Safety Plan for
Frolic, Sunday School, & Wednesday School
OSL Children's Parents,

I've had questions regarding the OSL Frolic/Sunday/Wednesday School safety plan. Like you, student, volunteer, and family safety is my number one priority, as well as ensuring that our plan be one all can comfortably access.

It is important that aspects that create a fun Christian education be upheld while thinking through best practice CDC and music guidelines. For this reason, we will begin with at-home Frolic and virtual 4-year-old through 5th grade learning.

How will this look?

Frolic: The Frolic GIFT. Frolic, for our birth to three-year-old students, together with their parents/caregivers IS about Generations In Faith Together. I will have have boxes with activity suggestions to do in your home together, and perhaps additional resources as well.

Rotation (4-year-old through 3rd grade): Faith on the Move. Our rotation students will have two components to their experience. First, a box with all the items needed for all the rotation stations. And, second, shared links to high-quality videos that contain a welcome song, rotation station instruction (telling what to pull out of their box and how to use it) and a concluding prayer. This will allow you to access learning at a time convenient for your family and for you to participate with your child, if you wish, or have your child be successful independently. I will also offer a time once a week if children wish to log on and go through the video + activity with me, providing face connection as well.

Connect (Fourth & Fifth Grade): The OSL CONNECTion. Fourth and fifth graders will CONNECT with their leaders and peers via Zoom to explore faith through shared conversation. Timing details to come.

Each of these designs allows for seamless learning options if/when conditions make it possible for us to safely gather and experience joy-filled, engaging Children's programming. As always, I will stay in very close contact with you!

Today, I ask that you register ALL of your birth through fifth grade children. In addition to programming, this helps ensure that all age-specific mailings and milestone details reach you.

I end with a prayer, as I know many of you are making decisions about school this week and/or are educators-

Jesus, I thank you for our OSL family. In this time of pandemic we thank you that you are not confined to a building but alive and active and, as Pr. Justin pointed out in our kid talk, in the common places of our everyday life. The start of this OSL Children's year will be different, but exciting as we recognize and celebrate new way to experience our faith story with you ever so near. Lord we pray wellness for every student and family. As many make decisions this week for what their educational year will look like, and some parents prepare to head back into classrooms/school buildings as educators, I ask for your peace. Though circumstances feel uncertain you are a known and good God, loving us and with us each step of the way. Thank you for cheering us on. Fill us, Lord... Amen

You are INCREDIBLE parents! I feel so honored to work with you and your children. Please feel free to ask me questions if you have them along the way as well as let me know if there are any faith support needs in your home. We are all in this together, connecting faith to everyday life, in the given moment as best possible.

Melissa Nesdahl
Director of Faith Formation