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                  2019 ELECTION EDITION - NOVEMBER 4, 2019





Legislators were given credit for voting for the VMA position and penalized for voting against the VMA position on 46 bills from the 2019 General Assembly session.  Some votes were not counted because there was no meaningful vote on the bill. No votes were weighted. All legislators scoring 80% or better earned the VMAPAC Manufacturing Competitiveness Certificate. 

Virginia House of Delegate Vote Scores:

80% - Del Emily Brewer
80% - Del Terry Kilgore
80% - Del Jay Leftwich
80% - Del Joe McNamara
80% - Del Chris Peace
80% - Del Charles        Poindexter
81% - Del Charniele Herring
81% - Del Steve Landes
83% - Del Les Adams
83% - Del Jeff Campbell
83% - Del Chris Collins
83% - Del Kirk Cox
83% - Del Scott Garrett
83% - Del Todd Gilbert
83% - Del Riley Ingram
83% - Del Todd Pillion
83% - Del Nick Rush
83% - Del Bob Thomas
83% - Del Tony Wilt
84% - Del Christopher Head
84% - Del Tim Hugo
84% - Del Jason Miyares
85% - Del Bobby Orrock
85% - Del Israel O'Quinn
86% - Del Kathy Byron
86% - Del James Edmunds
86% - Del Lee Ware
87% - Del Tommy Wright
88% - Del Matt Fariss
88% - Del Margaret Ransone

Virginia Senate Vote Scores:

81% - Senator Steve Newman

81% - Senator Mark Peake

82% - Senator Jeremy McPike

84% - Senator John Cosgrove

84% - Senator Bryce Reeves

85% - Senator Dick Black

85% - Senator Ben Chafin

85% - Senator Chap Petersen

89% - Senator Bill Stanley

89% - Senator Glenn Sturtevant

90% - Senator David Suetterlein


The VMA also recognizes the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) for its technical assistance in developing this scorecard. For more information on VPAP, go to www.vpap.org .

Hermes best

The Virginia Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee (VMAPAC) and Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) awarded this year's VMAPAC Industrial Strength Leadership Award to Delegates Byron, Edmunds, Fariss, Ransone, Ware, Wright and Senators Black, Chafin, Petersen, Suetterlein, Stanley and Sturtevant.

The VMA Industrial Strength Leadership Award was created by the VMA's Political Action Committee (VMAPAC) in 2003 to recognize Virginia Delegates and Senators who demonstrate exceptional support for a pro-manufacturing agenda as measured by their most recent legislative session voting record. The Award recognizes the top three vote scoring Senators and Delegates, as measured by the new VMAPAC Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard, for their exemplary commitment to Virginia manufacturing competitiveness. 46 VMA priority and defensive priority bills were scored this year to determine the percentage of votes cast in agreement with the VMA position. The Award is not a blanket endorsement of any candidate or political party; rather, it is an honored designation for a legislator at a specific point in time for all manufacturers and allies to recognize.

The VMAPAC 2019 Industrial Strength Leadership Award winners scored as follows on the VMAPAC 2019 Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard:

88% - Delegate Matt Fariss
88% - Delegate Margaret Ransone
87% - Delegate Tommy Wright
86% - Delegate Kathy Byron
86% - Delegate James Edmunds
86% - Delegate Lee Ware

90% - Senator David Suetterlein
89% - Senator Bill Stanley
89% - Senator Glenn Sturtevant
85% - Senator Dick Black
85% - Senator Ben Chafin
85% - Senator Chap Petersen

Winners will be presented with a distinctive award bearing the award icon, an image of Hermes, the Greek god of commerce, in their legislative districts. Hermes was chosen as the award icon because his duties included the making of treaties, promotion of commerce, and maintenance of free rights-of-way for travelers. He was believed to be responsible for both good luck and wealth. His distinguishing qualities were cunning, ingenuity, knowledge and creativity. These are all factors representative of industrial strength leadership.



The Virginia House of Delegates and all statewide offices are up for election this year.  As such, voter turnout will be a principal factor in the results of the election.  We have 230,000 workers across the Commonwealth that can help shape this election and the future direction of Virginia. Talk to your teams and share this newsletter.  The VMA challenges all members to get out the MFG vote tomorrow!