Like all of you, we are social distancing, washing our hands until they are raw and keeping our eyes on the news.
(However, right now I'm watching a movie to make me laugh.)

We were all geared to watch our teams dance their way to the finals.  However, we now just think about what could have been for 2020.

So, what do we do?  We turn our lemons into lemonade and try to make you laugh in the meantime.

Stay safe, wash your hands (soap & water is just as good as anti-bacterial soap) and remember that we are all in this together.

JD "A Trophy Wife"
March 2020
(the sporting enthusiast version of the glass half full/half empty) 
March Sadness
2020 - March Sadness  OR
Year of the Perfect Bracket?
I sat in front of my computer, Cursing at the situation that caused my PERFECT BRACKET to be FLUSHED down the toilet!
But...then I thought..."technically" my bracket was mistakes... no losses.
So my friends, are you THE BEAST of the perfect bracket or did your season get FLUSHED?  Either way, we can look back and laugh (I hope). 

All of our  trophies include 3 lines of engraving on a gold finish plate.
Plenty of space for any message you want.
March Sadness 2020
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