2019 Session - Legislative Report #2
January 17, 2018

We are now a full week into the 90 day Session. Two of the bills we expected have already been filed. We expect more to follow.

The website's critical updates have been completed.

Please continue to encourage your friends and colleagues to join the 2A Maryland Legislative Email list in order to receive the latest updates and information as soon as they become available. I am again asking that every reader to recruit an additional three new subscribers to the 2A Maryland legislative email system.

Your past efforts increased the size of the email list by just over 10%. Well done!

John H. Josselyn
2A Maryland

Gun Bills Filed to Date
A limited scope bill to authorize Baltimore City school resource officers to possess and carry firearms on school property. NO POSITION
A wide spectrum bill to ban, with certain exceptions, the manufacture of firearms on 3D printers or other computer-controlled devices, banning the possession, sale, transfer of these firearms was well as the technology to manufacture. OPPOSE

Providing that a person may not be denied the right to purchase, possess, or carry a firearm solely on the basis that the person is authorized to use medical cannabis. Does not negate the federal law relating to firearms possession and the use of controlled dangerous substances. PENDING
Altering the manner in which an applicant for a handgun permit is required to pay a certain fee to allow any method of payment approved by the Secretary of State Police. Pending
Revising the existing statute which requires that a citizen who wishes to obtain a permit to carry a handgun must complete an expensive training course as a prerequisite to apply for the permit to carry a handgun. The language of this bill would revise the statute to reverse the order and allow the applicant to obtain a preliminary review and determination regarding he applicant’s eligibility for a permit to carry before investing the time and money in training only to be denied a permit to carry a handgun. Limiting the amount of time the applicant has to complete the training. SUPPORT
A very clean bill which adds personal protection and self-defense as a good and substantial reason for a carry permit. SUPPORT

Waives the requirement for submitting fingerprints as part of the application process for a permit to wear and carry a handgun if the applicant’s fingerprints are already on file with the Maryland State Police. Does not address why the fingerprints are already on file. Pending

2019 Maryland General Assembly (MGA)
MGA Condensed
Maryland General Assembly by District and Office, room number, and phone extension numbers. This is the short single page form commonly used by 2A activists during gun bill hearings. 
MGA by District
A listing by election district of all the members of the Maryland General Assembly. Including information on chamber, committee assignment, office address, phone numbers, hyperlinked emails addresses, and party affiliation.
MGA by Committee
A listing of the primary Committees in order of interest to gun owners. Including information on chamber, committee members’ names, office address, phone numbers, hyperlinked emails addresses and party affiliation.
American Association of Retired Persons - A Surprise
The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is generally supportive of gun control and not where one would expect to see a positive article about a gun owner's use of a firearm in defense of the community. Which is why this full page article in the latest edition of the AARP magazine is such a pleasant surprise.

The article tells the story of Stephen Willeford, the former NRA Firearms Instructor, who used his "assault rifle" to bring an end to the November 2017, mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas. Willeford is shown holding the rifle he used.

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