We pray you and those you love and care for are well.

In consideration of current health guidance and the safety of our community, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School will begin our 14th school year in a remote learning setting, with an opportunity for students to use Cristo Rey's building for tutoring, counseling, and activities. 
The remote learning platform allows faculty to provide meaningful consistent lessons without concern of having to move in and out of a hybrid or in-person learning format. Students will have consistent and safe lessons. Cristo Rey Jesuit’s building will be a hub of safe and physically-distanced activity where the interpersonal connections happen that are paramount to our students and school’s success. We hope to build trust through a safe model that gets each student in the building each week.
Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 are given the option of working on-site or remotely for their Corporate Work Study experience. Students in grade 9 will begin the year learning the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. We are still seeking additional jobs as many of our partners are struggling to meet the needs of their industry in COVID-19.
We believe this is the safest way to advance our mission and provide stability in the constraints of COVID-19 at this time. As we always have, we will work to be in the words of former Ryan Companies CEO, Jim Ryan, “The school that every student deserves.” Our students deserve a high quality education. Our students deserve a strong work experience where they bring value and are inspired. Our students deserve to be formed in Jesuit values as they hone their talents to share with the world. Our students deserve to be judged by the content of the character and skills, not by the cultural background of their family.
Students and families choose Cristo Rey because they know that it is a pathway to success, a pathway you partnered in building and sustaining. Your generous support has helped us to adapt to an ever changing world of COVID-19. If you are able, below are some additional ways our students need support at this time.
Please help Cristo Rey Jesuit High School meet the exceptional needs and extraordinary funding shortfall created by COVID-19:
1:1 Student Technology
Provide all 500 students with a reliable laptop and the supporting software to learn and work remotely.

Student Internet Access
Provide all 500 students with Wi-Fi hotspots to learn and work remotely.

Physical Safety Measures
Support retrofitting our facility, purchasing cleaning equipment and providing protective gear.

Hire or Underwrite a Team of Students
Consider hiring a team at your company or underwrite a team at a non-profit.

Sponsor Student(s)
The difference between the cost of a student’s education and what a student earns at work and pays in tuition.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshops
Provide our community with assets-based workshops around diversity, equity and inclusion.
This year, educating students will require a degree of agility, patience, creativity, and effort that has not been required of us before. Your support ensures our school can operate for the 2020-21 school year, fulfilling our mission of providing a high caliber college-preparatory education and workplace experience to students of any culture, faith, or creed to transform our communities. 

In peace,
Jeb Myers