2020 GlobalMindED Conference
June 6-8
Sheraton Denver Downtown
GlobalMindED is a 501(c)(3) innovation network that closes the equity gap through education, entrepreneurship, employment and economic mobility to create a capable, diverse talent pipeline.
Dr. Piya Sorcar, Founder & CEO of TeachAids, Lecturer at Stanford University and the 2019 GlobalMindED Inclusive Leader Award Winner in the Entrepreneurship category. Dr. Sorcar's internationally award-winning social venture creates research-based interactive education software to solve persistent problems in global health education, tackling global epidemics, preventing disease, and educating youth. With more than 400 global partners, TeachAids produces transnational and culturally-customized education that is used in 82 countries in 27 languages, to help educate more than half-a-billion people. Their partners and supporters include numerous Ministries of Education and Health, US Peace Corps, UNICEF, UNESCO, the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee.
World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) causes us to pause and reflect on the emergence of our nonprofit, TeachAids, and all of the important individuals who have made this incredible journey possible. Since the founding of TeachAids 10 years ago, we have launched two educational initiatives to tackle global health problems: Prevention Begins with Me (2min video), a series of animated videos that teaches about HIV prevention, and CrashCourse (4min video), an initiative that addresses issues surrounding concussions. Through these initiatives, we've developed health education for youth across the globe, from working in regions with limited access to computers, to working at the cutting-edge of virtual reality technology. All our products are available to everyone for free.

People often ask what makes our team special; the answer is always the TeachAids family. Looking back across my years at TeachAids, I am humbled by the dedication, resilience, and passion that we see in everyone with whom we have been privileged to work. Whether it's student athletes, former Presidents and high-ranking politicians, world-class researchers, or children involved in testing the products, everyone has a hand in making our work possible.

"Prevention Begins with Me" began as a research initiative in 2006. As a PhD student at Stanford Graduate School of Education, I began reading reports about India being identified as the next hot zone for people living with HIV and was perplexed as to why HIV knowledge levels were so low, despite hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on the problem. With further investigation, the findings showed that there were many unique challenges in providing HIV education around the world. Working with an incredible team of interdisciplinary researchers and educators at Stanford, we began developing research-based methodologies to educate children across the world. After completing my PhD in 2009, we formally launched TeachAids as an independent nonprofit.

As the first target country, we developed 14 male and female specific versions of our HIV prevention curriculum in multiple languages to be distributed throughout India. With support from India's Central Government's National AIDS Control Organisation and each each local government's efforts, industry giants like Mahindra & Mahindra, Deloitte, Cigna International, and Yahoo!, "Prevention Begins with Me" was distributed throughout the country into classrooms, television broadcasts, and more. Twenty-two Indian celebrities donated their voices and likenesses to the productions, taking time away from their own film shoots and busy lives to bring these educational animations to fruition ( behind the scenes "making-of" Indian versions). In the end, these Indian language versions were launched to impact half-a-billion people in India alone ( 2min video).

We additionally developed versions of the HIV animations to include Kinyarwanda, Mandarin, Setswana, Spanish, Swahili, and Tibetan. With the Kinyarwanda language version, more than 1000 Rwandan youth gathered during the World Cup Games for screenings as well as at local schools and churches to learn about comprehensive HIV prevention; for many this was the first time. Meanwhile, the Spanish language materials were utilized in medical clinic waiting rooms in the Dominican Republic as well as throughout Central and South America through the United States Peace Corps, and other NGOs. With the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan education animations were used to educate health stakeholders through which the animated tutorials reached 30 countries. Hundreds of dedicated health workers, educators, and volunteers worked tirelessly to disseminate that language version globally.

