2020-21 Service Year Information
Details for the 2020-21 Service Year
Preparing JVs to Serve during a pandemic
We are preparing to orient incoming JV/AmeriCorps members, who will enter service understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic impacts our lives, work, and service in shifting ways. We will provide JV/AmeriCorps members with training and locale-specific information to prepare them to serve well during the COVID-19 pandemic in the next month. We will need our partners' involvement to do this well, particularly as it relates to service at your sites. Read on for more information about information we need from you and updates from our JVC Northwest team. As a start, consider the following questions:

Is your JV/AmeriCorps member essential?
Help us prepare JV/AmeriCorps member(s) to serve in accordance with your locale’s pandemic response plans by evaluating whether their service is essential according to your state’s rules. Depending on conditions in your locale, this question is key to whether, when, and where your JV/AmeriCorps member(s) may serve. You will be asked to share this information with us (more info below). This approach is different from prior years. Note: during the 2019-20 program year, we considered all JVs’ service non-essential because their AmeriCorps performance measure was capacity building. 

Is your JV/AmeriCorps member's position description up-to-date?
The position description submitted with agency applications last fall may need to be updated to reflect how your agency and JV will need to operate in light of COVID-19. The position description is a part of the Placement Agreement between partner agencies, JV/AmeriCorps members, and JVC Northwest. You may have submitted an updated position description when you completed the Placement Agreement Packet in June/early July. If you have not already but have changes to make, initiate changes to a position description in our Knack portal here .
COVID-19 Service Planning Worksheet
Site Supervisors, please help us identify the key information by outlining some specific agency information using the form below. Our goal is to assist in providing key services that are needed in your communities when your agency deems it safe to do so. The outcomes of these forms will be shared with our JVC Northwest staff as well as the other partner agencies in your locale (if applicable) to assist in their safety planning . This short form is due by Friday July 24, 2020 .

Please complete one form for each of the JV/AmeriCorps positions your agency will host for the 2020-21 Program Year. 

If your agency hosts two or more JVs in the same positions, in the same locale, you should complete this form once:
  • Example: Academic Support (3 positions) at Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy in St. Xavier, MT would complete one form
If your agency hosts two or more JVs in different programs and positions across one or more locales, you should complete one form per position:
  • Example: American Red Cross of Alaska (2 positions) one in Anchorage, AK and one in Juneau, AK would complete two separate forms to account for locale differences and different Site Supervisors

Best practice would be to submit one form for each different JV position title and/or different Site Supervisor your agency/program hosts. 
Drop In Office Hours
Our JVC Northwest team is offering drop-in office hours Thursday, July 23, 2020 from 9:30-11:30 a.m., Pacific Time. If you or someone at your agency has questions, feedback, concerns, and/or commentary about the coming service year, drop in to get your questions answered.

There will not be a formal presentation or programmatic element to this Zoom session, but can be a space to have questions answered or provide feedback, as needed. Click the link below to access our drop-in office hours during the time block. Whether or not this time works for you, you are always welcome to reach out to our staff with questions or concerns.
***Note: this link will not work outside of Thursday, July 23, 2020, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Pacific Time***
Orientation and Start of Service Dates
JVC Northwest typically kicks off our year with a week long in-person Orientation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to gather in person for Orientation. Instead, JVs will travel directly to their locale and begin a 14-day quarantine, during which we will host our Orientation virtually. More information about Orientation can be found online here. See below for a timeline of Orientation through the start of service.

All JV homes will also be equipped with internet access for the 2020-21 Service Year. We hope that this additional access will allow JVs to continue service activities if in-person service is interrupted or remains impossible for any portion of their service term.
August 3- 11, 2020
JVs will arrive in locale and begin their 14 day quarantine, During this quarantine, JVC Northwest will host our Orientation virtually. JVs will connect with our staff, local support people, and other JVs across our regions and locales. JVs are not able to participate in any service related activities during this time.

