2019 Year in Review

Dear Friends,

At this time last year, we looked back on a period of growth – for our organization, for our state, for the work we support.

In 2019, while we continued to evolve, we’ve also watched those changes begin to bear fruit, as momentum builds for developments that can enhance overall health for those living in North Carolina.

Building momentum

Closest to home, we welcomed Dr. John Lumpkin as the Foundation’s new president . He brings decades of experience in public health and national philanthropy, which you can read more about here . We promoted Katie Eyes to Vice President, Program and Strategy, and broadened Danielle Breslin’s leadership responsibilities to include a new focus on learning and evaluation. We are also in the process of expanding our program and evaluation teams through the addition of two new staff members.

More broadly, we’re excited to be part of an ongoing national and statewide shift elevating the view that health is inextricably linked to conditions in communities – and requires stakeholders from inside and outside of health care, including those most impacted by inequities, to develop practical, long-lasting changes to improve health.

Based on what we know already and what we are learning from our grantees and partners, we are exploring answers to the most important question we face: what will it take for North Carolina to become one of the healthiest states in the nation? For us that means we’ll be renewing or deepening our focus on the following:

  • Continuing our long-time commitment to improving access to healthy, local food

  • Continuing our work to address oral health through innovations that increase access and improve outcomes

  • Continuing our support of community-centered health approaches and strengthening multi-sector partnerships to address long-standing inequities

  • Fostering a new level of focus on early childhood development

As we move forward with these commitments, we’ll be actively seeking feedback from partners and stakeholders, and we’ll bring forward what we are learning, along with opportunities, in the year to come.

Even as we continue to hone our roadmap for the future, we’re enthusiastically engaged with, and investing in, community groups, nonprofits, and a network of other organizations to accelerate the pace of positive change today.

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positive change

A few highlights from the past year include:

looking ahead, together

We know there’s a lot more work to do, both in focusing and prioritizing our work for the future and in making a difference right now for the people of North Carolina.

And we also know we can’t do it alone. This work requires the insights, talents, and resources of individuals and organizations across the state. We continue to be humbled and inspired by the experts we work with, the collaborations we are a part of, the groups we help support, and the people who work tirelessly within their own communities to make life better for everyone.

Through it all, as we harness momentum for change and put new plans into action, we’re inspired by the company we share and excited about what we can accomplish together.

Your friends at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation

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