Arnold Athlete Email #7
Arnold & the Coronavirus
We received the following from the Arnold Medical Team today:

WELCOME from your Arnold Sports Festival Medical Team

Infection control is always a priority for medical teams. This is influenza season and we are watching the emergence of a new virus (Coronavirus) that causes lower respiratory infections (CoVID-19). Information regarding this new infection continues to evolve.

In general, anyone with fever (body temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius) should avoid public contact until that fever has resolved for 24 hours without medication.

Additionally, anyone who has been in China, Italy, Japan, Iran, South Korea, or any other area with known Coronavirus outbreaks AND is currently experiencing cough OR problems breathing (wheezing) OR has a fever as defined above must avoid public contact and should contact their physician or their local health department.

Each athlete will be required to fill out a questionnaire at registration. Additionally, their medical team nurse will be immediately deployed to take the athlete’s temperature and determine if they are safe for public contact.
The schedule for the Arnold can be found here:

The only changes to the schedule are the registration times. They have been adjusted to accommodate the weigh-in times for each event and session.

As a reminder, you will need your government issued photo ID and your USA Powerlifting Membership Card (U.S. lifters) at registration and weigh-ins.
Approved Equipment
As a reminder, IPF Approved Equipment is required for these event. Additionally, outside of the IPF Approve Equipment, logos must fall under the Approved Apparel Policy for USA Powerlifting. (page 22 of the USA Powerlifting Rulebook v2019.5)

Official Photo/Video Vendor
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Coach Registration

This is a 2-step process, please read below.

STEP 1:  Coaches to register here: COACHES REGISTRATION FORM by March 2nd @ 5pm EST

STEP 2:  Once registered, coaches will need to pass your  UniqueID  to the athlete so they may add it to the  Athlete Change Form .

All coaches who registered by Feb 14th will receive an Arnold Expo wristband that will give you access all three days of the expo. Any who register after will be required to purchase your Arnold Expo wristband through the Arnold ticket booths located throughout the convention center during the Arnold weekend.
Please use the ATHLETE CHANGE FORM to to submit your withdrawals, it helps our staff schedule and plan when we know ahead of time you are not coming.

  • Your UNIQUEID: Note - If you are entered in more than one event, refer to your Entry Receipt for the correct UniqueID for each event. You may also email the National Office for assistance.
  • Your Membership#:
It is important to remember that our events are drug tested. If you take ANY medication for any reason, you must verify if it if your medication is permitted or prohibited. If prohibited, a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) application must be submitted. The National Office can help through that process if needed.

Verify mediations through here: Enter: Athlete > Weightlifting > then your mediation.

Additionally, many pre-workouts contain prohibited substances, whether declared on the ingredient labels or a hidden (contaminated) substance within the product. You as the athlete are responsible for what you put in your body and may cause a failure, which happened a few years ago at the Arnold. Consumer beware and only use products that are third party tested to help protect yourself.
Please visit our FAQ section of the website for more answers to common questions.

Additionally, we will be sending out more emails as we get closer the event, including where to check in, session start times, professional photography information.
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