Hello OLG Families,

As we move into full summer mode our updates and "newsletters" fall into this much simpler format.

Reopening Plans for Fall
Our staff and teachers have been meeting regularly, working diligently to make plans for next year. The great news is that we are able to open in person this Fall! We are blessed with a large enough campus to all be in classes at the same time. Our basic school calendar and operational hours are staying intact. There will be adjustments for EDC, for how our students enter and exit the building, for how our classes are structured to keep with social distancing guidelines, reduced physical intermingling, and for use of personal protective measures, including face coverings for students and staff.

A few of the major decisions that have been made are highlighted here. Because of required social distancing, our 3rd and 5th grade levels will be divided into smaller learning groups and the majority of our middle school classes will be moved into the Walmesley Center. In order to reduce interactions, we are reviewing our recess, lunch, and specialists schedules.   Preschool and PreK classes are using the previously licensed areas of the school, including the school hall, to provide the necessary space for students to spread out. Lunches will be in the classroom. There will be an updated sick policy, and likely assigned drop off and pick up times so we can stagger screening as students enter the building.

There are still many details to be worked out and we’re going to be busy all summer planning. The prospect of school looking different does give rise to anxiety in all of us. I know it is easily overwhelming to think of all the "what if's" but this summer is also a great time to continue to teach our children about resilience, perseverance, and flexibility. I hope you are able to find time to relax and enjoy each others company while also staying safe. As noted in OSPI and recent public health notices, masks are good practice in all of our society. This summer is a great time to get your child used to wearing masks.

We continue to work on particulars and will have more details as our plans progress. In the meantime, please watch for final 2019-20 report cards in the mail. You should also have an email from FACTS with your 2020-2021 tuition schedule as we have been working to get tuition assistance and payment plans all into shape.

Please review your FACTS tuition payment schedule in the FACTS confirmation email, or log in to your FACTS account. If you cannot locate your 2020-21 tuition schedule in FACTS, please contact Laura or Shelley. (FACTS customer service is also available 1-866-441-4637). Here's some important considerations:
  • The FACTS annual fee ($46/$20) will be scheduled within 14 days of the FACTS confirmation email. July 5th is the first due date for families who chose to pay their 2020-2021 tuition monthly or semi-annual.
  • If you have invoices outstanding in the 2019-20 school year, please make sure the remaining balance is paid by the due date.
  • If you are new to FACTS, here are some tips and resources:
  • From the QuickLinks bar on any OLG web page, click Pay Tuition to access FACTS
  • Click here for a FACTS overview and FAQ including how to access tax reports and avoid late fees.

Summer Hours
School administrators will check message periodically in July and early August ( email or 206-935-0651). After Aug 10th, the office will re-open Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Mass & Parish News
Parish returns to in person mass this weekend! Just like school, there are limitations and protective measures in place, but we know there is a hunger in our heart! See details here on our parish website: https://olgseattle.org/preparing-for-public-masses
  • Live streaming also continues here!
  • Most recent parish newsletter here!

God Bless and stay safe this 4th of July weekend.

Anton Kramer, Principal