North Shore Performance Training (NSPT)
The Premier Strength and Conditioning Center North of Boston

  Strength & Conditioning Programs for Athletes and our Adult Group Training Program

North Shore Performance Training is an 6,000 square foot strength and conditioning facility for local athletes and is located in Danvers, MA, inside of Route One SportsPlex (directly off of Route One North). North Shore Performance Training was founded 5 years ago by former professional baseball player and now Performance Training Coach, James Baker, NPTI, NPA.

Summer Strength and Conditioning programs will be starting up at NSPT for athletes of all ages and abilities! We have a year round program and athletes can join at any point, however morning classes will not begin until Monday, June 17th .

If you have not heard about our facility and growing business, I encourage you to visit our gym, learn about our strength and conditioning programming, training philosophy and the impact we are making on local athletes and their young careers!

Who Trains at North Shore Performance Training?

NSPT currently trains professional and college athletes (DI,DII and DIII athletes), high school athletes, middle school athletes and youth athletes (age 8-12)   for all sports. Our Athletes train in periodization phases that include functional training, strength training and power training. Speed and agility is an area of focus regardless of the training period we are in. All Athlete Classes (1 hour and 30 minutes) begin with mobility exercises, a dynamic warm-up and core temperature elevation and corrective exercise work before moving on to the day's workout. Flexibility and healthy movement patterns is a priority!

In addition to working with several AAU athletes from various organizations and sports, NSPT coaches over 100 various athletes from around the North Shore area who are looking to improve their game and become bigger, stronger and faster while learning proper exercise technique through the latest functional training methods. (For college athletes returning home for the summer, we help coach athletes with scripted programs from their respective schools by facilitating their workouts and coaching them on proper form and healthy modifications when necessary. Other college athletes can absolutely join our scripted Athlete Group Training Program who are looking for structure and a professional plan).

Our Youth Fundamentals Program (1 hour classes) works off of the same athlete periodization model, however the focus is functional bodyweight strength and control work, speed and agility and introductory, light resistance training.

We also have an Adult Group Training Program for all workout enthusiasts and discounted rate for parents looking for a positive change in their fitness routine. Whether you’re an adult who wants a new and fun gym setting and is tired of the same “old school” workout habits, or, you are someone who wants personal and caring attention with customized exercises safely modified to your ability level to ensure you reach your goals, NSPT can be your fresh start to a new you! All Adult Classes (1 hour in length) work on similar exercises routines to our athletes, however the workouts of the day are based around a weekly training model of strength, functional strength, conditioning and power themed classes.

All of our classes are modified and progressed for each client to make each workout functional to their ability or sport (each client is training in a group setting with exercises customized and programmed for their individual needs). We better understand each client's ability and goals with our NSPT Consultation and Movement Screening.

Consultation and Movement Screening with all Incoming Clients

At NSPT, our staff prides ourselves in personal attention and caring relationships with each client throughout their training program. This rewarding relationship begins with a consultation. Each client’s first class is a consultation to discuss their yearly seasonal schedule/calendar, past and current training methods, injury history, personal goals and nutrition. NSPT will focus on nutrition and provide a nutrition packet for each incoming client. 80% of your daily performance and who you want to be as an athlete comes from your nutrition!
On consultation day, one of our strength and conditioning coaches will perform a movement screening and basic performance assessment to determine if there are any imbalances and weaknesses that can be focused on during their training. This initial performance assessment serves as a great starting point so clients can measure their training successes and overall improvement as they continue with our program. This is also important so our coaches can customize exercises if necessary and also provide extra work for clients who need help in certain areas.

NSPT’S Additional Amenities

For both our Athlete and Adult Members, NSPT offers Yoga Classes with Meghan Dutton (times to be announced).. Yoga on the Green , with Meghan, includes yoga and Mindfulness techniques, to provide not only physical flexibility, strength and ease, but also offer tools for mental focus and self-regulation to use on and off the field or in the work place!

NSPT also has a Sports Massage Therapist , Janet Miller, on-site as well! Janet has experience working with athletes (in-season and out of season) and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities! All sessions with Janet are made by appointment.

Next door to NSPT, Flying Dragon Boxing, run by boxing coach and group certified trainer, George Likousas, will be opening this summer! George will be working with adults, young adults and youth while teaching self defense techniques, various boxing and Kung Fu/Martial Arts movements and training methods. All workouts will include high intensity interval training exercises and learning various boxing/marital arts combinations.

Family Discount Program and Referral Discounts

NSPT offers a family discount program after one family member has purchased one of our packages. Half off to ALL other family members with our programs: youth, athlete and adult! Many adults take full advantage of this promotion as well as families with multiple athletes! NSPT also offers a Referral Discount! For every two new clients you bring to NSPT, you will receive one month of FREE training! Spread the word to friends, neighbors, teachers, teammates and coaches!

What are the Various Training Options at NSPT?

At NSPT, we offer Team Training for groups of 10 or more athletes (1-hour sessions and made by appointment), our featured Athlete Group Training Program (1 hour and 30 minutes) a Youth Fundamentals Program for ages 8-12 (1 hour sessions) and our Adult Group Training Program (1-hour sessions).

Athlete Group Training- 2 Visits Per Week Training Option or Unlimited Training Option
AM SESSIONS (M-F): 10:30 am - 12 pm. College Athletes following own program: 10:00-11:30 am
PM SESSIONS (M-F)- 3:30-5 pm, 5-6:30 pm
Saturdays: 10-11:30 am, 11:30 am-1 pm

Team Training Option- 1 or 2 Visits Per Week Training Option
Times made by appointment

Youth Fundamentals Training- 1 or 2 Visits Per Week Training Option
Tuesday Evenings: 6:30-7:30 pm and Saturday, 8-9 am

Adult Group Training- 2 Visits Per Week Training Option or Unlimited Training Option
Monday-Friday: 6:15-7:15 am, 9-10 am, 12-1 pm and 6:30-7:30 pm (no 6:30 pm class Friday PM)
Saturdays: 9-10 am

NSPT Gets Results!

NSPT has become the elite training facility for all North Shore Athletes and Adults! Check out our testimonials page listed below to see what our clients are saying!
NSPT’s athletes are gaining a significant advantage in preparing for their upcoming seasons while getting into great shape! Having fun, building positive relationships with our clients, teaching proper training techniques and creating mentally and physically tough athletes is our main objective.
Meanwhile, NSPT’s Adult Clients are finding their inner champion! Our adult members: reach new goals and conquer them; learn new exercises, work hard and challenge themselves; look good, feel good, play good and eat healthy and focus on self-improvement and happiness!
With corrective exercise, proper strength and conditioning programming, goal-planning and learning top-notch nutrition to help athletes and their families with customized nutritional needs, NSPT’S CLIENTS GET RESULTS!
Learn more about NSPT and Contact Us Today!

  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email our staff. Spots are filling up fast for our summer programs, but please contact us today to talk about team and individual rates that are hard to beat! Please spread the word to coaches and administrators, teammates, friends or other parents who may be looking for the right summer training option!
For more information about NSPT , please review the following pages.

Contact Information:
James Baker, NPTI, NPA
Founder, Sports Performance Coach
199 Newbury Street
Danvers, Ma 01921