During the year, often invisibly, our Vestry works to manage the temporal affairs of the parish. It has been my experience that as each vestry member completes their three year term of office they will comment on how much they enjoyed the time, how much they enjoyed the people, how much they enjoyed the ministry of serving on Vestry. 
As three members of our Vestry near the completion of their term of office we take seriously the responsibility to find new candidates to serve in this ministry. For the incoming vestry class we have identified three candidates for three open positions. We asked each of these candidates “what do you love about Saint John’s”; their responses are below. At the January 27th Annual Meeting you will vote on this slate of candidates and, if affirmed, at the 10am service they will be commissioned as members of the Vestry. 
This is an important ministry. Our parish, with African Palms and the school, is more complex than many other parishes; their work and dedication is much appreciated.  Please take time to read their responses, and if you do not know them introduce yourself and perhaps share with them what you love about Saint John’s. 
Why I LOVE St. John’s? In close to 20 years at St. John’s, my family has been blessed with friendships and fellowship in this wonderful Christian community. We LOVE that our twins had the opportunity to be schooled from Kindergarten to grade 8 at the Church’s School (they’re now thriving at great colleges).  We LOVE the Spring Clean-ups, the Annual Picnics, the Holly Harvest, the Advent Dinners, the service to community with Christmas in April and painting the Church, the support of refugee families, and the Spaghetti and Pancake Dinners. We LOVE the glorious music brought to the congregation each week by Jim Krieger, the Choir, and Handbellers. We LOVE the strong commitment to God’s Word coming from the pulpit each week. We LOVE reading the Epistle or Prayers of the People. We love the cross-sorting for African Palms, and the ministry it provides. St. John’s has been part of our DNA for 20 years, and will continue for years to come!   
Blessed with friendships and fellowship
About 3 years ago I was in need for some solace and so I attended an 8:00 service at St John’s to see what it was like. I was greeted by such warm and friendly people who welcomed me to the church. I met Father John and he reached out and offered to talk with me if I wanted help. I, immediately, felt at home and have ever since. ‘What I love about St John’s’ and why, is, to list a few, 1) the friends I have made 2) all of the wonderful, caring, spiritual, generous parishioners 3) Father Henry for coming and trying new things such as reading the Bible in a year at the adult forum, 5:00 services in the columbarium during the summer, Taize, using the services from Australia (which I loved), willingness to use Rite 1 during Lent. 4) the worthwhile missions of St John’s, not only to the community but internationally, such as the sponsoring housing for the refugees and African Palms. I am happy that I needed comfort back then and have become a member of the St John’s community which welcomed me with open arms.
Immediately felt at home
I love St. John’s for many reasons, I love the worship service and the ability to worship in such a beautiful church with wonderful clergy. We are so fortunate at St. John’s to have Father Henry and Mother Shivaun.
I love St. John’s for all of the wonderful welcoming people. From the moment my wife Lori and I started attending in 2003 with our daughter Taylor, we felt as if St. John’s has been our spiritual and community home. Coffee Hour is looked forward to every week, so we can reconnect with friends.
I have also loved the many opportunities to serve others because of St. John’s many ministries. I have been blessed in so many ways, so it is nice to be able to give back. I look forward to continuing to help out where I can.
Been blessed in so many ways
ice to be able to give back
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