December 2019
As is our custom, we are using our final newsletter of the year to reflect back on our most popular blog entries from the last twelve months. Enjoy your favorites again and check out the ones you missed.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

5. Walking While Jacketed
All these years later, from the 1980s Broadmeadow playground to 2019 in my own neighborhood, the message is the same: Look different in this town at your own peril. Despite all of the changes that Needham has undergone over the past few decades, the pressure to conform remains fully intact. Read More
4. Stop Complimenting Weight Loss
On the surface, complimenting someone’s weight loss seems like a benign and positive affirmation, but there are a number of reasons why doing so is problematic. Read More
My concerns are based on real experiences I have had with my patients, including children, who cite these sorts of motivational quotes as justification for putting themselves in harm’s way. Read More
2. "Sometimes I want to binge so bad."
In the last five years, I have overheard literally hundreds of conversations he has had with his clients regarding nutrition, many of which have referenced his own eating behaviors, but never have I witnessed him disclose his struggles and concerns as he did last week when none of his clients were around to hear about them. Read More
1. The Kids Are Alright
Weight Watchers’ app will teach kids that they cannot trust their own bodies, that their own bodies are damaged or ill-equipped to tell them what and how much they need to eat. This app will create lifelong struggles for these kids, who likely will have a disordered relationship with food and their bodies for the rest of their lives. Read More
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