Daily updates on the emerging novel coronavirus from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.
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January 31, 2020 - AM Update

EPI UPDATES The Chinese National Health Commission has provided a new update on the epidemiological situation for n-CoV in China. The most recent report determined that as of midnight (CST) January 30 there were 9,692 confirmed infections in mainland China. This report noted 1,982 newly reported cases and 43 newly reported deaths. This report also shared that there are a total of 15,238 suspected cases and that 1,527 patients remain in serious condition. 

The virus continues to spread outside of mainland China. The most recent WHO Situation Report states that there are 18 countries outside of China (China’s cases includes those in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau SAR) with confirmed cases of n-CoV. In addition, the ECDC shared an update this morning that lists the total number of countries/regions reporting cases at 22 (including China). This includes newly reported cases in Italy and reports of England’s first 2 cases. The Thailand Ministry of Public Health has shared that 5 additional people have tested positive for n-CoV, raising their total case numbers to 19, 12 of which are still hospitalized.  

POSSIBLE ASYMPTOMATIC TRANSMISSION A new correspondence from the New England Journal of Medicine describes a case of asymptomatic transmission in Germany. The article describes how an individual passed the virus to her business partners during a meeting while she was still asymptomatic. 

PNEUMONIA DIARY Earlier today, Caixin published a piece about the ongoing 2019-nCoV outbreak in China. The article discusses a number of major events over the lifespan of the outbreak, putting challenges like resource scarcity and travel and trade restrictions into a cohesive perspective. 

IMPACT ON TRAVEL WITHIN CHINA New reporting shares numbers that reflect the impact 2019-nCoV has had on travel within mainland China. According to this report,  there has been an 83.5% decrease in the number of passengers traveling via railways, waterways, and roads when compared to the same time last year. China is currently celebrating their Spring Festival, a traditionally busy time for travel

EXPANSION OF US TRAVEL ADVISORY The United States Department of State has expanded their level four travel advisory, “Do Not Travel”, to include all of China. China was previously at a level three advisory, while Hubei Province was at a level four. 

CRUISE SHIP UPDATE The BBC reported yesterday that the almost 6000 individuals held on a cruise ship were allowed to leave after two suspected n-CoV cases tested negative. 

GLOBAL TRAVEL AND SUPPLY CHAINS AFFECTED Industries and supply chains are beginning to feel the effects of imposition of travel advisories and restrictions due to the outbreak. Some countries, like the US, are advising travelers not go to China, while others, like Italy, have stopped all flights to and from China. Companies in the auto and electronics industries, for example, have reported disruptions in their production and operations due to supply chain constraints resulting from the spread of 2019-nCoV.