I wish you all well!

As we come to the end of an extraordinary school year, one that has tested our very limits, it’s important to reflect on what this year has taught us.  

For me, this year has shown me that when people are compelled by either love, hate, or fear, there is often nothing one can do to deter them from that emotion and their beliefs that fuel said emotion. In a year that we’ve seen hate and fear of “other” grow at an exponential rate, we’ve also witnessed a movement sparked by empathy and love! We’ve witnessed a movement that shouted from the rooftops, in America all lives matter but the ones we are currently focused on are the Black lives that have been taken treacherously. We’ve seen families and communities struggle to maintain the basic necessities and try to force a smile while doing so. We’ve asked families to become the primary educators of their children and asked schools to create delivery systems that were only imagined when forced with that very challenge. Our struggles have been great, but our resolve has been greater. 

Ultimately, what this year has taught me is that we all are fighting a battle in one way or another; but what binds us at the core is our instinctual desire to be in relationship with one another. Our race, culture, nationality, or ethnicity may differ but our sameness in our humanity is what will always bind us. We are all interwoven into the very fabric of each and every one of our communities and that should be enough to want to see us all succeed. 

Please find time to unplug, enjoy your time off, and most importantly, be good to yourself! 

I am reminded of an old African proverb- Ubuntu: I am because we are!

Take good care and I wish you all well!