Hello WCCC students and families.  

While we have been working continuously on the plan for fall 2020, we have been patient about sharing because of the current ever-changing climate. When making a decision such as this we always want to consider the latest information from the state, updated data, and best practices that we may want to integrate for our district. 

When developing our plan, we must consider our partner schools because of schedules, busing, testing and more. We also have the additional component of clinical experiences, apprenticeships and the like to consider. Ensuring our students will be able to earn certifications and industry credentials in their chosen fields is a high priority. Many of the partners we work with to help students earn these experiences are also looking at ways to be flexible, yet safe when working with our students; as much as our students need the experience, the companies also need the pipeline of skilled workers as well. 

Our current plan calls for traditional face-to-face instruction as long as we stay in the orange on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. There is a remote learning option for students who want to take their academic courses remotely for a period of time. Wherever student learning takes place (on WCCC campuses or off-site), the safety of the student will be of the highest priority. Read the plan HERE

The scheduled first day of school is August 17th for juniors, 18th for seniors.
Please save the date of August 6th (open from 9am - 7pm) for student schedule pick-up. 

After looking over this plan, we ask that students (or parents on their behalf) complete the following survey before Friday, July 17th at noon. 


Superintendent Rick Smith
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