December 2020
2020: A Year of Change
2020 has marked a time of challenge and change for so many. At The Wild, we've chosen to see and use this unpredictable period as a time of transformation. We'd like to take a moment to look back at how far we've come and share that retrospective with you because it is you, our dear customers, who have supported, inspired and propelled so much of this change. All of our evolution over these past two years have been with you in mind. Our goal is, and will always be, to offer you the very best options and experience in pet care, from food to nutritional guidance and everything in between. We hope you love the changes just as much as we do!
West Ashley Store 2019
Here's CJ when we first "adopted" him, in the front of the West Ashley store.

Our changes have not been only aesthetic. We had 3 freezers for raw food at the time of these pictures, but thanks to your continued support and insistence on feeding your pets the very best, we now have SIX freezers for fresh, raw foods and supplements!

Keep scrolling to see the complete makeover of the West Ashley location, from floor to ceiling.
West Ashley Store Today

Even our self serve pet wash has gotten a makeover in the past year!

We redesigned these rooms with you and your pets in mind to create a relaxing, soothing environment where your pets will feel safe and pampered while you enjoy the ease and convenience of our all-inclusive wash stations.
And don't forget about the massive expansion of our bulk bins!! These treat offerings have more than quadrupled from their original size and are STILL continuing to expand. (Keep reading to learn more on our upcoming additions!)

Here's CJ investigating some of the new arrivals from the past year and snagging as many chews as he can get his paws on, as usual!
James Island Store 2019
While our two locations are different in shape, you will find the same new "look" at both stores customized to fit that location's needs. Most importantly, you will find the same quality foods, treats, and expert nutritional advice.

Although our James Island location is currently bursting at the seams with only 5 raw food freezers, we are expecting the arrival of our SIXTH freezer by the end of this year!
James Island Store Today
We've come a long way! But the journey isn't over. We intend to continue growing and evolving in order to offer the very best service, education, and products that you can find. This is an ongoing process of learning, researching, and expanding our own minds as well as listening to you and sharing our knowledge along the way. We look forward to continuing that journey with you!
December is National Cat Lover's Month!
An Open Letter to Our Cat Lovers
by Frasier Block

Cats are awesome! They are not the same as dogs, but just as important in bringing love to the lives of their caretakers. Oftentimes, I hear about people transitioning their dogs to higher quality, more species appropriate diets, and yet their cat's food still comes from some big name box store brand with extremely low-quality ingredients. Why do cats sometimes get overlooked? Perhaps dogs seem to be more present in our lives since we more commonly take them out with us and walk them on a leash, but does this mean that we should think any less about the quality of food and treats we give our cats compared to dogs?

I have thought a lot about this and I feel the responsibility of owning a cat, and learning what kind of diet they are designed to thrive on, is just as important. If it leads to a healthier and longer life, why wouldn't we approach their diet with the same excitement and investment as we do our dogs?

I have had cats my whole life. Growing up, all I knew to do was put kibble in a bowl and follow whatever my vet said. If I'd known then what I know now, I would have done things differently. One big thing I wish I'd realized is that, if they did not want to eat a food I was feeding them, they were trying to tell me they did not like the food and it was not doing anything good for them. Should we really be forcing our pets to eat foods they are not naturally excited about? Would we do this to ourselves or human family members?

I lost my first 2 cats to thyroid, stomach and kidney issues and feel very strongly that this was facilitated by poor quality dry food diets and uneducated dietary advice from the vet, so with my current cat, Emriss, I have the chance to do things differently now. I am also now willing to invest upfront in a high quality diet and proper nutrition for her, both to ensure a happy, comfortable quality of life as well as to avoid expensive veterinary visits, medications and procedures later on. She is worth it and I've learned that the low quality diets ended up costing me even more in the long run.

I found Emriss almost 2 years ago, many months before I came to work at The Wild. I didn't know then what I know now about how to feed her, but what I did know for sure was that this was the place I needed to go to for truthful advice on how to give her the best, healthiest and longest life. I knew that the owners and employees of these stores pour their hearts into getting pet owners the most truthful information possible, and basically do the homework for me in helping my pets.

Emriss is now on a full raw food diet, gets goat's milk every day and eats nothing but freeze-dried treats. She is the happiest, healthiest pet I have ever owned. Her coat is like velvet, the litter box does not stink, her stools are small and less frequent, she never vomits or has hairballs and the only time she has been to the vet is when I first found her for an initial checkup. This is because I now understand she is designed by nature, in her DNA, to be an obligate carnivore. This means that she is REQUIRED to eat fresh, raw meat in order for her body and organs to function at full health and capacity. So, I asked myself, “Why would I feed her any way but this way?” Doing so is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and each day I can tell how grateful she is for my choosing to do this for her. She is happy and excited to eat raw food, rubbing against my leg each time she sees me get her bowl. My life is even more enriched by her being happy, healthy and fulfilled.

The number one way I can show her I care is through my choice about what to feed her. A close second is in making sure she gets enough mental stimulation. These things keep her immune system thriving and us OUT of the vet's office.

