Arnold Athlete & Coach Email #10
Our logistics manager is on the ground at the Arnold and says they are setting up the convention center as normal, just no Expo. We believe to the best of our understanding that friends and family will be able to come to our venue and watch.

Our team has worked late into the night to look at how to best accommodate the venue changes for the Con-Cret Pro Bench Bash, Grand Prix by SBD, Squat Challenge and Pro Deadlift. All the events will still occur on the scheduled day, but ALL event times will be changing slightly. We will announce later today what that schedule will look like once we confirm referees scheduling (can't have a meet without them). The impact of this needed schedule change will be minimal on all of the events.

Please continue to read below for what was the normally scheduled email that we planned to send out yesterday before the news broke.
Registration - What to Expect
As mentioned in the previous email, registration, equipment check and weigh-ins are in Room B230-B231

You will need:
  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Membership Card (U.S. Lifters/Coaches)

Please have your ID and Membership Card out and ready when you get to the line, if they are not, we will ask you to move out of the line so we can quickly take care of the athletes/coaches who are ready.

We highly recommend you take a screenshot of your membership card and save to your phone or print out prior to getting to registration. The Convention Center internet access can be very spotty. Membership Card Look Up HERE

  • Athletes - Will receive an Arnold Expo Wristband and a wristband for the session you are lifting in.
  • Coaches - Will receive an Arnold Expo wristband if you registered by February 14th and a wristband for each session you are coaching.

Wristbands are to be put on during registration and will not be replaced.

You may not pick up wristbands for anyone other than yourself.

Athletes who need to register or change coaches will need to be present with your coach during registration times. No exceptions.

Athletes in the A7 Raw Challenge, SBD Pro American, Grand Prix by SBD and Con-Cret Pro Bench Bash will receive sponsor provided shirts for the events based on the sizes you indicated on your entry. These will be handed out to you at weigh-ins and are to be worn while lifting. (equipped bench excluded.)
Where To Go
Room B230-B231 Registration, Equipment Check and Weigh-ins are NOT at the venue, they are located in up the escalators (and there is an elevator).

C-POD is the Venue and warm-up area.
Event & USA Powerlifting Merchandise
Don't forget to stop by our merchandise booth in the C-Pod for your Arnold Event shirts and USA Powerlifting Official merchandise.

Warm-up Room
You and your coach will be required to have the session wristband on to enter the warm-up room. Put on your wristband at registration, replacements will not be issued.

  1. Respect the venue and your fellow athletes. After you are done lifting, please use one of the garbage receptacles around the perimeter of the warm-up room to throw away your food, bottles, etc.
  2. Please take 2-3 minutes after each lift to unload the bar for the next athletes, either you your session or the sessions following.
  3. If you need anything, chalk, a collar is broken, need garages emptied, more water, etc, go to the score table and have them page the our staff. We are here to take care of you, we just need to know what if it is you need.
  4. There are rugs in the warm-up area to powder your legs for deadlifts. DO NOT powder over the venue carpet. If you are caught doing so, you will be removed from the meet. Respect the venue/warm-up room as you would your home.
Live Broadcast and Live Scoring
YES! Each session and platform will be broadcast on

There will also be live scoring through  where your family and friends can watch play by play how you are doing against your competition. Exception will be the Squat Challenge due to the unique nature of this event. Family can count the reps on the live stream and official results will be posted soon.
** WE WILL UPDATE THE NEW SCHEDULE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.** The schedule for the Arnold can be found here:

As a reminder, you will need your government issued photo ID and your USA Powerlifting Membership Card (U.S. lifters) at registration and weigh-ins.
Approved Equipment
As a reminder, IPF Approved Equipment is required for these event. Additionally, outside of the IPF Approve Equipment, logos must fall under the Approved Apparel Policy for USA Powerlifting. (page 22 of the USA Powerlifting Rulebook v2019.5)

Official Photo/Video Vendor
If you love the hype of the video above, don't miss the opportunity to capture you experience at the Arnold! Pre-order your your photos and videos at  the exclusive media provider for the USA Powerlifting Arnold events!
Please use the ATHLETE CHANGE FORM to to submit your withdrawals, it helps our staff schedule and plan when we know ahead of time you are not coming.

  • Your UNIQUEID: Note - If you are entered in more than one event, refer to your Entry Receipt for the correct UniqueID for each event. You may also email the National Office for assistance.
  • Your Membership#:
It is important to remember that our events are drug tested. If you take ANY medication for any reason, you must verify if it if your medication is permitted or prohibited. If prohibited, a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) application must be submitted. The National Office can help through that process if needed.

Verify mediations through here: Enter: Athlete > Weightlifting > then your mediation.

Additionally, many pre-workouts contain prohibited substances, whether declared on the ingredient labels or a hidden (contaminated) substance within the product. You as the athlete are responsible for what you put in your body and may cause a failure, which happened a few years ago at the Arnold. Consumer beware and only use products that are third party tested to help protect yourself.
Please visit our FAQ section of the website for more answers to common questions.

Additionally, we will be sending out more emails as we get closer the event, including where to check in, session start times, professional photography information.
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