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January 2020 Issue
2019 E-News Year in Review

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  We didn't want you to miss out on all the great topics we covered in 2019, so we are taking a quick look back at these topics and also providing you with links to sell sheets and other resources that you can self-brand & forward right to your customers.  You can download specific newsletters in full by going to the Distributor Newsletter page under the Resources tab on the website.  Keep an eye out for even more great topics in 2020!

2019 Month by Month E-News Resource Links

January - Previous Year in Review
In January 2019 we looked back at 2018's e-news offerings.  Again, highlighting opportunities for custom jewelry awards in specific markets and for even more functional applications.

February - Sales Opportunities in the Sports/Athletic Arena

This issue highlighted the many opportunities for custom jewelry sales in amateur, scholastic and professional sports of all types.
       Link - February 2019 E-News

March - Cuff Links and Tie Bars Never Go Out of Style

In this issue, we showed a number of custom tie bar and cuff link case studies proving that these classic men's accessories are as popular as ever.
        Link - March 2019 E-News

April - Custom In-Field Add-On Jewelry

April's issue looked at the many ways that we can customize jewelry for your clients so that they can add on other recognition right in the field (without having to replace the piece or send it back in for upgrade).
        Link - April 2019 E-News

May - Safe Driver Recognition
Safe driver recognition programs benefit both the end user and the distributor.  We explained how Dion can help you make and keep these important sales.

June - Corporate Milestone Anniversaries
In this issue, we showed you how corporate anniversaries can be an excuse to visit your clients and how custom anniversary options can set you apart from the competition.


July - Trip Charms Make the Trip More Memorable
July's issue reminded us that winter award trips are not far away and custom trip charms are a great addition.  These unique keepsakes keep the memories alive long after the trip has ended.

August - Upgradeable Award Rings

In August we highlighted the types of industries that highly regard award rings, and the various ways award rings can be upgraded.
       Link - August 2019 E-News
       Link - Upgradeable Ring Trifold

- Custom Healthcare Awards
September's issue looked at traditional areas in healthcare where custom award jewelry is used, as well as new trends for custom awards in this industry.
       Link - September 2019 E-News

October - The Power of Service Recognition
This issue highlighted the many reasons why companies should recognize their employees for length of service and why they should start earlier, as well as some of the recognition programs to help them do it.
       Link - October 2019 E-News

November - Set Yourself Apart with Truly Custom Awards
In November, we discussed ways distributors can differentiate themselves and add value with truly custom offerings that cannot be brought in a store or shopped around by the customer.

December - Let Dion Be Your Presentation and Trade Show Resource
In December, we shared how Dion can support you with artwork, samples, marketing materials and trade show handouts