After the HIV content had reached 82 countries, TeachAids expanded to include a new topic which was greatly impacting young people in our own backyard-- Concussions. Through CrashCourse, we launched our first free product ( CrashCourse Football) in September 2018 at the Stanford vs. USC football game ( launch video). Since then, we have partnered with all the major players in the youth football community. Organizations such as Pop Warner, American Youth Football are actively distributing our content, with USA Football offering a formal Certification of Completion for all youth. Many U.S. National Sports Governing Bodies, including USA Synchro have partnered with TeachAids to further educate and protect their young athletes. Last December, the U.S. Olympic Committee shared CrashCourse with their 400,000 coaches nationwide representing 50+ different sports. With the support of Gov. Asa Hutchinson, we have also provided a "sneak peek" of CrashCourse in Virtual Reality into every public high school in Arkansas, soon to be released across the country.

All of this work has been possible due to the compassion and effort of countless advisors, ambassadors, and volunteers. Epidemiologists and neurosurgeons would find time in-between clinic visits and surgeries, or in the car on their way home from the ER to contribute to the work. We are so honored and grateful that they share precious time to support and promote our efforts. Similarly, with our most recent effort in building CrashCourse, students-athletes would practice their scripts together in the locker rooms, and rush to our office straight after practice - any chance they could get amidst their crazy schedules, they would help work on the project.

It's true that it takes a village to make meaningful change. Since our founding, we've realized that all of us are united by our mission to serve. It has been an honor to work with incredible experts across medicine, industry, education, and sport, who all share a vision for how we can make the world a better place.

We are always looking to identify passionate individuals to join our efforts as we continue to build robust and research-based health education for communities around the world. Please reach out if you or someone you know might be interested in getting involved in a meaningful way- much can be contributed from "afar!" We are energized by our past and excited for our future. Contact us at info@teachaids.org to learn more.
If you would like to nominate a student from your institution for the 
2020 GlobalMindED First Gen Student Leadership Program so that they can meet role models and mentors while networking for internships and jobs with companies who are dedicated to creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline, CLICK HERE
If you are an educator, you can attend  by yourself, a team or with your First Gen student delegates. If you come with more than 5 people from your institution, you are eligible for the discount.
GlobalMindED and the SDG Impact Fund are delighted to announce GlobalMindED's Donor Advised Fund for your year-end giving and planning your 2020 investment goals. 2020 is the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations and and the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Women's Declaration and Action Platform. Many from around the world are thinking of 2020 as the gateway to our most vital decade for delivering equity, the Sustainable Development Goals, and a world where all can thrive. Our key time for these outcomes is 2020-2030.

GlobalMindED DAF and the SDG Impact Fund are a powerful combined force for good as the 2019 year comes to a close and we reflect on the gratitude and the commitments we make to the causes we care most about. The DAF offers immense power and flexibility for giving prior to the year's end as you plant seeds of generous intention for 2020 and the decade ahead.

When you contribute to GlobalMindED, you support students like Emanuel Walker whose story is below. He was in the class of 2018. Since 2015, we have served more than 300 students by connecting them to role models, mentors, internships and jobs. Your generous support will allow us to take our work 10x and reach these talented students at scale who lack the resources and support we provide. Your support also helps teachers who can't afford the conference fees, faculty at colleges which are under resourced and students who persist at those universities despite food insecurity and/or housing insecurity.

Join us to recognize the most inclusive leaders in key industries for their innovations and bold actions to promote access and equity for women, people of color, and underrepresented populations in their recruiting, development, senior management on their boards, and in their pipeline strategies from education to employment. 



December 4, 2019 - 4:00pm EST

Hear from members of the Women's Student Association as they reflect on their MBA experience and discuss the environment, resources, and support, for women at HBS.

Since 2006 when the flagship TGR Learning Lab opened its doors in Anaheim, CA, TGR Foundation has had a lot to celebrate, including its most recent milestone of one million students impacted by TGR EDU: Explore, alone.

Developed in partnership with Discovery Education, TGR EDU: Explore is a free digital resource library that offers interactive web experiences, lesson plans, training videos and tools for educators, students and families to explore new disciplines and gain skills for a modern and expanding workforce.