One of my favorite quotes about the proper way to feed animals is by Dana Scott, founder and editor of Dogs Naturally Magazine. It comes from one of the advanced pet nutrition courses we take as employees at The Wild. She said, “Mother nature did not design her animals to fail, so why would we not listen to her?”

It's OUR choice about what to feed our pets. After all of my research and lifetime experience with cats, I have found NO reason to feed them a highly processed, poor quality, or moisture deficient diet. Ideally, they need a fresh, raw food diet. It is as close as we can get to feeding them the way nature intended.

Have you thought about what a cat would naturally do to eat and thrive in the wild?

  1. They would hunt for their food and consume the fresh meat, organs and bone of their prey. This is easy to do for your domestic cat because the raw diets we carry are complete and balanced, so they only require thawing in the fridge and serving...easy!
  2. They would CHEW! This is something that is commonly overlooked for cats. It is just as important for cats to chew on things as it is for dogs because it promotes dental health and is a wonderful source of mental stimulation for their brain which, in turn, helps stabilize behavior. This is accomplished with any longer lasting treats in our bulk bins. I highly recommend anything freeze dried.
  3. They would play, for sure, so I fulfill this need with lots of interactive play time (Freddy's Feather Wand is my favorite) and puzzle toys hidden around the house with freeze dried raw treats. Hiding treats and food for your cat speaks to their natural instinct to hunt and is highly beneficial.
  4. Moisture. This is a final component I feel is an important, yet unknown, fact for cats. Did you know that cats need to consume almost all of their water content from their food? I didn't, and this is another contributing factor to the urinary, kidney and other “common” health issues cats experience. Their tongues are shaped like a spear and do NOT get the amount of water they need to thrive from just a bowl or fountain. As descendants of desert cats, they REQUIRE moisture from their food. Emriss, my raw fed cat, excretes a large amount of urine in her litter box that does not stink (even though she barely drinks any water), which tells me she is well hydrated and her organs are functioning properly.

This is what I learned when I first visited The Wild with Emriss. The first few times I came in, I brought Emriss with me and spent a long time each visit asking questions and exploring all of the foods, treats and toys to get her set up for success. Since that time, I have become an employee at The Wild and have learned more and more about why this is the right thing to do with not only cats, but dogs as well. I am so thrilled to continue my education on pet nutrition through the advanced courses we take in working here, but the greatest thrill is sharing it with you and your pets as well. I used to feed my cats subpar and dangerous fare that some large corporations call food and just didn't know any better, as is common for so many of us. Now I do what I have laid out for you here and my cat is thriving.

Cats are exciting, curious creatures who deserve just as much attention to their diet as our dogs. I encourage you not to overlook the same dietary importance for cats just because they “seem fine” or are more out of the way of everyday life than dogs. Making these changes can create an even deeper bond between you and your feline friend. So many of you are experiencing this first hand as you have made the same decision as I have to focus on your cat's health through a natural diet.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the cats in your life, do not hesitate to ask any of the staff at The Wild. We are all passionate about helping them stay healthy and purring for as long as possible.

For more information on a wide variety of pet health issues and nutritional topics, check out our website:
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Don't forget your furry family members, or the other pet lovers in your life, this holiday season!
We have ALL KINDS of unique and drool-worthy treats and chews to stuff those doggy and kitty stockings this year. Not sure where to start? Ask us for some recommendations and we'll help you hone in on the perfect treats for your pets or someone else's.

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Coming Soon: More Treats From Down Under
We're not kidding when we say that we scour the globe for the best, highest quality, and most unique selection of chews and treats. And if you've been following along, then you already got a hint that we have some exciting new arrivals coming to our bulk bins very soon. If you thought carp eyes and ostrich hide were as wild as it gets, think again! Things are getting even Wilder next year with our latest shipment from Australia.

We're expecting this shipment to hit the Charleston Port any day now. Then, it's just a matter of making its way through the customs and reception process before you see some awesome new treats in our buckets including, but NOT limited to: Queenfish Tails, Shark Fins, Dried Sardines, Fish Knots, Mackerel Tails, Large Spanish Tails and Shark Cartilage along with a selection of fish jerkies, fish skins and small whole dried fish!
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So many of you have seen your pets' lives transformed by addressing their health through nutrition. We LOVE hearing about your success stories! Anne Marie Bolick is a West Ashley customer who found just the right food to boost her pet's health and spirits. She reported to us:

"My senior Schnauzer was very lethargic and every day I was having a difficult time getting him to eat. I was afraid we were nearing the end, as he was steadily losing weight. I stopped by The Wild and the sales associates there listened to my story and were very helpful. They suggested several things that I might try to get him interested in eating again. He was not responsive to the first round of foods, but I went back to The Wild and picked up a few more options with help from the associate. We also added CBD to his daily routine. The canned food from Fromm turned out to be the best option for my Jake. He looks forward to dinner again and is putting back on his weight. He has been more energetic, alert and is growing stronger thanks to the great guidance from the ladies at The Wild."
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