Newsletter 2019

President's Message
by Michele Vass

Hello Friends!

I hope that this message finds you all in good health and good cheer. We've got a lot to be thankful for in our little corner of the world, like a fully funded Placer County Library System! On behalf of the Rocklin Friends of the Library, I sincerely thank our County Supervisors for the supplemental funding our library system received for the 2019/2020 budget year. 
Some of you may not be aware that the allocation of property taxes our library system receives no longer covers the full cost of operating our county libraries. Each year our Library Director Mary George and her staff must request a couple million dollars from our Board of Supervisors just to provide the basic library service our residents have come to expect. These funds do not address reinstating the Monday hours that were lost to the recession a few years ago, or maintaining and improving our library facilities, the condition of which varies significantly throughout the county. I encourage you to visit other branches of the Placer County Library System in your travels and become familiar with the reasons why we need to make our libraries more of a priority in the coming years.

I'd also like to recognize our Rocklin City Council for always making the library a priority for our residents. Our City Council owns and leases the Rocklin Library building to Placer County for $1 a year and they continue to provide the landscaping services as well. This partnership with Placer County results in an annual contribution of $210,200 - $475,800 based on the range of market rate rent in Rocklin! Just estimating on the low end of that range, the City of Rocklin will provide over $17.5 million in support for our Library over a potential 85 year lease of the building. This unprecedented and wise investment in our community only continues to enhance Rocklin and make it a desirable place to live.

Our members make up another crucial part of the support team for our beloved Rocklin Library. Through our fundraising book sales, paid memberships, and partners in the local business community, we are able to continue supporting important and vital programs in Rocklin. Our volunteers give hundreds of hours of their time each year; we continue to financially support collection and material development; we make annual contributions to our Placer County Library Endowment with the Placer Community Foundation; and most recently we have given seed money in support of our staff starting a Family Literacy Program in Rocklin. 

The Rocklin Friends of the Library has been an effective and well-established non-profit in Rocklin for 37 years. We value all of our members over the past almost four decades and we honor and thank them for their commitment, love, and support of our Rocklin Library, and by extension their neighbors, as we head into the new year.

The Friends will always be the leading voice in the Rocklin community for our library and increased literacy and opportunity for all members of our community.

50th Anniversary of Coretta Scott King Awards
                 by Tony Carmack

It seems like 2019 has been chock-a-block with 50th year anniversaries. Of course, any year would have something happening five decades previous, except for one thing-1969 was really seminal in America, it's hard to believe it all happened the same year:

* The Hungry Caterpillar, favorite children's book published (June)
* Stonewall Riots (June)
* Moon landing and first walk (July)
* Woodstock Music Festival (August)
* Sesame Street first airs (November)

The year was preceded by a tragic one-1968-that saw the untimely demise of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. and presidential candidate, Robert (Bobby) Kennedy. Yet from that terrible time arose a celebration that has also realized another golden anniversary-2019 marks the 50th year of the Coretta Scott King Book Awards. The award commemorates the life and work of Dr. King and honors his wife, Coretta, for her courage and determination to work for peace despite the assassination of her husband. 

The award recognizes "the most outstanding books for youth by African American authors and illustrators that affirm African American culture and universal human values."  And what great books can be found there! You'll find the delicate watercolor illustrations of Jerry Pinckney (The Lion & the Mouse), bold oil paintings of Kadir Nelson (who does as many covers for The New Yorker as he seems to illustrate books), the exquisite textile art of Faith Ringgold, the beloved tale of Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe, one of my favorite princess stories. CSK awards for fiction include hilarious sisters' story (set in Oakland), One Crazy Summer, historical fiction favorite, Bud Not Buddy, and Congressman John Lewis's autobiographical graphic novel, March.                 

It's very likely that your first introduction to art was not on a museum wall but in a book. It is truly art for the people. The greatest draw to book art is its accessibility-it's available to all in their public library.

Stress-free Holiday Shopping in the FOL Bookstore
                   by Gloria Beverage

Our bookstore, located just inside the entrance to the library, offers a stress-free holiday shopping experience. Currently, there is a gift cart filled with specially priced, collectible and vintage books as well as gift sets. Or, you may go online to our eBay store to shop for unique one-of-a-kind books for the book lover on your list.

For those who need help getting into the holiday spirit, we now offer children's and adult holiday fiction, as well as craft and cookbooks.

