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Nancy Suchoff
Nancy Suchoff
Nancy Suchoff, Creative Concierge
The year is half over and you have
so much more you can accomplish!
What are YOU going to do in the next six months?

  • Update your website?
  • Create an email newsletter marketing campaign with Constant Contact?*
  • Develop or adjust your marketing plan for quarters 3 and 4?
  • Rebrand your business if it’s old and stale?
  • Join more networking groups and meet more people?
  • Start some kick-ass social media campaigns?
  • Get out your personal stationary and send hand-written notes?  

If you need some help with any of these ideas, give me a shout. And keep your eyes on your inbox. I'll be sending out info soon on a cool promo from Snap Creative Group and Constant Contact. Start putting your email lists together if you haven't already!

Are You a GoDaddy Customer? Read This:
Lately I've been receiving fake GoDaddy emails with the subject:


If you get one, It MAY be a hoax. You can tell if it's not real if it does not include your name and account number. Please forward to and delete the email. DO NOT OPEN IT. Call GoDaddy if you're not sure. It might contain a link to a virus.

And wherever you have your domain hosted, be sure to only renew from the original registrar. Ignore the letters that come in the mail that offer wild renewal rates of as much as 29.99 or more. A domain should cost you no more than $18 a year on average.
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Nancy Suchoff
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