2019 Update - Harassment Prevention Training for Employee Benefit Clients
The law signed by Governor Brown expanding California's already stringent harassment prevention training requirements goes into effect on
January 1, 2020.
DRA Employee Benefit Clients have access to online Harassment Prevention Trainings and many other training courses at no cost. Administrators can arrange trainings and track completion. Participants receive a certificate of completion when applicable.

We encourage management to take the same course(s) as the individual contributors to ensure common understanding and reinforcement of the knowledge shared.

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Employers are required to have current employees trained by January 1, 2020 and should prepare in advance of this date for the following requirements:
  • All employers with five or more employees will be required to meet the existing supervisory training of two hours (currently required for employer with 50 or more employees). This requirement includes seasonal, temporary and part-time workers.
  • All non-supervisory employees must now participate in a one hour facilitated or interactive training covering  harassment education within the first six months of hire and every two years thereafter.
Supervisors may complete our current training, as there are no regulatory changes to the supervisor training course content which is compliant at this time.
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers in California (AB1825/2053)
The newly announced requirement outlines the need to have a one hour training for non -managers. The training may be given individually or as part of a group presentation, and may be completed in shorter segments, as long as the hourly total requirement is met. Training must occur within six months of the employee starting the position (and every two years thereafter).
  • An employer who has provided this training and education to an employee after January 1, 2019, is not required to provide training and education again by the January 1, 2020, deadline.
  • Training prior to January 1, 2019 will not be considered as compliant in this regard.
Employers may choose to delay individual training, until Spring of 2019 (when our new one hour course for non-managers will be available) or combine existing 30 minute courses.

Our current courses when combined (as outlined below) to meet the one hour requirement,  meet the new rules.
  • Bullying and Violence in the Workplace, or
  • Preventing Harassment in the Global Workplace - Employee Edition, and
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees - version 2.0 (Title VII)