Note: We have heard questions from agencies if they are able to provide access to COVID-19 testing to incoming JVs when they arrive in locale. We are also working with our in locale supporters to understand availability of testing in our regions. JVC Northwest encourages this practice where testing is readily available, however, we do not require this practice due to variability of access to testing materials across our JV locales.
August 12- 16, 2020
The 14-day quarantine is still on-going, but JVC Northwest Orientation has ended. JVs may begin virtual service activities. Be in contact with your JV if you will need to coordinate delivery or pick up of service materials (laptop, supplies, etc.) necessary for virtual service. JVs are not required to bring a personal laptop, computer, or tablet with them to their service year or be expected to use them for service related activities.

Note: Partner agencies where JVs will begin serving in-person at the start of the year can opt to begin orienting their JV virtually or wait until the in-person start date, August 17, 2020.
August 17, 2020
The 14 day quarantine has ended and JVs can begin in person service at their sites as is safe and appropriate to do so. Any agencies that are still operating virtually can continue virtual service activities.
Placement Agreements and Site Supervisor Webinar
If you have not yet completed your Placement Agreement Package, please log in to the Agency Portal ASAP. This is the same portal where you completed your application to host a JV in Fall/Winter 2019. You will find detailed instructions when you log in to your account.

If you do not remember your password, you can reset it from the login screen. If you are not sure if you have any login credentials or if you have any troubles logging in, then please contact David Holcomb at dholcomb@jvcnorthwest.org or Sarah Jones at sjones@jvcnorthwest.org.

If you are any agency that hosts an AmeriCorps member and you missed the annual required webinar, please access a recording below.
This is also available on our Partner Agency Resource page (Password: Impact2G).
Financial Questions
JVC Northwest works to support JVs and agencies during the service year with the goal of a successful service year for all parties. Area visits, retreats, and regular check-ins are a few means of support. However, the large majority of our work and expense in support of the program actually happens in the 10-12 months prior to the JVs start date.

In September of the prior year (and continuing through Spring) our recruitment team begins travelling across the US hosting workshops, speaking at events, and having conversations with many potential JVs. In the Fall we also release both the JV application and the agency application. From December through the end of Spring, our program team is busy reviewing applications from agencies and then PJV applicants and conducting in-depth interviews with PJVs to select and place JVs in positions where all parties will have the best chance for a successful service year. In the summer, everyone at JVC Northwest has a role in making sure all of the details are completed for a successful start to the service year (processing criminal history checks, preparing for and completing orientation of new JVs, arranging travel for JVs to their locales, etc.).

In light of these front-loaded expenses, we will not have flexibility to respond to changes in the service year through reduced agency fees. Our standard practice of a pro-rated fee reduction in the event a JV fully departs the program, as outlined in the Placement Agreement, will remain in place.
As always, financial concerns can be directed to Greg Carpinello, Executive Director, at gcarpinello@jvcnorthwest.org.
Requesting Applications for Partner Agency Advisory Council
After a 3-month hiatus, we are re-convening the Partner Agency Advisory Council. The Council offers insights, ideas, and perspectives to JVC Northwest staff on practices, policies, and procedures of the Jesuit Volunteer/AmeriCorps program, and generates and shares effective practices among partner agencies. The Council is a voice of partner agencies in ensuring that programming is relevant and realistic given the needs of and demands on partner agencies, their clients, and the JV/AmeriCorps members they host. We rely on the Council's feedback to strengthen the program. We ask that members serve a 1- to 3- year term, participate in quarterly conference calls, and communicate via periodic emails and calls as needed. More information, including expectations and time commitments, can be found in the Partner Agency Advisory Council Charter.

We hope to invite about 8 new members, representing a diversity of positions within their organizations as well as across the states, locale sizes, and service areas in where JV/AmeriCorps members serve. If you are interested in serving on the Council, please respond via the application below by Friday, July 31, 2020. We anticipate the application will take no more than ten minutes to complete. Depending on response, we anticipate inviting new members in time for a September, 2020 conference call.
Current members will receive a separate communication about on-going involvement in the Council
Resources and Questions

Placement Agreements and Knack Access:
Director of Finance and Operations David Holcomb

General Program Questions:
Associate Director, JV Program Sarah Jones

AmeriCorps Specific Questions:
AmeriCorps Program Manager Ben Carver