2019 Test Results for State Schools Show Little Change in Student Proficiency Levels
PARCA has made the latest Scantron results searchable for your local system and schools. We have also provided a brief analysis of the results here.

Alabama is scheduled to implement its new state education tests this spring. In the meantime, statewide results from the Scantron assessment in 2019 have been released by the Alabama State Department of Education. They show little change from 2018. In both years, less than half of Alabama public school students in grades three through eight scored proficient in reading and math.

For the state as a whole, 47% of students were proficient in math in 2019 and 2018, and 46% were proficient both years in reading.

The overall proficiency rate for science in 2019 was 37%, a very slight decrease from 38% in 2018.

This comes at a time when Alabama's performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) has dropped.

For the most current Scantron results for your local system and schools, see PARCA's latest post by clicking the link below.

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