There continues to be significant uncertainty in our world as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and we expect our schools will continue to be affected by the circumstances we face in our world throughout the summer and into next school year. As we plan for September 2020, Woodland Christian High School is committed to the following priorities:

  • Commitment to the vision of the school to equip our students for lives of Christian faith and service.
  • Provide outstanding and engaging learning opportunities that will prepare students effectively for university, college, or workplace after graduation.  
  • The continued health and safety of our students, staff and school community.
  • To provide creative opportunities for social engagement and community development for all students attending Woodland.  

Woodland Christian High School is committed to working within the guidelines and recommendations of the public health authorities as well as the best practices outlined in the Ontario Government’s Return to School Plan for publicly funded schools.  

September Plans

In preparing for September, administration and staff will be preparing for three types of learning models with the option of pivoting quickly from one model of learning to another with minimal disruption. As well, we will remain committed to providing learning opportunities for all students even if they are unable to attend school physically because of medical safety concerns or for international visa problems.   

Preferred Option: In School Learning  

While this is the preferred option, given the recent government announcements, it is unlikely that we will see this option materialize until at least October. This model assumes that there are no physical restrictions or limitations on the number of students mandated by public health. We will follow specific health precautions in accordance with our local health unit requirements. Specific decisions and plans regarding on campus modifications will be finalized this summer so we can make the switch to this model quickly.

Likely Option: Hybrid Learning Model

Woodland is preparing for the possibility of a hybrid learning model, if physical restrictions on student capacity are required by public health. In this model, students will attend school on a flexible attendance schedule and/or by utilizing non-classroom spaces for learning. For example, students might attend school anywhere from 40 - 60% of the school week, while working at home on-line for the remaining time.  
When students are on campus, we will maintain our commitment to loving children well, while also honouring specific health precautions in accordance with our local health unit requirements. 

When Necessary Option: Remote Learning

Woodland will be prepared to offer remote learning if the school building is required to be closed. Our remote learning plans will incorporate the best practices learned from our experience since mid-March 2020.
In this model, we continue to educate the whole child as a participant in God’s story, prioritize the critical learning goals and essential skills for all courses, encourage the pursuit of individual passions, and provide opportunities for social interaction and collaboration. Woodland's remote learning model blends synchronous (live) instruction with asynchronous (accessible anytime) instruction with a schedule intentionally designed to provide school/life balance. The school’s digital platforms will be the core method of communicating clear learning plans. 

Social Engagement and Community Development:  

A significant part of the Woodland identity has been rooted in our efforts to enfold students into our community and provide opportunities to engage them in the culture and community life of the school. We expect that some of the normal activities will be difficult to maintain in the fall, but our staff and student government is already looking for new ways to enfold students into our community. And while there will be changes, we are committed to ensuring that students have the opportunity to exercise their gifts and passions in all areas of normal school life including the arts, athletics, and robotics.  


Woodland knows that safety and student wellbeing matters not only at school but also in transportation. We are working with our busing provider to ensure that public health expectations and student wellbeing are maintained. As requirements are announced by the province, we will provide you with our transportation plan for your child(ren) for both the hybrid and in-class learning models. Ultimately parents will have the opportunity to choose if they are comfortable with the transportation arrangements and provide their own transportation for their children if that is more comfortable. 

While the costs for school could increase significantly to accommodate the new requirements (both transportation, staffing, and cleaning) the Woodland Board of Directors has committed to a tuition increase of no more than 3% for the next school year. Tuition invoices for next year will be sent out to families by the end of July, 2020.

The 2020/2021 school year promises to be an unusual year again as we deal with an ongoing global pandemic. And while there is uncertainty we at Woodland have time to plan and create unique and innovative ways to do schooling. Flexibility and transparency is of the utmost importance, and we want to encourage you to contact our team if you have any questions or concerns about how we are serving your family. Woodland is here to not only provide a sense of continuity of learning for your child(ren), but also to provide a strong and safe community for your entire family. We value your continued support for our community. 

To help us gauge and further our planning for September 2020 please complete this quick survey based on the information in this letter.

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