Nearly 50 people attended the Town annual electors meeting on the evening of April 21st. The Community Center gymnasium had been arranged to seat people more than six feet apart. The microphone was sanitized after each use before it was passed to another person. The audience appeared to feel safe and comfortable with methods employed to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

The three resolutions prepared by the Town Board for elector consideration were adopted by a ballot vote as follows:
  1. Elector approval for transfer of ownership and operation of the St. Germain Memorial Cemetery from the Cemetery Association to the Town (40 YES votes / 3 NO votes)
  2. Elector approval for transfer of the Lost Creek Dam land parcel from the Town to the Lost Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District (42 YES votes / 0 NO votes)
  3. Elector approval for town insurance claim proceeds to be used by the BoBoen Snowmobile Club Board of Directors to rebuild the portion of the groomer barn that collapsed under a heavy snow load earlier this year. (39 YES votes / 4 NO votes)

The topic of primary interest raised by the electors was the a resolution authorizing the Town Board to "appoint a Citizen Advisory Committee to assist in the development of Town Ordinances in regards to permitting Sexually Oriented Businesses" (SOB) and that "we the Citizens of St. Germain acknowledge that an Ordinance drafted in regards to Restricting Sexually Oriented Businesses, as in all other current Town Zoning Ordinances, may require levy funds at a future point in time if said SOB Ordinance is ever challenged in a Court of law". The resolution was approved by a nearly unanimous hand vote of the electors (which included the Town Board of Supervisors who will convene a special meeting in the near future to create the requested citizen advisory committee).
Attendance at the meeting was impressive considering the "Safer at Home" public order still in effect. The Town Board appreciates the concerns and assistance offered by the electors in this generally positive and productive gathering.