Our Mission is to inspire appreciation and understanding of the beauty, biodiversity and legacy of Cave Creek Canyon through volunteer work and outreach programs.

2020 Annual Report
Greetings, Friends!

This is the first annual report from Friends of Cave Creek Canyon, and I hope you enjoy reading about some of the projects and programs your memberships and donations have helped make possible.

In past years we have reviewed these accomplishments all too briefly at our Annual Meeting in December.  Not meeting in person this year means we can cover this year’s activities in greater depth in this report.  I hope it will become a new tradition!

Below you will see the opening paragraphs of six topics: the South Fork Day Use Area Project, the Visitor Information Center, Education Outreach, Willow Tank, the Financial Report, and Chiricahua-Peloncillo Heritage Days. To read more than the first paragraph on each topic, please click on the line after the paragraph which says “Learn More About …”.

Most of our projects have been uncontroversial, but the South Fork Day Use Area Project has generated both support and opposition. We remain convinced that this project will contribute to the health of the South Fork area of the canyon, reducing pollution by providing permanent restroom facilities, and concentrating casual visitation to an area only 300 yards from the paved road. The controversy has been painful. The positive aspect of it is that all involved are passionate about the health of South Fork.

FOCCC has a wonderful hard-working board as well as terrific volunteers, all of whom have contributed their time and expertise to helping Cave Creek Canyon.  They are responsible for so much good that has occurred in the canyon, and I cannot thank them enough. 

Thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing our efforts in the new year.

Reed Peters
Friends of Cave Creek Canyon Board of Directors
Reed Peters    President         
Sheri Ashley    Vice President          
Mike Williams  Vice President        
Pat Parran      Secretary 
Rick Beno       Treasurer      
Bob Ashley     
Alan Craig     
Rene Donaldson
Rolf Koford
Jeff Wakefield
Cecil Williams

The South Fork Day Use Area Project
By Mike Williams and Reed Peters

In Sept., 2014 Hurricane Odile caused major flooding in Cave Creek Canyon. The very popular trail head area at the end of Cave Creek South Fork Rd. [FS42E] and about ¼ mile of road were destroyed. Between 7"-12" rain fell overnight i n the Canyon. Without toilet facilities, Cave Creek became polluted from human waste.  
The purpose of this Project is to replace the vault toilet, benches, picnic tables, and other elements that enable all of the public to appreciate and enjoy the area.

This project is very small, only occupying less than 1 acre of land in the entire canyon. Additionally, it is just on the edge of the Biological-Zoological Zone, about 300 yards from the junction with FR 42.

Visitor Information Center
By Rolf Koford
In a normal year, the VIC is a popular stop for visitors to Cave Creek Canyon. This year  started normally. With staffing by FOCCC volunteers, the VIC was open seven days a week to assist visitors with information about campgrounds, hiking, birding and the area. There is also the occasional tire needing air, access to Wi-Fi, or just someone wanting to chat after spending hours on the road. All this activity came to a screeching halt in March, when the Forest Service told us to close because of the pandemic.

Education Outreach
by Carol Frischmann
Friends of Cave Creek Canyon provided educational field trips to a select group of underserved school-aged children in a pilot program funded by the Arizona Community Foundation. In addition to the field trips, we were able to hire a consultant to help our education coordinator Carol Frischmann streamline the field trip process and create 3 “digital handbooks”, one for each of the stakeholder groups (teachers, FOCCC volunteers, and parents). These handbooks ensure that the field trips are consistent, streamlined, and successful. 

Willow Tank
By Rene Donaldson and Alan Craig
Willow Tank is one of the very few reliable sources of water for birds and critters on the east side of the Chiricahua Mountains and has also been used by the Forest Service in controlling fires. It is located in Arizona, west on Sulphur Canyon Road off of State Line Road south of Rodeo, New Mexico, and is managed by FOCCC on property owned by Larry Rivers.

2020 Financial Report
     By Rick Beno, Treasurer
As the treasurer of the FoCCC I would like to personally thank all of our current and past members as well as others who have donated both time and funds in support of the goals of the FoCCC. With your help we have met many of our rather ambitious programs designed to keep the Cave Creek Canyon both natural but accessible.
Now, we have to realize that 2020 has been anything but normal. Our Visitors Center has been mostly closed for business and visits. The region has had lower than normal visitation and has required a “bit” of adjustment on our position.

Chiricahua-Peloncillo Heritage Days
  By Kim Vacariu

After several months of preparation and securing of presenters, Heritage Days 2020 was cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation. Fortunately, most of the confirmed presenters agreed to be on-call for Heritage Days 2021, so should a traditional Heritage Days be possible in September, 2021 there is an impressive slate of talks to choose from. However, it is the general consensus of the event’s principal sponsor, Friends of Cave Creek Canyon, that a traditional Heritage Days celebration, including presentations, food, outdoor market, and movies can only be possible if vaccines have been widely available and administered in out area. If that is not the case, several options exist to continue the event in a virtual format. Decisions on Heritage Days 2021 will be made by the FOCCC Board beginning April 1, 2021.

We Thank Our 2020 Volunteers!
Dave Baird
John Barthelme
Shane Burchfield and
Laurel of [Bugs of America]
Vicki Beno
Bonnie Bowen
Alan Craig
Debra Davison
Maya Decker
Tony Donaldson
Michele Lanan
Jackie Lewis
Barbara Miller

Mel Moe
Jack and Alice Newton
Larry Rivers
Bob Rodrigues
Joan and Rick Schneider
Dirk Sigler
Lorriane Titus
Jimmi Walker
Mary Sue Waser
Pedro Romero
Rachel Tevis
Andrew Waser
Steve Wolfe

Photo by Steve Wolfe

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