The climate crisis, rape culture, the wall-we think the patriarchy has done enough. Introducing " When Feminists Rule the World", a new podcast series from the Nobel Women's Initiative and producing partner MediaStyle. Hosted by Nicaraguan-born comedian, Martha Chaves, we're talking to badass feminist changemakers around the world about the future they are creating. It shouldn't be groundbreaking. But it is.

The National Leadership Program is for young leaders who are committed to disability issues and plan to go into careers in public policy, advocacy, communications, fundraising, nonprofit management or faith-based inclusion. The program enables participants to gain skills and contacts while making a positive difference for people with disabilities. We are seeking creative, results-driven individuals who want to achieve breakthrough results while getting hands-on experience. The Fellowship is for college and graduate students, as well as recent graduates and those in the early stages of their careers. Learn more HERE.
Each Sunday Conscious Capital shares a new "Sustainable Sunday with the SDGs" blog post

193 countries came together to devise a plan to make the world a better place...now it's your turn. What is an SDG? "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations". These goals were created with the intention to transform our world by 2030. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.
In 2017, official development assistance stood at $146.6 billion, the highest ever recorded!SDG #17 calls us to action. The Sustainable Development Goals cannot be obtained without the participation of everyone.  The more involved individuals, governments, and society are, the faster we can save ourselves and our planet. 

Invest 2 minutes to become a partner for the SDGs by watching this  short video
Entertainment For Change creates original song and dance (#SDGGROOVE) to educate young people on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Like any meaningful social change, the original song and dance is a collaborative effort between more than 20 singers, dancers, writers and choreographers. Lauded vocalists Natalie Weiss and Antonio Cipriano lend their voices to the powerful lyrics, while each SDG is  danced by performers of all calibers.

To learn more about Entertainment for Change and #SDGGROOVE, visit our  website
Real Leaders is the world's first sustainable business & leadership magazine. We aim to inspire better leaders for a better world; a world of far-sighted, sustainable leadership that helps find solutions to the problems that 7.5 billion people have created on a small planet. We want to ensure that the next generation of leaders, in all spheres of influence, are exposed to the best and brightest minds in the hope that they are inspired to find profitable business solutions that benefit humankind. Real Leaders advises and positions leaders to thrive in the new economy.

"There is an incredible opportunity to make a difference as a 'Real Leader' - now" - Sir Richard Branson
Join the #NeedHerScience Campaign that is aimed at addressing journal-level gender bias. For decades, studies have demonstrated gender bias in publishing. This may occur at various stages in the process, including at the level of the 
journals. The equitable inclusion of women editors at every level is long overdue. Addressing journal gender bias starts at the top. 

AMWA is a strategic partner for the Need Her Science Campaign which is part of the Be Ethical Campaign. More information is available at www.SheLeadsHealthcare.com.

The goal: To raise awareness about gender bias in publishing and share with stakeholders, including journal editors and owners, the overall number of scientists, healthcare professionals and others who have taken the pledge. The pledge can be taken anonymously. Educators and others are encouraged to take the pledge and share information about this issue with colleagues and trainees. 

Here are 3 quick and easy things you can do to join the #NeedHerScience Campaign: 1. Disseminate the infographic Tips for Publishing in Medical Journals. 
2. Take the #NeedHerScience pledge. 
3. Encourage others to take the pledge. 

PLEDGE: "As part of determining where to submit my manuscripts, I will look at the list of editors and consider whether a journal has equitably included qualified women at every level."

The Conrad Challenge is an excellent opportunity for industry, government, research and academia to help support the youth of today and take an active role in shaping our future workforce. Students participating in the Conrad Challenge create innovative solutions to real-world challenges, while preparing for success in a global workplace. The competition encourages creativity, critical thinking and entrepreneurial collaboration among teams around the globe. Learn more and become a judge HERE
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