Cabo San Lucas? 

Sanford Public Schools
Houston, TX 
Kicking off the new school year, 180 educators from
Sanford Public Schools in Houston took to the streets in City Center to win the Amazing Race.
Tampa, FL 
Why are the PwC teams so engrossed in finding D.B. Cooper when he's standing right behind them?
Next month, Venture Up returns to PwC's training center in Tampa to confound more teams who simply can't get enough of the Escape the Case game series. 
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