National Newsletter, January 2020
Dear TTN Members and Friends,

It's difficult to overstate the importance of 2020 to The Transition Network. Twenty years ago, Charlotte and Christine began bringing women together to talk about the coming transition from an active, fully engaged life to whatever was ahead. They had no role models, no way of knowing the possibilities. But they knew if women started talking to each other, they would figure it out.

As we embark on this year of anniversary celebrations, remember that TTN has been built, and continues to exist because we've learned the importance of being connected. We're learning what kind of life we want to build for ourselves and the impact we want to have on our communities. We rely on each other for conversation, support and yes, fun, and there's a whole new generation of women who are looking for the same answers.

It's our hope that TTN will continue for another 20 years. Just think of all the women who will be as grateful as we are that it exists.

My best wishes to you all for a healthy, productive and exciting 2020!

~ Susan
Thank You and Welcome!
Board Member Update
We are very fortunate to have women who step up to lead TTN on our Board of Directors. 2019 marked the end of the board terms of Marlene Gerber and Linda Paige Levine. They both have made remarkable contributions to TTN, serving as Board members and also as officers - Treasurer and Secretary respectively. TTN has changed a lot in the last 8 years and these women were instrumental in leading the charge.
In January, we welcomed two new members to the Board. Sheri Stickley hails from Oklahoma City, OK and is our very first National member to join the Board. Marsha Yankelev is a member in our Philadelphia Chapter who also serves on their Steering Committee as Program Chair. We're grateful to have their experience and expertise to launch us into the next 20 years. Read more about Sheri and Marsha here.
2020 Anniversary News
What were YOU doing 20 years ago? Christine Millen and Charlotte Frank were busy creating The Transition Network around a dining room table in New York City. As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, it's time to Honor Our Past and Imagine Our Future.

Each of our chapters is planning a local celebration this year and we're excited to announce that there will be a big national birthday celebration on Monday, June 8 in New York City. And we want YOU to be there.

Members in our New York Chapter have graciously offered to plan and host our national celebration. Here is a preliminary plan for the day.

  • TTN Members: 12:00 - 4:00 PM. Join with other TTN members in a wonderfully supportive environment to stimulate your mind with motivating speakers and interactive activities. Enjoy a delicious lunch and come away with new information, new friends and a new outlook.
  • TTN Members & Guests: Later that evening (6:00 PM). TTN member Ellen Hart, owner of the iconic Ellen's Stardust Diner and the Iridium Nightclub, welcomes members and their guests to a special evening cabaret with live singers, food and drinks. The show's theme: Ellen's Stardust Showcase Celebrates the Women of Broadway.
  • Chapter Steering Committee Members: Earlier in the day, before the main celebration, Chapter Steering Committee members are invited to meet with each other and members of the Board to connect and exchange information and ideas.

New York City is fabulous in June so plan to come for the entire weekend. There will be a wide variety of activities for you to enjoy with other TTN members.

Stay tuned for more information as we finalize our plans to celebrate The Transition Network and YOU!
Your generosity to TTN's year-end Annual Appeal was over the top. In total, you donated over $21,000 allowing us to accept the matching donation of $20,000 from a very generous benefactor. You provided inspiration to all of us by demonstrating your love of TTN through your gifts.

These funds will allow us to continue our efforts to re-brand TTN and launch us into the next 20 years of bringing women together.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank each and every one of you for everything you do to make The Transition Network the most exciting national organization for women in the country.
Thank You!
Time to Get Unstuck!
2020 Discover Series Webinars
kick off on February 25
It's a new year and a new decade. Are you still feeling stuck in the same old patterns? What long time habits do you want to break in 2020? 

Maybe you lose time surfing the internet, find yourself mindlessly snacking at night, or notice you have a long list of excuses to avoid intimacy with a partner. Are you trying to get started on an exercise program and curtail your dependence on sweets? Perhaps spiraling thoughts keep you up at night and you often feel stressed out, overwhelmed or just plain tired. If so, you aren't alone.

In this interactive presentation via video technology, Washington D.C. area psychologists Dr. Robyn Pashby and Dr. Kelly Donahue will help you recognize the triggers leading to various negative cycles. You'll learn simple strategies supported by research to take action, get you unstuck and feeling better!

CLICK HERE to sign up now for this webinar
on February 28 at 3:30 PM Eastern.
Giving is Good for the Soul
How 'giving back' fits into plans for transition.
Transitions. Transitions can mean such different things to each of us, depending on if we are relocating to a city or have just retired from a stimulating and busy career. What we have found in Philadelphia, is that transition often means now having the time to do what our otherwise busy lives didn’t allow us to do. For many of us, this has meant finally having the time to actively participate in giving back to our community, Philadelphia.  
Don’t forget to check your chapter pages regularly for a full list of upcoming events. You can access your chapter website pages through these links.
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