History in the public interest from the Lepage Center at Villanova University
Another Year of History in the Public Interest
Scholars, journalists, authors and practitioners highlighted another year of historically-informed and civic-minded conversations at the Lepage Center in 2019.
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On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the first African captives arriving in Virginia in 1619, a conversation on how the history of Early America has been revised by scholars, journalists and activists. Part of our series on "Revisionist History."

Amid debates over Confederate monuments and Confederate flags, an examination of the contested revisions of the Civil War throughout American history. Part of our series on "Revisionist History."

As documents from the Cold War era continue to be declassified, new scholarship has shifted understandings of the Cold War period. Part of our series on "Revisionist History".

A conversation on the role that activism has historically played in our democracy. Part of a series on histories of democracy.

How do we contribute to democracy through our everyday lives? A panel conversation, part of a series on histories of democracy.

A historical perspective suggests the United States must look inward to address the opioid crisis, writes historian Andrew Liu.
Deciphering the origins of Egyptian artifacts can lead to difficult choices for cultural institutions, writes Egyptologist Kelly-Anne Diamond.
Examining how museums acquired Native American artifacts can help all Americans better understand Native histories, writes History Communication Fellow Jubilee Marshall.
A Q&A with Villanova historian Rebecca Winer, scholar of Medieval Europe.
A solution to the Venezuelan crisis must be made in Venezuela, says a scholar of modern Latin America.
This past year’s Super Bowl commercial was a play for consumer values, not an indictment of the quality of ingredients, writes historian Robert Terrell.
The mysteries of mummies have their roots in British fantasy novels, writes Egyptologist Kelly-Anne Diamond.
Initiatives & Programs
A grant from  The Lenfest Institute for Journalism  enables a collaboration with  The Philadelphia   Inquirer   to infuse more historical scholarship into local journalism.
A signature program of the Lepage Center, "History Briefings for Business Leaders" bring historians and corporate leaders into conversation around topics of mutual concern.
Classroom resources for teachers and students, as well as partnerships with local school districts bring secondary school teachers into conversation with professional historians.
History Career Day, weekly lunches, and History Communication Fellowships provide students the opportunity to apply historical thinking to contemporary questions and develop a diversity of career skills.
Scholarship @ VU
Historians within Villanova's Department of History continued to produce publicly-relevant scholarship:
Dean Adele Lindenmeyr examines the life of Countess Sofia Panina, a heroine of the Russian Revolution.
Historian Cristina Soriano examines "fake news," rumor, and the spread of information in colonial Latin America.
Released in 2018, historian Catherine Kerrison's book received the Library of Virginia   2019 Literary Award for Nonfiction.  
Join us in 2020
"Revising the Holocaust"
Deepening our understanding of Nazi-directed Genocide
January 28, 2020 at 7 p.m.
When linked to the Holocaust, the term “historical revision” often implies a soft-pedaling of Nazi Germany’s mid-twentieth-century attempt to destroy Europe’s Jewish population. Distinct from these pernicious efforts, historical understandings of the Holocaust have nonetheless evolved, situating it with broader scholarship on genocide, the experiences of refugees and migrants, and evolving concepts of human rights. Join us for a panel conversation to discuss new directions in Holocaust scholarship and education.

"Revising Women's Suffrage"
Marking an anniversary by expanding the conversation
March 25, 2020 at 7 p.m.
The 100 th anniversary of women’s suffrage offers an opportunity to shine light on historical scholarship that challenges familiar myths and draws our attention to people and stories that these celebrations often overlook. Join us for a discussion that revises how we think about this anniversary and what histories it comprises.

"Revising the Planet"
Adding a historical perspective to today’s climate conversations
April 21, 2020 at 7 p.m.
The 50th anniversary of Earth Day offers an opportunity to re-examine our changing conceptions of our planet and how new insights in environmental history can help us to assess our relationship to the world around us. Join us for a discussion broadens our notions of how the human relationship with the planet has changed over time.

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