Of course, there's always a wide selection of adult (fiction and non-fiction) and children's books as well as DVDs and CDs just waiting to be added to your collection. Hardback books are $3; paperbacks are $2. Children's books are priced as marked.

Thanks to the Dream Team bookstore volunteers and the generous donations of book lovers, we have raised more than $13,000 through sales in our bookstore and on eBay. With the community's continued support, we anticipate raising close to $15,000 by the end of the year.

Donations are always welcome; drop them through the slot just inside the front door of the library. Money raised from our bookstore and eBay sales support the purchase of books, DVDs and audio tapes for the library collection.

Coming Soon!

FOL Member, Rita Peterson, stocking the LFL at Ruhkala Park in Rocklin.
Little Free Libraries Appearing in Rocklin Parks

The Friends of the Library are happy to report that several Little Free Libraries have now been established at various Rocklin Parks. FOL members have been assigned to these four parks and are checking weekly to make sure the libraries are stocked with selected donated books from our collection in the FOL book room. 
The Little Free Library at Willard Park was named after the family of FOL member, Gay Morgan.



Look for the Little Free Libraries at Christine Anderson Park, Willard Park, Breen Park, and Ruhkala Park in Rocklin!


Author and Illustrator Connie McLennan at Rocklin Library 

                  by Rita Peterson

Author Connie McLennan with FOL's Janet Thew.

Rocklin Author and Illustrator, Connie McLennan shared her talents with the community on Saturday, November 16 in the Community Room of the Rocklin Library. She walked us through her children's book, The Forest in the Trees, and we all learned a lot about the California Redwoods.

A reception with refreshments followed her animated and informative presentation.
2019 Rocklin Reads Program 

The Rocklin Reads Program, sponsored by the Rocklin Friends of the Library, continues to be a success! This fall community members and Friends read Eagle and Crane by author Suzanne Rindell. On October 19 in Old St. Mary's Chapel, Suzanne discussed the book with enthusiastic fans and readers.
Spooky Story Time at the Station Is Fun For All

Over 75 costumed children attended one of our most successful FOL events. Story Time is always a hit, but  Spooky Story Time at the Station during Halloween, continues to be one of the most popular. We are grateful to Sgt. Greg Jensen who volunteered his time to read to the excited kids.
 History of Libraries and Librarians - Part 4

 From Digital Public Libraries of America
Reprinted Article Submitted by Getta Dolinsek

As the stewardship of libraries grew from an elite pastime into a profession for men and women of more diverse backgrounds, librarians quickly developed educational standards for professionalization. These standards were taught through training programs at a growing number of library schools. The first library school was Columbia University's School of Library Science which was founded in 1887 by Melvil Dewey, the creator of the Dewey Decimal System. The program left Columbia two years later with Dewey to spend the next thirty-seven years in Albany as the New York State Library School.

Like libraries themselves, library schools were often directed by men but operationally run by women faculty members who taught the majority of classes. Many programs were run not out of colleges, but out of working libraries staffed by women. This model allowed librarians to share their professional experience through courses on core services like cataloging, collection development, reference, and children's librarianship, as well as a growing number of new fields.

At the turn of the twentieth century, library education was seen as a good career path for primarily white, middle- and working-class women who could either not afford or did not want to go to college. It also attracted women as a second career when teaching was not a good fit. Some women continued their education after college with library school because it offered them a more focused and usable curriculum. Among the career paths available to women at this time, librarianship appealed to many because the training was relatively short, the career path offered public service and, as the nation expanded westward, potential opportunities for adventure.

 New RFOL 2020 Officers Elected
At our November meeting members approved new officers for 2020. They are the following:

President:  Michele Vass
Vice-President:  Getta Dolinsek
Secretary: Alice Pennington/Carol Peterson
Treasurer: Suzanne Kenyon

  2020 Board Meeting Dates

January 14 - 10 AM
February 11 - 10 AM
March 10 - 10 AM
May 12 - 10 AM
June 9 - 10 AM
September 8 - 10 AM
November 10 - 10 AM
December 8 - 10 AM

All meetings will be held at the Community Room at the Rocklin Library

Non-fiction books, Children's Books
New fiction (hardback and paperback books)
DVDs and books on tape, and rare and antique books


The mission of Rocklin Friends of the Library is to generate support for the Rocklin Library and Placer County library services and to promote community interest in libraries, reading, and lifelong learning.

Rocklin Library - 624-3133
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