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Sessions and Special Guest Speakers 

An In-Depth Review of The State of Connecticut's Nonprofit Human Services Industry:
The purpose of this session is to provide a frank and revealing assessment of Connecticut’s troubled Nonprofit Human Services Industry. The financial stress in this industry is well publicized, but only the tip of deeper level problems. The members of the panel are experienced, well versed, and bring operational, legal, and political perspectives to the topic.

Moderated by: 
Jack Horak - Director, Nonprofit Education and Consulting - TANGO 

Guest Speakers:
Toni Boucher - Director - Commonfund
Gian-Carl Casa - President and CEO - CT Community Nonprofit Alliance (The Alliance)
Ray Gorman - President and CEO - Community Mental Health Affiliates
Tony Hwang - Connecticut State Senator - State of Connecticut
Patrick Johnson - Retired CEO - Connecticut Institute for the Blind/Oak Hill

Innovation in The Nonprofit Sector: Finding New Ways to Deliver the Mission!
In today’s rapidly changing and often unstable environment, delivering the mission has never been more important – or more difficult. It requires a new kind of thinking and new levels of innovation, partnerships and creative solutions to make it work, despite the obstacles. This session will discuss some of the ways you can bring this new kind of thinking to your organization!

Guest Speaker:
Angela Bovill - President/CEO - Ascentria Care Alliance, Worcester MA

Rethinking the Approach for Improving Board Diversity & The Power of Diverse Thought!
Board of directors for nonprofit organizations in this country are no more diverse racially and ethnically than they were 30 years ago. This informative session will consist of a panel of experts that will raise important questions and focus on:
  • Why progress has been difficult
  • Additional challenges in today’s political climate
  • Successful path forward

Moderated by: 
Fred Jenoure - Director of TANGO’s Board Diversity Initiative and Consulting Practice - TANGO 

Guest Speakers:
Andrea Barton Reeves - President and CEO - HARC, Inc.
Sam Coy - President - Coy Consulting Group, LLC
Dr. Ashley "Woody" Doane - Professor of Sociology, Chair of the Department of Social Sciences, and
Associate Dean for Academic Administration - University of Hartford
Dr. Bilal Sekou - Associate Professor of Political Science - University of Hartford

Healing Healthcare?
Is our current healthcare system on life support or is it on the mend? Our panel of leading healthcare experts will discuss how various stakeholders are driving positive change to our State’s healthcare sector. This discussion will include perspectives from providers, employers, brokers and consultants.

Guest Speaker:
Moderator: Rollin Schuster - Managing Principal - The Schuster Group and President & Founder of TANGO
Provider: Karen Gee - Senior VP of ProHealth Physicians & COO of OptumCare Network of Connecticut (OCNCT) 
Consultant: Jeffery Hogan - Northeast Regional Manager - Rogers Benefit Group
Employer: Angela Bovill - President/CEO - Ascentria Care Alliance, Worcester MA
Broker: Neil Roberts - Senior Vice President, Underwriting - The Schuster Group

Developing a 2019 Digital Marketing Playbook For Your Nonprofit!
The “2019 Digital Marketing Workshop” will focus on how your nonprofit can be equipped with the latest tools, tactics, and strategies needed to bring your organization to the next stage of growth. The workshop will help you overhaul your current donor outreach and engagement efforts by leveraging the most cutting-edge tactics currently in the marketing landscape.
Discussed topics will include:
  • New Donor outreach and acquisition 
  • Keeping a low cost per acquisition
  • Turning 1 time donors into recurring donors
  • Navigating donor acquisition as traditional channels become less effective
  • Optimizing the digital marketing funnel to increase donor engagement 

Guest Speaker:
Chris Ciunci - Managing Partner - TribalVision
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